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Anthropology research paper topics are all connected with a certain aspect of social life. Being rather challenging, they are really interesting, as far as they help you understand the world better and even predict future changes in society. Cultural anthropology research paper topics represent one of the most interesting groups of social sciences. Writing a paper on one of these you get a chance to observe how different aspects of life change in the flow of time and history. Marriage and home life, festivals and rituals, deviant behaviors – that’s far from complete list of cultural anthropology paper topics.

How to Turn Anthropology Paper Topics into Anthropology Papers?

Anthropology papers may be of different types: critical essays, ethnographic projects, fossil and material-based researches. Being different in form, they resemble each other in the essence: all of them are aimed at analyzing and describing certain trends or phenomena, that influence the way human race functions in this or that period of time. Nevertheless, the difference between the types of anthropology papers is necessary to outline.

Researches based on fossils or other material evidence are quite popular and representative in terms of diachronic approach of anthropology studying. There you need to use tangible proofs of your theories. This type of anthropology paper is probably the most demanding one for the reason that you have to not only spend time surfing the net and scavenging libraries, but also perform actual research in, very probably, an actual field. However, this might be real fun.

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Another way of achieving the goal of anthropology research paper is an ethnographic project. It frequently pursues the objective of observing social life as it is. It means investigating processes that happen in real life every day. As far as you have to observe not individual peculiarities of behavior, but the features of big and often not homogeneous social groups, you might be asked to ride a bus for a couple of hours, or spend a day in a popular coffee house. There you’ll need to listen to conversations, analyze the directions people go, evaluate general atmosphere and changes of your own perception of situation during the time you’ve been given to complete the project.

Critical essays bear resemblance with argumentative essays. Here you’ll need to state a thesis and prove it, using your arguments and referring to credible scientific resources.

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