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“What’s the point of all the writing I do at college? Why academic writing is so important anyway? I’m not going to be a scientist or a professional writer. I won’t give persuasive speeches all the time. So why on Earth do I have to spend hours, rambling on pages and pages of text, and hours after that, editing?”

Do you recognize yourself in this questions? Well, the bad news is that you still need to write all of that academic stuff. The good news is that you’ll actually need it in the future, unless you’re aimed at low-level position in a low-level company. How are academic and business writing similar? Well, they both pursue clear objectives, have to be clear logical and concise. That leads you to the first step towards your dream career: applying for a job in a company that you’re interested in. And here your goal is to get them interested in you. How to do that? With a perfect resume, of course!

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Creating a resume is not that difficult at first sight. What is difficult though is creating the one that is going to get you the position you want. Although it seems pretty challenging, the attempt is truly worth making.

  1. There’s no point in downloading a standard resume, filling in the blanks with your personal data and waiting for recruiters to come running to you, clutching piles of money in their hands. They receive tons of those trite CVs every day. Analyze as much of information about the company as possible. Highlight their most important values and key qualifications, expected from the perfect candidate. If you think about which resume format do employers prefer, you are very likely not to find one answer. Instead, you should ask yourself: “which resume is right for me, personally, and for the company I want to enter?”. The best option here probably is to create a basic, scheme-like resume, that will be easy to adjust to each position.
  2. When applying for the job of your dreams, you certainly want to look professional and qualified. Imagine yourself being a recruiter. You open the document and skim it. Typo, typo, grammatical mistake, typo. Are you reaching for the phone to call the candidate? Not really? Take this feeling into account when you write your next CV. Reread and revise. Neglect and carelessness are quite often the reason why resumes are rejected. Make sure yours is not one of those.
  3. Thinking about what resume should include, you probably want to tell about billions of revenue and crowds of grateful and satisfied clients you’ve brought to the company. Even if you weren’t that successful at your previous job, concentrate on what you’ve actually done. Action verbs are what you need for that. Don’t write about what you were “responsible for”. Tell about what you solved, used, who you helped and what you achieved. Thus you’ll sound far less vague and much more confident about your own performance.
  4. The contents of a resume haven’t really changed since the beginning of times. The format, however, has evolved greatly. You might stick to the standard document structure, but when you think what resume to use in 2015, you will inevitably come to conclusion that the alternatives are quite numerous. Infographic, folder poster, origami – all of that is applicable to creating a great and unforgettable resume. Being a bit risky, creative approach can bring you to outstanding results. Nevertheless, ask someone to take a look at your unique resume before sending it. Avoid overloading it: visual garbage, unnecessary details and overall impression of puffery. Being able to keep it short and sweet, as long as impressive, does the trick.

Here, at we really care for your success. That is why we’ve created our Tips and Prompts section and even this post. Feel free to use our ideas to get better grades and move up the career ladder.

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Capstone Project

Capstone project is an essential part of completing the program in graduate school. Although rather challenging, they are quite beneficial for those who take pains of going through all of the stages. Being aimed at development of practical skills and critical thinking, capstone project examples involve realizing various processes: conducting surveys, preparing reports, making short films etc. This list is far from being complete. It might be a bit scary, however everything is possible.

Getting to Know What is Capstone Project – Better Late Than Never

Capstone project definition may vary depending on the source you’ve chosen to consult. Despite the wording can be different, the essence of the notion remain the same. When we are asked to define capstone project, the most accurate phrase to say seems to be: “it is a long-term project, that is supposed to result in profound analysis of a certain topic that should be supported by empirical data, acquired by various ways: experiments, surveys or other kind of research”. Phew. That was smart.

Capstone Research Project – Foundations and Building Materials

Examples of capstone projects are usually found in disciplines, connected with public administration, social services and mass communication. However, sole motivation and genuine interests in the topic are, unfortunately, not enough to complete a senior capstone project. You are to have a theoretical knowledge and skill-based techniques, that are necessary to apply in your research. Although capstone project topics may be quite different, the most popular patterns are case studies and program evaluations. Although forming a proposal for your capstone project resembles a lot making thesis statement for a paper, the difference is that a proposal has to imply practical steps you will take to achieve the intended goal. Depending on the topic, the best ways might involve conducting a survey, enrolling into a social organization, researching an industry or market, analyzing certain procedures of educational program etc. You need to not only provide a result of your research, but also create a certain product, that reflects your contribution to the field: it might be statistical data, your observations, or even a short movie.

Capstone Project: Do It Right

In order to get a top result of your capstone project, you need to make it compliant with a series of criteria. It should be original, independent, of appropriate scope and intellectual stretch. The latter means that your work has to reflect your intellectual development during completing your project. All of these sounds rather burdensome, however, with a bit of perseverance and help from your professor, you will be able to successfully complete it. Or you could address PapersMaster, where you can always find lots of help and support!

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Anthropology Papers

Anthropology research paper topics are all connected with a certain aspect of social life. Being rather challenging, they are really interesting, as far as they help you understand the world better and even predict future changes in society. Cultural anthropology research paper topics represent one of the most interesting groups of social sciences. Writing a paper on one of these you get a chance to observe how different aspects of life change in the flow of time and history. Marriage and home life, festivals and rituals, deviant behaviors – that’s far from complete list of cultural anthropology paper topics.

How to Turn Anthropology Paper Topics into Anthropology Papers?

Anthropology papers may be of different types: critical essays, ethnographic projects, fossil and material-based researches. Being different in form, they resemble each other in the essence: all of them are aimed at analyzing and describing certain trends or phenomena, that influence the way human race functions in this or that period of time. Nevertheless, the difference between the types of anthropology papers is necessary to outline.

Researches based on fossils or other material evidence are quite popular and representative in terms of diachronic approach of anthropology studying. There you need to use tangible proofs of your theories. This type of anthropology paper is probably the most demanding one for the reason that you have to not only spend time surfing the net and scavenging libraries, but also perform actual research in, very probably, an actual field. However, this might be real fun.

Another way of achieving the goal of anthropology research paper is an ethnographic project. It frequently pursues the objective of observing social life as it is. It means investigating processes that happen in real life every day. As far as you have to observe not individual peculiarities of behavior, but the features of big and often not homogeneous social groups, you might be asked to ride a bus for a couple of hours, or spend a day in a popular coffee house. There you’ll need to listen to conversations, analyze the directions people go, evaluate general atmosphere and changes of your own perception of situation during the time you’ve been given to complete the project.

Critical essays bear resemblance with argumentative essays. Here you’ll need to state a thesis and prove it, using your arguments and referring to credible scientific resources.

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