The Surprising Virtue of Negativity

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Positive thinking has already become a mantra-like technique. Its unquestionable power has been believed in by tons of people, sending a positive message to the space on an hourly basis. Although positive mental attitudes are definitely fun and relaxing, they can leave you being positive and not really thinking. The key to working out a perfectly efficient mindset is moderation (just like to almost anything in the world, right?). The fact is that what negative thinking does is keeping you close to reality, which is sometimes a really good thing.

Grouch Efficiently: How Negative Attitudes Can Help You Succeed

The reasons, why negative thinking has been demonized for a long time are understandable: when the fate challenges you with the obstacle, that is unbelievably difficult to overcome, you involve all the physical and mental resources to win the situation. What we are going to talk about, are the benefits of negative attitude when it comes to planning no matter what: the next trip or a huge business project. In fact, the only problem with negative thinking is its frantic application.

Visualizing yourself having achieved the goal is, of course, a pleasant experience. On the other side, it has been proven, that picturing being a winner actually relaxes your brain to the extent, where it doesn’t feel like any efforts to achieve the result are needed. So, positive thinking might actually deprive you of energy, necessary to fight for the positive outcome of your adventure.

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When you think of the final result of your work, try concentrating not on the image of yourself, holding a cup and listening to applause, but think of the possibility of failure. Don’t fixate on the misery, that follows your loss, though. Think of the reasons, why you’ve come to this point. Once you’ve enumerated all the things that could go wrong, move to eliminating them! Looking at not-so-bright side of the street may actually help you win in the end.

Being positive all the time is definitely cool. It demonstrates your moral strength and ability to endure challenges of everyday life. However, if you get to this state by suppressing negative emotions – be careful, because one day they might simply implode, and you are going to be the victim.

Negative thinking might be good for you. The main thing is to avoid hiding from the aspects, that can ruin your success. Predict possible problems and do your best to solve them. Thus, you’ll experience all the benefits of having negative attitude.

Don’t fall into despair. When life gives you lemons – make a lemonade. When instructors assign you with writing – contact Keep calm and live your life!

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