6 Ways to Ruin Your Paper

PapersMaster has been trying to answer possible questions like “how to write an essay” or “how to write a research paper” for a while already. Now we’ve decided to turn to the other side and talk about stuff, that can lead to getting unsatisfactory result with the speed of light. Make yourself a cup of coffee or whatever you like, read on and try to stay as far away from these as possible.

Failing to Come Up with a Thesis Statement

We’ve been nagging about the importance of a thesis statement for a while. For those of you who haven’t been following us, we’ll happily do it again. Thesis statement is crucial for a successful writing. It has to be logical, substantial and comprehensive. It also has to briefly present the main points you’re going to make in your paper. No matter what you write: an essay, a research paper or the whole master thesis, if you fail to make a solid thesis statement, you basically fail to make a point. So make sure to analyze it truly thoroughly and don’t hesitate to talk to your instructor or a fellow student about it. This way you’ll protect yourself from rewriting the whole paper in the end.


We probably all have friends, who just talk and talk some more without making any sense or point. That might be annoying. Well, yeah, sometimes a person like that can be a real savior, when you’re shy and have to hang out in the company of people you don’t really know. If you’re the chatty one, you probably think you’re just a super cool person who always has something to say. No matter which one you are, the skill of rambling will certainly not help you, when it comes to writing paper on any subject. If you aren’t quite sure that each and every sentence performs certain function and makes sense according to the topic of your work, you should better think how to make them fit these requirements. Another tip here is to try to eliminate or at least reduce the number of words that make you sound pretentious and incompetent. Check your work for them scrupulously!

Not Following the Structure

Looking for an answer to the question “how to write a paper”, you will most definitely see, that the first stage is making an outline. Doing this will help you clarify the flow of ideas in your head and organize your writing in a far more efficient way. Nevertheless, sometimes you get too excited with the amount of information you want to include in your paper or with the awesomeness of your ideas. And that’s the moment when everything can go wrong. You always need to check for the accuracy, logical succession and smooth transitions to the next point. This way writing a paper will be much more efficient and reading it will be easier and more pleasant.


Stealing someone else’s ideas is the biggest sin of paper writing. It might bring you a lot of troubles: from getting a low grade to being expelled from college. So, the bottom line here is not to do that. Try to be as original as possible, rewrite deeply, if it’s possible and really necessary and move to the next point of the post.

Not Citing Properly

This one is closely connected with a previous idea. The best thing you can do to avoid plagiarism when you write a paper is to cite all the sources you refer to in your project. Stick to appropriate style and make your paper clear and safe.

Skipping the Revision Stage

Once the first draft of your paper is ready you might feel a flash of euphoria. That’s quite understandable: reaching a milestone in this marathon is pretty exciting. However, don’t get too happy too soon. You definitely should leave the first version of your paper simmer for a while, and then get back to work. Failing to do so is likely to result in your professor reading a rough version of your paper with a bunch of typos and grammatical mistakes. In case you don’t care about the fate of your project – go for it. If you’re interested in getting a high grade – reread, revise and rewrite parts of your paper, if needed. The shorter your paper is, the easier editing will be. Make sure you leave enough time for that.

As paper writing service, we know about everything that can go wrong with your paper. We also know how to avoid this stuff. So follow our advice, stay concentrated and write the best papers ever. Or say “write my paper, PapersMaster guys” and prepare to be pleased.:)

Universal Guide to Speech Writing

So, you’ve been asked to give a persuasive speech. Hopefully, you don’t panic about that. The main thing you need to remember is that preparation is the key to success. Knowing how to write a persuasive speech and properly organize your ideas will save you from lots of troubles when it comes to delivering. So, make yourself a nice cup of tea and get ready to become the master of not just good speeches, but awesome ones. Our infographic will certainly help you with that.:)

Speech Writing

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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay Efficiently

Cause and effect essay may seem fairly easy to write. So, you choose an event either from your life or from the history of mankind, analyze the factors, that caused it and outline the outcomes of the situation. All of the cause and effect essay ideas seem to be accumulated into this pretty succinct sentence. However, that’s a bit simplistic approach, right? We wouldn’t be Masters of Papers if we didn’t give you a detailed manual to success. So, let’s move to specifics!

