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Literature research paper topics are various and numerous. For some it’s just a piece of cake: you get to not only read something, but also express your opinion on the topic of the work, research the historic background, provide your own insights on the author’s viewpoints… Basically, you have to love both reading and writing to enjoy creating a literature review paper or a literature research paper. While the first is concentrated on your impression, the latter actually is more academically inclined has more or less standardized form and structure.

A sample literature review paper may involve not only your opinion on the book, but also dig a little deeper into other aspects, concerning it. What were the most important social or political trends, when the book was written? Are there any factors, that influenced author’s stance on an issue? How can the main message of the book be interpreted in terms of modern society? Literature review research paper doesn’t have a set format. So all you have to be concerned with is your instructor’s requirements and you own ideas.

Literature research paper topics will usually require you to analyze something, give your understanding of certain phenomena, described by the author or dive into the peculiarities of author’s personal style. Here you’ll have to rely on theoretical work, that has been done by researchers before you, use them to prove your point of view (making sure you’re not plagiarizing someone else’s thoughts) and provide a meaningful insight on the posed problem. Writing this project, you can take a look at other papers to clarify the structure. A research paper will consist of an abstract, introduction, where you give your thesis statement, main body, where your arguments are concentrated, findings, and discussion section. Read a couple of sample papers, and you’ll get the idea, what to do with your own one.

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