China’s Major Transport Companies

China Logistics Co., Ltd. The company has its headquarters in Dalian, China and offers pickup shipment, sea freight, customs clearance, warehouses, and storage. The company offers services to Ghana and has a daily capacity to transport 1000 tons. The packing technology the company uses includes packing in wooden pallets, cartons, and packages. The cost of the service from China to Ghana is 10 to 300 USD per cubic meter with an average price of 90 USD. The contact phone is +86-411-82725139, +86-411-82725169

Shenzhen Wind Speed International Forwarding Co., Ltd: The Company has its headquarters in Guangdong, China and offers air freight, DHL Logistics, shipping, customs broker courier, transport, freight forwarder and Express. The company offers services to Ghana and has a weekly capacity to transport 10000 tons. The packing technology the company uses includes wooden pallets, cartons, and packages. The cost of the service from China to Ghana is 1 to 3 USD per cubic meter. The contact phone is + 86-755-36631344.

Qingdao Hilton International Logistic Co., Ltd: The Company has its headquarters in Qingdao, China and offers Air Freight, Sea Freight, and land freight from Qingdao, Tianjin, and Shanghai every Friday. The company offers services to Ghana and has a weekly capacity to transport 1000 tons. The packing technology the company uses is seaworthy packaging. The cost of the service from China to Ghana is 500 to 1000 USD per a twenty-foot container. The contact phone is +86-532-83880325.

Luckylucky International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd: The Company has its headquarters from Shenzhen, China and offers sample collection; pick up services, customs clearance, air freight and sea freight. The company offers services to Ghana and has a weekly capacity to transport 5000 tons. The packing technology the company uses is seaworthy packaging. The cost of the service from China to Ghana is 1 to 100 USD per cubic meter. The contact phone is 86-755-25159958.

Aggio Global Logistics Shenzhen Co., Ltd.: The Company has its headquarters from Guangdong, China and offers customs clearing, air freight, and sea freight. The company offers services to Ghana and has a weekly capacity to transport 10000 tons. The packaging technology the company uses is seaworthy packaging. The cost of the service from China to Ghana is 30 to 80 USD per cubic meter. The contact phone is +86-755-88370761.

The Secret Weapon in the Studying Struggle

You may have used it before. If so, you know how powerful it is. If it wasn’t – you probably did something wrong. In case you haven’t had a chance to hold this gun yet – you’ll be surprised how helpful it really is. Until now you, hopefully, are on the edge of your seat, dying to find out what I’m talking about.

Are you disappointed? You’ve done it for ages already? Well, if you have, and you’re 100% sure that you’re an expert in the field of note-taking – I’ll be happy to shake your hand and accept your advice. However, if you are not note-lover, keep reading to see, how beneficial and even fun notes might be.

Pro’s and Con’s of Note-Taking

First, let’s talk about Con’s. There aren’t any. No, seriously. The only way to make notes a bad thing is to take them badly. So, you’re the master here.

Pro’s are actually quite numerous. The process of taking notes makes you learn actively, as far as you combine a lot of activities at the same time: you listen to the speaker (auditory perception), write something down (engaging your motility), and inevitably read what you write (visual perception). That is just AMAZING! Don’t you agree?

Notes help you organize information more effectively. Not only on the paper or on the screen of your device, but in your brain! The research has shown, that students, who were taking notes, were much more likely to remember information in a week, after the lecture or talk was heard. So here’s your chance not to be a drain for information, but be able to analyze it and use it with benefit. What is more, you can keep track of the sources much easier, thus, reduce the chance of accidental plagiarizing of your work.

Listen to Your… Brain and Choose Perfect Note-Organizing Pattern

There is an infinite number of ways of taking notes. I mean, that each person individualizes the way of taking notes in a unique way. However, there are some basic models, that can easily be customized. and the wise owl is always ready to share the glimpses of wisdom. What is more, our helpful writers are willing to help you with any kind of writing assignment. However, taking notes is so useful and fun, that you actually should try doing it yourself! Don’t worry, be happy, take notes and follow our lead!

How to Write an Acceptance Speech

Acceptance speech giving presupposes that you’re already a winner. Or supposed to be one, if you’re still on the stage of planning your address. Even if you’re not really a master of public speaking, pronouncing a thank you speech for award is a great pleasure, as far as you talk to people who have come to celebrate your achievements in a certain sphere. Choosing the right words for a thank you speech will have people acknowledge not only your professional success, but also your outstanding personality. But only if you use your advice!

