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So, you’ve got another essay writing assignment. Let’s say you’ve read all of our Tips and Prompts and got really close to mastering the art of writing. Congratulations! Don’t get relaxed, though. There’s still a great field for improvement. First of all, you are to always remember of the values of revision and editing. Secondly, there is a great deal of online tools to help you be a better essay writer. We’ve picked out three of these to help you get started. Use them wise.:)

Be a Thesis Statement Pro

If you’ve written one or two essays in your life, you probably know that thesis statement is its crucial part. A lot of students actually stumble on this point. Basically, you don’t know how to write an essay unless you can concoct a believable, logical and provable thesis statement. To practice and understand the theory of efficient thesis statement, try out this Thesis Builder. You’ll see, what elements you need to include into your thesis statement to make it proper center of your writing.

Make Sure to Think of All the Necessities Writing an Essay

You may have already answered the question “how to write a good essay” in your head: introduction, main body, conclusion. What’s so difficult about that, anyway? Well, you’re partially right. But to know how to write a college essay really well, you need to check for a number of important factors. Essay Writing Checklist might be of a great help here. It contains a list of questions, that will make you look through your essay really thoroughly and check for all the details, necessary to turn your essay into a really awesome one.

Avoid the Biggest Essay Writing Sin

No matter which of the writing paths you choose: to do it on your own or ask someone “write my essay for me”, the worst thing you could do to it is steal someone else’s ideas. To make sure you stay away from that, use one of the plagiarism checking tools, like PlagTracker. This way you’ll stay on the safe side and avoid getting penalties or even being expelled from the college.

You don’t get good in essay writing in a day. It takes time, efforts and practice. If you’re ready to face the challenge, you’ll surely benefit from it in the end. In case it’s just not your thing, make sure to pick real professionals to do it for you. Like us, We will stick to all of your requirements and face the highest standards of academic writing. Otherwise, work hard, have fun and don’t give up.

Tips for Editing Your Own Paper

The written project, assigned by your professor, is completed. You’ve done your research. The structure of your project seems perfect. The thesis is logical and compelling, the arguments are solid and profound, the conclusion highlights the efficiency of your research and makes people want to read more of your projects. You get the best grade ever and a firm handshake from the professor. And then…


You get back to reality, where you get a “C”, because you’ve made some stupid typing mistakes, professor says that your structure could have been better, and the tone of your paper is inappropriate. If I were you, I’d prefer the first option. You agree with me? Then, keep reading for some of the wise owl’s tips on editing your own paper.

The good news is that once you’ve finished your paper, you can relax for a while, and leave it aside. The first secret of effective editing is looking at your work with fresh eyes. So take a break, catch up with the other projects or simply take a rest.

Done it? Then, take a deep breath and go back to work.

At this stage you are to totally transform from a writer into a reader. You could make a hard copy of your work, if it works for you better than editing electronic variant. Read all of your paper, as if you see it for the first time. Pretend to be your audience. Would you understand all of the material, included into your work? Can you see logical transitions between paragraphs and chapters? Yes – great job then. No – well, I guess, you know what to do. Grab your printed version and a pen, or cozy up in from of the screen of your computer, and note your remarks, paying attention to the parts that need to be clarified, reduced or better connected.

Once you’ve got the general impression your work is supposed to have on the public, you can go to small details, that sometimes remain unnoticed. Silly typos, spelling or grammatical mistakes, that everybody unconsciously makes even knowing, that it’s wrong: “there”, “their”, “they’re” and the like: all of this can spoil the final outcome of your project. Here you need to change reader’s mode to your worst enemy’s mode: look for your mistakes eagerly, as if you wanted yourself to have made them. This will add meticulousness to your proofreading. Don’t be too paranoid, however. (Which is always good advice).

After that you can proceed to checking the correctness of your material: factual mistakes also can easily ruin all the project. Check each paragraph in order to make sure that there’s a point in it. Make sure that your paper has a skeleton, muscles and a clear skin (structure, argumentation and formatting, I mean). Don’t pass a piece of jell-o to the professor. It is very likely that they will not appreciate it.

All the points given, the best tip is: use common sense and try walking in your grader’s shoes. Thus, you will get the best of your proofreading. So take your time, and you’ll get the best version of your project ever. and the witty owl are always happy to help.

