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A flow of your academic assignments in college can also include a necessity to write a reaction paper. Let’s consider what it is. Usually professors assign this type of paper after you have watched a film, attended an event with a speaker or got impressions from an interesting trip. As you can assume, the main purpose of any reaction paper is to share your response on anything you saw, heard or experienced. You just need to describe your thoughts and feelings related to the subject. Though the paper doesn’t have as rigid structure as other papers, some requirements should be followed as well. Let’s take a closer look at them.

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Just for your information, reaction papers are sometimes called response papers, which are aimed at describing your impressions from any event that happened. It can also be a film or book, for example. As the reaction paper format is not too critical, you can apply the creative approach and experiment a little bit. However, there are still some basic rules you need to follow when writing your response. It’s better to have the following questions before you learn what you need to react to. Despite being rather simple, they will help you write a competitive paper afterwards:

  • How do I feel about what I’m reading, watching, listening to, or seeing?
  • What do I agree or disagree with?
  • How do I estimate the situation?
  • What is the best way I find to estimate the story I read, watched, or experienced?

Writing a reaction paper sample, be ready to use the words and word combinations like: I think, in my opinion, I see that, because, it seems to me that, as for me and others. They will help you express your attitude and personal opinion.

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