Cause and Effect Essays? Not a Puzzle Any More!

Cause and effect essay topics might either be assigned by your instructor or chosen by you. Here you need to make sure the topic is not too broad. For instance, you’ve decided to talk about World War I. To make this topic manageable, you can categorize the effects into political, economic and cultural ones. Now you just have to pick the aspect that interests you the most and consider the ways of justifying the connection between causes and effects in the most efficient way. Done with the reflection? Get to work then!

To get your A++, you need to work out a scheme that will help you deal with your assignment much easier. And you definitely know how it’s called. (And just in case you don’t – it’s a cause and effect essay outline. You’re welcome, man.) It is standardly divided into three general parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Each of them can also be thin-sliced. And here’s when a cause and effect essay outline gets really helpful.

Introduction in cause and effect essay examples is pretty standard. It has to perform 3 main functions: capture the attention of your reader, provide a bit of background information on your topic and demonstrate the central point, you’re making in your essay. So basically, you need to carve your sentences to serve these goals perfectly. Don’t rush here: introduction for a cause and effect essay example is your chance to make a first impression. Make sure not to blow it.

Particular features of examples of cause and effect essays are vividly expressed in its main body. So, let’s say you’re sticking to a standard 5 paragraph essay structure. That leaves 3 paragraphs for the main body. The first one is dedicated to a detailed overview of the causes and presenting a particular way, in which they bring us to the effects. The second paragraph shows logical steps the author takes to establish connection between the initial cause and their impact on the situation. The third one might express long-term consequences of the effects, described above. The structure of paragraphs may also be unified: first, you voice your argument, then you support it with illustrative details, then you show why it matters an include a smooth transition to the next paragraph. Got all of that? Well done then!

Conclusion for a cause and effect essay is also not very novel. You recap everything, show why your arguments are significant and encourage your reader to continue reflection on the topic. As easy as 123, right?

Hopefully, now you know what is a cause and effect essay and how to deal with it. If you’re still having troubles – don’t worry, Papersmaster.com is here to help. You might address our professional writers for help or check out our Tips and Prompts section — either way you’re the winner.

Otherwise – good luck and have fun!

Online Courses or Classroom Based Education

Students today no longer have to rely on traditional classrooms to receive a quality education. Online courses allow students to access to traditional teachers via the Internet, without all of the social pressures of school. Students taking online courses are able to receive the same quality academic education as those attending a traditional classroom.

Online courses are a great option for many students. They allow students to learn at their own pace, and students do not have to compete with 30 other people for their teacher’s attention. Another benefit of online learning is that it eliminates the social pressures of school. Kids can be brutal, and not every person is equipped to deal with that, especially at a young age. And while more schools are getting on board to stop bullying, it still occurs and can be detrimental to a student’s ability to focus on their education.

There are some drawbacks to online learning. While it can help to protect those students who are not socially ready, it can also hinder their social development. In traditional classroom, students are able to form friendships, join clubs and activities, and have the physical experience of navigating the social scene. And even though many online learning centers have options for students to get together for certain classes and interact with their peers, it cannot replace the connections formed in a traditional classroom. Another potential problem with online learning is that students must be very disciplined. It can be much easier to “blow off” the teacher when they are not even in the same room.

Whether a student chooses to learn online or attend a traditional classroom, it is a personal decision. At one time academic equality between the two options would have been difficult and would have required a high amount of dedication from parents. However, students are able to choose the environment that is right for them, without having to sacrifice academic excellence.

9 Ways to Celebrate Your Next Birthday

When were you born? Is you birthday approaching? What was the most fun way of celebrating? If your previous birthday left you with a desire to change something the next year and do something really awesome, we’ve created a list of 9 pretty cool ways to celebrate.