How to Write Scholarship Essay About Yourself

Scholarship essay doesn’t seem such an overwhelming task at first sight. What can be easier than writing an essay about yourself? To some extent it’s true. You won’t need to do any special research or create a huge bibliography, listing all the respected resources you had to use. But if writing scholarships essays is so simple, why so many people have troubles with that? Believe it or not, students may even avoid applying for the scholarships, where essay writing is required. Don’t be one of those! Use our tips and be the best!

Don’t Let Essay Scholarships Drive You Crazy: Scholarship Writing in 4 Simple Steps!

Step 1. When you think how to start an essay about yourself, imagine being the person to read it. Would you be interested in reading the whole life story? Not really, right? Don’t bore your reader form the very first line. Get them hooked with a joke, interesting fact from your life or a meaningful story. This way you’ll make sure the admission officer will keep reading your essay till the very end.

Step 2. Analyze sample scholarship essays. They will be aimed at answering the most important questions, that the theme of a scholarship essay asks implicitly or explicitly. Why do you think you have to be accepted? How can the scholarship help you develop personally and professionally? In what ways the program will benefit from your participation? Basically, the main body of your essay is dedicated to answering these. You have to make three strong claims, and support them with details, that will serve the purpose of persuading the admission officer the best.

Step 3. Create an outline of your scholarship essay. First, you grab the attention of your reader, then you provide the arguments, that convince the authorities to accept you to the program and support them with interesting, compelling and, probably funny details. The conclusion has to be a final blow, that will get your reader knocked out with your awesomeness! Done that? Fill in this framework with your ideas and you’ll get yourself an essay!

Step 4. Put the essay aside at least for a couple of days. Then reread and edit it. Or better ask somebody to do that for you. You might simply miss a couple of mistakes, because you seem to know your essay by heart, while the other person will look at it with sharp eyes and fresh mind.

Now you know how to write a scholarship essay. Read the description of your scholarship thoroughly, and prepare the first draft. Make sure you clearly understand, what kind of person admission officers are looking for. Explain the reasons, why you have to be accepted in a way, that will leave no doubts to the admission committee. Edit your essay and be the winner! can help you write the best scholarship essay about yourself ever! If you feel lost for thoughts and for words – don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re online 24/7!

How to Write a Thesis Introduction

Good thesis statements vividly demonstrate your writing style and personality. How deep are your insights on the issue? Can you grab readers’ attention from the very first line? Is your professor or other audience likely to keep reading your paper till the very end? All the positive features of your writing get obvious in an essay introduction. Thus, the importance of writing an introduction in a proper manner is unquestionable. What is questionable issue though, is your ability to get it done perfectly and not to go crazy because of huge number of requirements you have to meet and the abyss of assignments you’ve got to complete. Don’t panic. We believe in you and definitely can help.

Things to Remember when Writing an Introduction

“How to write thesis statement?”, “How to write an introduction for a research paper?”, “How to write an introduction for an essay?” – people usually get tormented by these questions, when they sit, staring at a blank paper for hours. E.L.Doctorow once said: “Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go”. So, the important thing is to stay calm and keep writing. This way, you are more likely to come to a great result in the end.

Strong thesis statement is an important first blow in your fight for a great mark. However, academic paper writing resembles professional boxing rather than a street fight, so the battle begins with a bit of preamble. A good essay or research paper thesis is preceded and followed by a team of supporters, which make it look even more significant. A great idea is to start your writing with a hook: fascinating fact, challenging question, shocking statistical data – those would be great to attract attention and get the reader join you on the way to conclusions. Another tip is to provide some background information on the issue, you’ve decided to investigate. Remember: your reader is not necessarily a professor in your field of studies. If you can’t explain something in simple words, you, most probably, don’t understand it. Prove that you’re a real expert!

Good thesis statement demonstrates the significance and value of your project. Therefore, a real purpose of thesis writing is providing the evidence of profoundness of your research. Make sure, that your thesis statement for research paper or for an essay justifies the work you’ve done. The thesis has to be logical, debatable and provable. This way not only you’ll cover the subject you aimed at, but also prove that your project has true value and can be considered as a real contribution to your field of studies.

