12 Wacky Holidays Truly Worth Celebrating

This post is written the day before Halloween. The atmosphere is absolutely awesome: pumpkins, blood, zombies, ghosts… But think, how many holidays we miss, simply not knowing about their existence? We’re going to fix this. Let’s start the countdown!

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

This lovely holiday is celebrated on the last Monday in January. The origins of the holiday lead us to the happy occasion, when a radio station form Indiana received a shipment of microphones. Luckily, they were packed in a bubble wrap, and all the listeners got a chance to experience this pleasant sound on air. That’s how the holiday was born. So if you’ve been stressed out after the holiday season, get yourself a roll a bubble wrap and have a rocking “pop” celebration.

Wave All Five Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

This happy day comes on February 7th. Main idea of this holiday is quite obvious. Yep, it’s just a great opportunity to say “hi”, to people who surround you. Don’t limit yourself to greeting only neighbors: family, friends social network followers – wave to everyone and don’t forget to smile!

Panic Day

How often do you say yourself: “Relax, take a deep breath and don’t panic, everything is going to be just fine…”? If you live a regular life, interact with people and have to meet deadlines, probably, this mantra occurs to you from time to time. Soon or late, the time when you want to run around screaming comes. Better save this scenario till March the 9th. That’s when Panic Day is celebrated. That’s when your panic attack will have a holiday flavor!)

World Penguin Day

If you’re a fan of these beautiful creatures – mark the 25th of April in your calendar. In case you don’t have the opportunity to go and hug one, search for documentaries or interesting information about penguins. And what about penguin costume party? I’d attend one!

No Socks Day

Celebrate you feet freedom on March the 9th. Go to the park, take off your shoes and let your toes enjoy the spring breeze and warm sunshine. Note: wash you feet beforehand!:)

International Mud Day

June 29th is a great occasion to take your kid, younger siblings or cousins for a walk to enjoy the joy of simple things – play with the mud, dance in the puddles or just lie on the grass, staring at the clouds. Leave your gadgets aside and have a nice day outside.

National Junk Food Day

If you’ve been following a healthy diet, but experienced cravings for your favorite burgers or french fries – you have a perfectly justified occasion to take a huge juicy bites of each on July 21st. Just try no to stick to this diet afterwards!

Bad Poetry Day

If people tell you that you’re immensely talented poet – August 18th is not you day. It’s dedicated to those, who strive to write a poem, but get a bunch of poorly rhymed words instead. Throw a sophisticated party for “alive poets society” and have a good fun.

Ask a Stupid Question Day

September 28th is a day when you have a chance to get the answer to all the most stupidest questions, that have been worrying you. Would a fly without wings be called a walk? Did Adam and Eve have navels? Why is the word “abbreviation” so long? You’ve got the idea. Go ahead, ask stupid questions and give stupid answers!

Bald and free Day

Baldness is not a flaw, it’s a gift! That’s the motto of October 7th – Bald and Free day! If you’re bald – rise and shine even brighter, than usually. If not – think of all the good stuff that comes with baldness and give your bald friends or colleagues a firm handshake!

Have a Party with Your Bear Day

Beer party with a teddy bear? There’s a day for that! November 16th is a date, when you can invite all your friends to a party, where the only requirement is to bring their teddy bears! To some people, they were the best friends in their childhood. And it’s a great opportunity to appreciate them.

Look on the Bright Side Day

December 21st is not just a winter solstice holiday. When the day is as long as the night, look at the sunny side of the street. May joy and optimism follow you this day, and the night be bright and fun!

Papersmaster.com wishes you to have something to celebrate every day! Be happy, work hard and have fun!

How to Write an Informative Speech

Informative speech is basically a detailed description of someone you know or something you can do well. Thus, when assigned with one, you get a chance to tackle the subject you really like and enjoy talking about. Good informative speech topics are usually concentrated on hobbies or spheres of life you’re particularly interested in. So, writing your informative speech, think of it as telling the group of friends about something you really like. Still worried? Read on, we’ll give you advice, that is going to make your troubles go away.

