How to Write a Wedding Speech

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Wedding speeches seem to be not too difficult to write. The truth is that they are, in fact, really easy to fail. Why do some speeches make you smile and weep and the others just make you want to snore or simply finish that glass, you’ve been holding during the toast? We will try to shed light not only on the writing techniques, but also on some emotional triggers that will make the guests remember you for a long time! In a positive way, of course. Want to be that memorable speaker? Read on then!

How to Make Your Wedding Speech Special

No matter, what is pronounced: a maid of honor speech or father of the bride speeches or father of the groom speech, you know it when it’s good. It’s short, sweet and really touching. Depending on the preferences of the speaker, it can be really hilarious or quite calm and simple. Funny wedding toasts are usually given by the best man, while bride’s maid choose to be a bit more sentimental, although funny maid of honor speeches are certainly not tabooed. All in all, you’re the one to decide, what tone your speech should have. However, there’s an outline, that you can use to make the writing process much easier.

Wedding toasts and speeches usually start with introducing yourself. It is actually a good idea, as far as you might not know a lot of people at the event. People will remember you better, if you open with a joke or a phrase, that represents the big idea of your speech. After that you might say a couple of words about the bride or a groom (depending on which side you represent). The important thing here is to stay on the bright side and talk only about the positive stories you know about your friend. And, for God’s sakes, don’t mention the exes! That might cost you at least a stern look from the happy couple, if not a fork-related injury.

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The next step is telling people a cute story about either one of the young family. Don’t single out just one member, though. Even if you’re the bride’s maid and don’t know the groom that well, leaving him out is not a good thing to do. One of the ways you can acknowledge both newlyweds is to share your impressions from the moment, when your friend – either a bride or a groom – met the One. They probably have shared their thoughts and feelings about it. Say, how your friend has changed since that (in a good way, of course). Tell, in what ways the couple completes each other. Talk about how happy you are to know them so happy together. Add a couple of cute jokes and that will do the trick!

Concluding your speech, you can go back to the initial message or the first joke you told. Best wedding speeches, although informal, still follow the laws of composition. Finishing with the thing you started is always a good idea. That is going to look like a cute little bow on the box, where your present – the toast – is. And the guests will certainly be grateful for that.

Wedding is a joyous occasion. can save you from the trouble of writing wedding speech on your own, if you have too much hanging on your hands. Let us know a bit of your ideas and preferences about the speech, and we’ll deliver it up to the happy day. Have a great party!

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