Thesis statement and introduction to an academic paper are really challenging, because they contain the essence of your project. If you need expert help from someone, who is a real master of academic writing, don’t hesitate to contact! We’re happy to help you 24/7!

Case Study

Case study may be included into different educational courses: business administration, social studies or psychology. This type of work makes you not only develop critical thinking and analysis skills, but also general writing skills, as far as you need to describe certain issue, not only providing statistical data but also your personal ideas and observations. Case studies involve investigation of a certain project or organization’s activities, or profound research of behavior of a personality. Case study method is widely used for the reason that it allows students immerse into the topic and research it from the practical side, which makes it applicable not only for further research but also for professional activities. So, having completed case study research, you need to pose a question and lay the ground for future projects.

What is Case Study: Basics to Follow

Case study examples can be find everywhere nowadays: scientific journals, academic papers, online magazine articles. As far as the examples are quite abundant, you might ask a reasonable question: “Well, how do you define case study then?”. There is not one unified case study definition, however, if one was formulated, it would sound like: “It is a detailed analysis of a certain entity: a person, organization, company, business decision or social activity”. You have to state a certain thesis, that is going to be explored and supported in your research. Well, knowing what it case study helps in actual writing a case study, doesn’t it? Anyway, we’re moving on.

How to Do a Case Study: Techniques and Approaches

When you are about to work on a case study project, there are several issues to be concerned with. The first step is determining the topic and the subject of your paper. Those have to be compelling not only for you but also for your potential reader. Also, it obviously has to be relevant to your field of studies (most probably, you are aware of this, however, some clarification is sometimes a good thing). Having done that, you should clearly understand, what type of paper you’re going to write: evaluational or exploratory. A good idea might be to thoroughly analyze an example of a case study of each type. This will help you understand the criteria and structure much better. Then you move to choosing the approach, you want to apply: it might be either theory-testing, or theory-building or illustrative. This way you will be able to clearly see, what kind of instruments you are going to use in your project: argumentation, verification of a certain theory or description of a phenomenon. These are the crucial decisions to make about your project. Then, the content side gets much clearer, while the structure remains standard: introduction, main body and conclusion. Thus, crafting a solid mental structure makes actual writing smooth and painless.

Finally, if you don’t want to suffer alone – get PapersMaster’s help. Our writers know the case studies techniques as the back of their hands.

Contact us and enjoy your life!

English Papers

Essay writing services offer a variety of subjects, essays can be written on. Anthropology, criminology, educational philosophy – although interesting, these topics are quite narrow and specific. One of the vastest ones is, of course, English. The topics here are really numerous. You may be assigned with an essay, a research paper or a critical review of a work of literature.

Excellent writing is a mixture of engaging contents and pure and solid form and structure. First and the most important advice, that helps improve your writing skills is to read more. While reading good literature, either scientific or fictional, you absorb the standards of proper vocabulary and grammar and subconsciously acquire more polished manner of writing. What is more, tons of people publish helpful tips and prompts, that can clarify writing issues for you. The second advice is to write more. Excellence comes through practice. Making mistakes teaches you the right way of doing things. This way though efficient, is rather long and laborious. The question is, what to do if you have to work, take care of your household and family and get high grades along with all that?

To Buy English Papers Online or Not to Buy?

Purchase of English papers seems to be a huge risk. You trust your precious paper and grades to a stranger from the Internet – how can one be calm in such conditions? How can you be sure, that your work is going to be unique? Is the absence of plagiarism guaranteed? The concerns are understandable. The only way to stay on a definitely safe side is to write your essay by yourself. If you have decided to buy an English paper, the best option is to choose a reliable service. specializes in writing academic papers of high quality. Buying custom English paper online, you, first of all, give all of the specific requirements, you want our writers to follow. We guarantee absence of lexical and grammatical errors. What is more – the work can be revised on your request. Plagiarism is off limits for us. Your custom English essay paper will be 100% unique and compliant with the formatting style you specify.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, think of that from the other point of view. We care about our reputation. That is why we need your positive feedback. We cannot force you to do that (unfortunately). So the only choice is to provide a great service. Try us out! We won’t let you down!

So, if you’ve decided to buy English paper from an essay writing service – make sure you choose the best one. (If you’ve forgotten which one it is – check the info above.:)

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