4 Ingredients of Great Acceptance Speeches

Acceptance speech definition may roughly sound like this: it is a big thank you to all the people, who chose you to be the one to accept the award and those, who supported you during your hard work. Yeah, no place for bragging, unfortunately. There could be some, but only in a nice and funny way. As far as the speech itself is not supposed to be too long, acceptance speech outline is usually not too large-scale. Let’s move to the point.

  1. Thank the people, who decided to award you. Yes, it’s predictable. Yes, it’s a bit banal. But if you want those guys to give you another award for your next achievement – you better thank them now, so that they don’t regret their choice.

  2. Say, how honored you are to get this specific award. Even if it’s not the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, people still need to know, that you are grateful specifically to their organization for providing you with the trophy.

  3. Basically, each acceptance speech example will have the part, where you talk about how the award matters to you personally. Here you can talk about your ambitions and expectations, that led you to this significant moment. Remember, though, that you still have to be humble and maybe, a bit ironic, so that the audience doesn’t consider you to be arrogant and entitled.

  4. Thank again. This time, you move to the people you personally are grateful to. Members of your family, friends, colleagues – they deserve to be mentioned in your acceptance speech. Even if you feel like you’ve done the job all by yourself, imagine actually being left alone at the very beginning of your way to the award. If that doesn’t feel good – thank your people. If it does – thank them anyways. As we’ve mentioned above, arrogance is not the best approach you can use for the acceptance speech.

Finally, you can always search for inspiration from famous acceptance speeches. Joe Pesci, Meryl Streep, Matthew McConaughey — whoever impresses you the most. If you still are at a loss for words – contact We can help you with this daunting task. All you will have left to do is relax and choose the outfit for the event!

How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

Conclusion for essay is an olive in a martini. In case you haven’t tried one, that is a final shed of taste, that completes the impression of your cocktail. Or a written project. That is why you have to make it just right: having read your conclusion for an essay, your reader should be left with a feeling of satisfaction, completeness and desire to read more. As far as careless conclusion can spoil overall impression of an essay, there are some great tips that will help you avoid this disaster.

Good Conclusions for Essays: Do’s and Dont’s

Writing a conclusion for an essay is aimed at solidifying your general thesis. However, simple summarizing of your general idea is not always a good choice. Your readers presumably remember what you’ve started with, thus repetition of the same point may not only be irrelevant but also just boring. A good conclusion for an essay shows the connection between your thesis and a “big picture”, providing your reader with food for thought, and you with a subject for future research and analysis. Conclusion for argumentative essay has to prove that your project is truly significant and your thesis is correct. Conclusion for persuasive essay is to give a final strike, that will truly knock out your reader.

Another thing that requires cautiousness is a choice of conclusion words for essays. It would be a good idea to try to avoid trite phrases like “finally”, “to conclude” or “in conclusion”. While they might be quite appropriate in delivering a speech, the reader of your essay most probably guesses that you are about to finish your work. So don’t annoy them pointing out obvious things. Good conclusion sentences for essays are written concisely, deeply and wittily. Despite that conclusion transitions for essays might be appropriate, in case they are used properly and serve to clarify a conclusion outline for essay.

A great advice on conclusions for essays was given by Harvard College Writing Center: it is a great idea to end your essay with a quotation from one of the sources, that you have used in your work. For instance, if you write a conclusion for “Romeo and Juliet” essay, you may look for a quote by one of Shakespeare’s works researchers that could point out the influence of the tragedy onto the world literature. Therefore you once more demonstrate how profoundly you’ve explored your topic and how greatly you can contribute to your field of studies.

Great conclusion examples for essays will make you want to read more. Make your readers want it with

Research Proposal

Research proposal, if written properly, can be your lucky ticket to admission to a scholarship program or getting financing for your project. In order to get this ticket, you have to profoundly and deeply describe preliminary research you’ve conducted and make predictions about the outcome of your research. Although research proposal format is not universally stated, there are some basic principles you should follow so that your proposal is perceived as professional and credible. So, how to write research proposal? We’ll try to clarify the answer for you.

Writing a research proposal starts with a title page. You should provide sufficient contact information about yourself and the authorities that supervise your project, if any. The main element here is the title of your research. Try to make it concise: 10 words should be enough to give the reader a precise idea, what your research is going to be concentrated on.

The next part in a research proposal outline is an abstract of your project. Regularly, this part of a proposal does not occupy more than 1 page. The main challenge is to fit the detailed description of your topic into this frame. What we mean, is not that you need to state your topic once again, but you need to highlight and support the significance and topicality of your research. You need to indicate, in what ways your particular project is going to contribute to the field of studies. