China’s Major Transport Companies

China Logistics Co., Ltd. The company has its headquarters in Dalian, China and offers pickup shipment, sea freight, customs clearance, warehouses, and storage. The company offers services to Ghana and has a daily capacity to transport 1000 tons. The packing technology the company uses includes packing in wooden pallets, cartons, and packages. The cost of the service from China to Ghana is 10 to 300 USD per cubic meter with an average price of 90 USD. The contact phone is +86-411-82725139, +86-411-82725169

Shenzhen Wind Speed International Forwarding Co., Ltd: The Company has its headquarters in Guangdong, China and offers air freight, DHL Logistics, shipping, customs broker courier, transport, freight forwarder and Express. The company offers services to Ghana and has a weekly capacity to transport 10000 tons. The packing technology the company uses includes wooden pallets, cartons, and packages. The cost of the service from China to Ghana is 1 to 3 USD per cubic meter. The contact phone is + 86-755-36631344.

Qingdao Hilton International Logistic Co., Ltd: The Company has its headquarters in Qingdao, China and offers Air Freight, Sea Freight, and land freight from Qingdao, Tianjin, and Shanghai every Friday. The company offers services to Ghana and has a weekly capacity to transport 1000 tons. The packing technology the company uses is seaworthy packaging. The cost of the service from China to Ghana is 500 to 1000 USD per a twenty-foot container. The contact phone is +86-532-83880325.

Luckylucky International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd: The Company has its headquarters from Shenzhen, China and offers sample collection; pick up services, customs clearance, air freight and sea freight. The company offers services to Ghana and has a weekly capacity to transport 5000 tons. The packing technology the company uses is seaworthy packaging. The cost of the service from China to Ghana is 1 to 100 USD per cubic meter. The contact phone is 86-755-25159958.

Aggio Global Logistics Shenzhen Co., Ltd.: The Company has its headquarters from Guangdong, China and offers customs clearing, air freight, and sea freight. The company offers services to Ghana and has a weekly capacity to transport 10000 tons. The packaging technology the company uses is seaworthy packaging. The cost of the service from China to Ghana is 30 to 80 USD per cubic meter. The contact phone is +86-755-88370761.

How to Write an Essay and Stay Alive

When it comes to writing an essay or some kind of a research paper no one is John McClane. Except for John McClane, on course. Every single person once experienced a minute (or an hour, or a week!) of consternation which probably can be compared only with a horror of facing a ticking mechanism with its green and red wires. ‘What should I write and – mostly – how can I ever do it?’ – the main thought that squeezes your brain at that moment. The first tip that we have for you is really dumb as well as useful: take a deep breath and write the following “Here starts my essay/research work”. It obviously won’t get your paper to start writing itself, but it will definitely turn a blank page to a non-blank one. It’s the beginning, a psychological trick, that has to calm you down a little. Then think of what you could be interested to write about or better – choose the topic which you are good at. What would you like to say to the world that it doesn’t know yet? What, in your opinion, do you know better than anyone? Think of it – how can it possibly be hard to talk about something that you love or are passionate at? See, that isn’t such a bomb.

Have a Plan and Don’t Die Hard

When you have your topic (at the start it doesn’t have to be clearly defined, all you have to choose is what you’re intending to write about) it gets easier. You will get even more relieved by making the outline. Identify the main subtopics of your subject and write them down. Don’t try to name the paragraphs exactly for good and all. At this stage you’re making this outline to clarify the structure for yourself, and in the final stage you will have the opportunity to fix it and make it perfect.

While writing an essay or a research work we are setting certain goals to achieve. There are plenty of them: from the intention to persuade someone in your personal opinion to letting your audience discover something that you did. The main line is you need to state the problem, in other words, to create a thesis statement. Here you pick from what side your essay will represent the topic. Put some reasonable thesis sentences and do not stretch it out too far – make it brief. The moment you have the thesis done, you are up to proceed to the body of your essay.

The body of the paper is the most wide and profound paragraph. Here you do several things. Firstly you put the main thought of an essay in a sentence form (make it as pretty as informative. Then you build a construction of the few points which are called to support the main idea and under each subparagraph there are meant to be some descriptions or explanations. If you want, you can put some mini-conclusion after each of them.

Conclusion for an essay restates the ideas, you’ve proven in the main body. You need to show how your initial claim evolved in the process of writing. You may also finish with a provoking question or an interesting quote, that will inspire the people to proceed the research of your topic.

Done that all? Take a breath, and proofread, revise and edit! All in all, Officer McClane didn’t eradicate all the terrorists from the first attempt! It took the guy 5 movies to wipe out almost all of the world’s evil! And you only have a little essay to write. So stop whining and do your job, kiddo!

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How to Write a Valedictorian Speech

Valedictorian speech is literally saying goodbye to your high school, professors and fellow students. Although you might not necessary drift apart and never see each other after the graduation party, you certainly come to the end of an important phase of your life, which is almost definitely a significant event. If you’ve been granted with the honor of giving high school valedictorian speech, you might either be excited or anxious. However, there are some advice that can maximize your chances for success.

What Do Valedictorian Speeches Need for Success?

Graduation speech ideas might seem obvious and a bit banal. What makes them memorable is you attitude and experience. The key to great high school graduation speeches is a wise combination of a predictable structure and your personal style.

Starting your graduation speech, you, of course, can introduce yourself. What can be more personal than your name, right? Everyone expects you to start from that. However, your being able to hook the audience from the very first minute often defines the general impression from your talk. Tell about funny moment, that happened to you at the time of studies. Describe your emotions during the first exam. Then you can connect these little details with the big picture, the general topic of your address. This will certainly be a great move, and not only help people relate to what you’re talking about but also lay a basis for solid composition of your speech.

