12 Wacky Holidays Truly Worth Celebrating

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This post is written the day before Halloween. The atmosphere is absolutely awesome: pumpkins, blood, zombies, ghosts… But think, how many holidays we miss, simply not knowing about their existence? We’re going to fix this. Let’s start the countdown!

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

This lovely holiday is celebrated on the last Monday in January. The origins of the holiday lead us to the happy occasion, when a radio station form Indiana received a shipment of microphones. Luckily, they were packed in a bubble wrap, and all the listeners got a chance to experience this pleasant sound on air. That’s how the holiday was born. So if you’ve been stressed out after the holiday season, get yourself a roll a bubble wrap and have a rocking “pop” celebration.

Wave All Five Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

This happy day comes on February 7th. Main idea of this holiday is quite obvious. Yep, it’s just a great opportunity to say “hi”, to people who surround you. Don’t limit yourself to greeting only neighbors: family, friends social network followers – wave to everyone and don’t forget to smile!

Panic Day

How often do you say yourself: “Relax, take a deep breath and don’t panic, everything is going to be just fine…”? If you live a regular life, interact with people and have to meet deadlines, probably, this mantra occurs to you from time to time. Soon or late, the time when you want to run around screaming comes. Better save this scenario till March the 9th. That’s when Panic Day is celebrated. That’s when your panic attack will have a holiday flavor!)

World Penguin Day

If you’re a fan of these beautiful creatures – mark the 25th of April in your calendar. In case you don’t have the opportunity to go and hug one, search for documentaries or interesting information about penguins. And what about penguin costume party? I’d attend one!

No Socks Day

Celebrate you feet freedom on March the 9th. Go to the park, take off your shoes and let your toes enjoy the spring breeze and warm sunshine. Note: wash you feet beforehand!:)

International Mud Day

June 29th is a great occasion to take your kid, younger siblings or cousins for a walk to enjoy the joy of simple things – play with the mud, dance in the puddles or just lie on the grass, staring at the clouds. Leave your gadgets aside and have a nice day outside.

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National Junk Food Day

If you’ve been following a healthy diet, but experienced cravings for your favorite burgers or french fries – you have a perfectly justified occasion to take a huge juicy bites of each on July 21st. Just try no to stick to this diet afterwards!

Bad Poetry Day

If people tell you that you’re immensely talented poet – August 18th is not you day. It’s dedicated to those, who strive to write a poem, but get a bunch of poorly rhymed words instead. Throw a sophisticated party for “alive poets society” and have a good fun.

Ask a Stupid Question Day

September 28th is a day when you have a chance to get the answer to all the most stupidest questions, that have been worrying you. Would a fly without wings be called a walk? Did Adam and Eve have navels? Why is the word “abbreviation” so long? You’ve got the idea. Go ahead, ask stupid questions and give stupid answers!

Bald and free Day

Baldness is not a flaw, it’s a gift! That’s the motto of October 7th – Bald and Free day! If you’re bald – rise and shine even brighter, than usually. If not – think of all the good stuff that comes with baldness and give your bald friends or colleagues a firm handshake!

Have a Party with Your Bear Day

Beer party with a teddy bear? There’s a day for that! November 16th is a date, when you can invite all your friends to a party, where the only requirement is to bring their teddy bears! To some people, they were the best friends in their childhood. And it’s a great opportunity to appreciate them.

Look on the Bright Side Day

December 21st is not just a winter solstice holiday. When the day is as long as the night, look at the sunny side of the street. May joy and optimism follow you this day, and the night be bright and fun! wishes you to have something to celebrate every day! Be happy, work hard and have fun!

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