The Adventure

Plan yourself a trip to the place you’ve never been. Choose a city or a country, you’ve always wanted to visit. It may be either something really fancy, or just a neighboring town. Just choose a new destination point, invite your close friends, and explore the area, try local specialties and have fun!

The Spontaneous Decision

Don’t plan anything in advance. Just wait for the day to come and do whatever comes in your mind. Order yourself 10 burgers, 20 Margaritas, don’t share and don’t explain anything. Or spend the day, making a giant cake and share it with all of your neighbors! Whatever pops up in your head is your plan. Follow it strictly! Or don’t!

The Laid-Back Approach

Tell your friends and family that you’re not going to spend effort planning your b-day and let them do it instead! Just make sure they like you enough to do something amazing for you!:)

The Sober Sally

First of all, if you don’t drink at all – we’re very happy for you! Enjoy your life and skip this and the following tip!

Well, this one is actually about breaking a social tradition and spend the whole birthday sober. Not a single jello shot. Not even one long island iced tea. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it!

The Drunken Sally

Yep, that’s the complete opposite of the previous one. Start drinking at midnight and don’t stop until the next day comes! Take a nap, if needed, but always have some alcohol in your blood! But please-please, eat something and stay alive!

The Flashback Party

Repeat the party you really enjoyed, when you were a kid. What was it? Did you go to the zoo? Did your parents invite a freaky clown for you? Did you have a special cake? Or maybe you went to the playground and had an awesome sand-box party? No matter what it was, invite your friends and family and come back to your childhood for a day!

The Hollywood-Style Party

Have your guests dress up like movie stars. Don’t let people without costumes come in. Get some champagne. Get a lot of champagne, in fact. Make a mix of the most famous and your favorite movie soundtracks. Go classy and stay wild!

The Birthday Fairy

How old are you? 22? Then buy 22 bottles of beer and hand them out to complete strangers! They’re going to appreciate the gesture and you’re very likely to make new friends! This scenario is applied not only to the age of 22, of course. The older you are – the more bottles you need! If you don’t like the beer theme, present people with candies, cupcakes – whatever you like! Making presents is just as nice as receiving them, if not nicer!

The Time Lapse Photo Experiment

Start taking photos of you and your friends at midnight. Use the disposable cameras and take pictures every hour. In the end, you’ll get 24 photos that will help you track the progress of your rocking birthday!

All in all, there are no limits, when it comes to your birthday party. Just do whatever you want to do. And if PapersMaster’s advice inspires you — we’ll be very happy!

Application Letter

US Department of Agriculture,
Subject: Application for the post of ICT Personnel

Dear Sir,
With ICT leaving a significant impact on the way the department of agriculture works, I would like to apply for the vacancy for the position of ICT Manager published in _______ on date (_______). I hold honours degree in computer science and can handle information and technology related issues with dexterity. I am passionate about the application of technology in the field of agriculture as far as the scientific innovations have not only saved time and manpower but have also increased productivity.

I am a self motivated and hard working individual with adequate practical experience in the applied designation. Programming and website development have always fascinated me. Being the first source of interaction, the importance of developing a consumer friendly website is unquestionable to me. I have the required academic qualification to substantiate my eligibility for selection; my educational and professional background has made me adept at handling all software and hardware related procedures. I am an avid reader and keep myself updated with the latest trends in software and technology; I have learnt tremendously from technology related seminars by experienced professionals. My entrepreneurial and interpersonal communication skills have been appreciated by my educators and peers; developing novel projects and applying technology for implementing in agriculture has always interested me.

The USDA offers a plethora of opportunities for professionals and helps them in excelling in their selected field. I am enthusiastic about exploring and applying technological proficiency at USDA. I am impressed by the endeavours of USDA that promote new discoveries; the latest Innovation Challenge by USDA is a dream project for budding software professionals. Being a part of USDA will be an enabling work opportunity; as it will make me a part of the technological drive to implement resource conservation and experience the positive impact of science.

I hope that my application and credentials find favour with the eminent selection panel and will justify my eligibility for appointment. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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