All of the valedictorian speech examples have a part where people thank parents, friends and teachers for support all the way to the graduation. This is quite understandable. Nevertheless, singling out your parents and favorite teachers out of the crowd might be a bit selfish. Instead, think of the reasons, why you are grateful to them, and have your grade think of people who they want to thank. Evoking emotions is one of the most important objectives of your speech, so try to achieve it!

Important one from valedictorian speech ideas is to be able to convey a message and avoid clichés. People might have different feelings about graduating from high school. The may have different expectations and opportunities. So don’t try to promise them gold and roses or tell where to direct their steps. Try to inspire them to move further, no matter what they start from and transform the knowledge into valuable experience.

The main characteristics of the best valedictorian speech is, probably, its sincerity. Although the phrase “Speak from yourself” is rather trite itself, it still is the secret of success. Write about what you’ve learnt, talk about experiences, that made you your present self, describe the impact the education has had on you. That will do the trick.

Nevertheless, if the date is approaching, and you still don’t know how to write a graduation speech, there’s no point in getting depressed. We, at, are happy to help you with your speech writing. Your speech will be funny and touching to a perfect degree. We will deliver it on time, so you won’t have to be nervous about standing at the podium, having nothing to say. Contact us and just wait for the applause!

Grant Proposal

Grant proposal is an essential part of communication between scientists and funding organizations. Writing a grant proposal has a sole purpose: convince the committee that your research is worth the money, they might supply you with. So here you have to be clear, specific and honest. You’d like a person, who you are about to give lots of money, to be honest, right? So try to be as objective as possible about your project. However, don’t put your ambitions aside: believe us, other applicants will not be too modest about their goals and plans. Another important aspect of writing grant proposals is a proper choice of addressee of your application. Spending some time searching for an appropriate institution will most probably result in a profitable deal for you. Thus, be vigilant, choosing a funding institution: this investment of time will result in investment of money.

How to Write Grant Proposal: Bullet-points to Hit the Target

A sample grant proposal will have all the basic elements: title, introduction of the topic of your research, its detailed description and the part, where you provide the evidence why the institution has to fund your particular research. We are going to give a bit more detailed outline for your grant proposal in order to ensure your success.

A good grant proposal example will concisely, but profoundly illustrate several points. They all will be reflected in a grant proposal outline:

Well, here are some grant proposal writing tips. However, one of the best grant proposal ideas is to follow the requirements of you specific grant. Use PapersMaster’s advice, and get yourself some money! And succeed in your research, of course.

Management Papers

Management topics for research paper are various. If you’re assigned with one, it means that you’ve come to the stage, when you need to demonstrate your knowledge in the sphere of running projects and coping with the tasks of high level of complexity. So, when it comes to your paper management you should be proud of yourself and at least don’t show any signs of panic. Management paper writing can be divided into several steps, and accomplishing one by one you’ll inevitably get to the top.

Management Research Paper Topics: Do They Really Matter?

No, we’re not stupid. We do understand that the topic is a crucial part of your research paper. Actually, if you don’t have the topic, you won’t get a paper, right? What we mean is no matter what you write: a strategic management process paper or a time management paper, the most important ingredients for success are your approach and establishing the right priorities.

So, first of all you choose the topic. Unless it’s assigned by the instructor, pick something that genuinely interests you and can be implemented in your future career or at your current project. Once it’s done, move to creating a thesis statement. Its main purpose is to state a problem you aim at researching and to express your stance on the issue. Make sure, you write about something that is truly debatable (otherwise you research has no point), logical (it’s a matter of common sense, right?) and provable (that’s just making sure that you have enough bricks to build your research with).

The next step is preparing the outline of your paper. This process resembles actual achieving of the goals, you set for yourself in your career. First you create a rough plan, a route to the destination point. And after that you get to the specifics, including detailed description of each step. Speaking of a management research paper, first of all, you create the introduction, that grabs audience’s attention and poses a problem. The main body of your research will contain claims you’ve chosen to prove you point and the details, that will support them. Conclusion is a final blow, that has to knock your reader out and totally prove your right.

Just as business projects, your management papers require not only passion and creativity, but also scrupulousness and accuracy. Double and triple check your formatting style and mentioning the sources you use. We live in a world of information technology – so try using your papers reference manager, in order not to miss anything and prevent yourself from being accused of plagiarizing other’s ideas.

All in all, management papers writing is not the trickiest task you’ll have to complete in your life. However, if you prefer acquiring practical skills to dwelling in the field of theoretical knowledge – contact Our writers can create your paper accurately and up to your requirements and the deadline. And you can go rule the world!

Case Analysis

As a graduate student you will be asked to prepare case analysis. This paper may be individual or done by a whole group. In both cases you will need to conduct a research of a given problem, search for alternative solutions and introduce the most effective one. Generally, the case may refer to various subjects, let’s say economic or financial. In this case they require even more complex studies. This is where our best custom writing service proposes quick and high-quality help to save you from a lot of routine work!

What is a case? How to write a case study analysis effectively? Choose our help!

Case normally means a true story which illustrates theories or concepts in management or business you are studying in college. This story introduces a problem or a series of problems to be solved, and also includes some questions to be answered. So, an in-depth research is waiting for your sustained attention.

Applying for our help will save you from writing case study analysis and guarantees a properly done paper from A to Z. Though, there’s a little problem. Professors from various universities have different approaches and requirements as to writing a case analysis.

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