Informative Speeches – What’s the Trick?

As we’ve mentioned before, the best topics for informative speech originate from your life and activities you enjoy or excel in. Think of something that you can talk about for hours. It can be anything: Italian cuisine, video games, Peruvian melioration and so on. Whatever works for you. Informative speech ideas are in fact rather numerous. The only thing that matters here is your preferences. So, enjoy the freedom of choice!

Once you’ve chosen the one and the only of thousands of interesting informative speech topics, you have to move to the writing itself. Informative speech outline template has a structure, that is easy to use. You start with an attention getter – a hook sentence. That is aimed at having the audience raise the eyes to you from their smart phone displays. After that you need to give your thesis statement, which the reason for the whole thing. Topics for informative speeches have to be not too broad. If your thesis statement is just a general phrase, you’ll get lost in thousands of directions, where your thoughts could go.

Good topics for informative speeches have to be supported by strong points. Although this type of writing doesn’t require proving your point of view or persuading the audience, you still need to provide details, that will highlight the most important features of what you’re talking about or stages of performing a certain task.

Having given all the necessary explanations, you come to conclusion stage of your speech. Here you restate your thesis. You highlight the significance of the issue you’ve chosen, and once again demonstrate, why it is worth the audience’s attention.

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4 Awesome Startups of 2015

Here’s an original idea: the world is changing incredibly fast. (That’s what we call a great hook sentence, right?) Jokes aside, technology and the people, who are on the edge of it, transform the reality we live in really fast. Understanding what is happening around you actually gives you a number of opportunities: from applying for a job in a company you like, to starting something original and amazing. What I intend to do is tell you about a number of startups, that reflect the spirit of the era and are about (if not yet) to get loads of cash.

Feelback, not Feedback

Vicomi is a web tool, that allows to engage emotions of a site visitors. Enabling people to not only post comments to the content, but also express their emotional reaction, it helps you personalize the response and analyze the feelings of your audience. This way you can track, what kind of “feelback” your content gets, see, how readers react to certain authors’ work, and realize what kind of emotions lead to the increase of “buzz” intensity in social networks. Instead of writing lengthy comments and still being misunderstood, you can just press the button, that conveys your emotions. You still can write a lot, but as for me, the process gets much more fun.

Go Green. Ride Green.

Exhaust fumes and toxic waste, produced by automobile industry annually, slowly but surely lead us to the post-apocalyptic images we see in the movies. Being not the first, but probably one of the coolest, INU, top product of the Green Ride company, is an electric vehicle, that may actually brighten the mood for the future to a great extent. The concept is that “INU” − “dog” in Japanese – is not just means of moving around the city, but is your faithful companion. Compact, stylish and environmentally friendly – these seem to be characteristics of a perfect future vehicle. And INU has those. What is more – its handlebar connects to your smartphone. So making road movies and urban-style selfies on-the-go is just at your fingertips.

Battery, the Immortal

Sick and tired from your phone dying at the most inappropriate moment? There’s a solution. StoreDot offers a battery, that can be charged within 60 seconds. The technology is applicable not only to smartphones, but also to electric vehicles. For the latter, 1 minute of charges produces enough energy for 60 miles ride. Mile per second. Isn’t it awesome? Using chemically synthesized organic materials of non-biologic origin, StoreDot’s batteries and chargers are not only unbelievably efficient, but also ecologically friendly. The use of organic materials contributes to longer life-cycle of batteries, saving you money, and reducing waste for the planet.

Give Yourself a Hint

Sweet fizzy drinks are bad for you. Sugar makes you fat. You’re aware of that? Then you most definitely know, water is an absolute necessity for feeling and looking good. What about water, that has a natural fruity or berry flavor and is free of sweeteners and any artificial ingredients? Do you like the idea? Hint has brought it into life! Their motto is: “Drink water, not sugar”. It is a real win for people, bored of plain water, and not allowed to drink sweet beverages for health or dietary reasons. Being a mix of pure water and fruit oils and essences, Hint water not only tastes great, but also benefits your health.

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