Online Courses or Classroom Based Education

Online Courses

Students today no longer have to rely on traditional classrooms to receive a quality education. Online courses allow students to access to traditional teachers via the Internet, without all of the social pressures of school. Students taking online courses are able to receive the same quality academic education as those attending a traditional classroom.

Online courses are a great option for many students. They allow students to learn at their own pace, and students do not have to compete with 30 other people for their teacher’s attention. Another benefit of online learning is that it eliminates the social pressures of school. Kids can be brutal, and not every person is equipped to deal with that, especially at a young age. And while more schools are getting on board to stop bullying, it still occurs and can be detrimental to a student’s ability to focus on their education.

There are some drawbacks to online learning. While it can help to protect those students who are not socially ready, it can also hinder their social development. In traditional classroom, students are able to form friendships, join clubs and activities, and have the physical experience of navigating the social scene. And even though many online learning centers have options for students to get together for certain classes and interact with their peers, it cannot replace the connections formed in a traditional classroom. Another potential problem with online learning is that students must be very disciplined. It can be much easier to “blow off” the teacher when they are not even in the same room.

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Whether a student chooses to learn online or attend a traditional classroom, it is a personal decision. At one time academic equality between the two options would have been difficult and would have required a high amount of dedication from parents. However, students are able to choose the environment that is right for them, without having to sacrifice academic excellence.

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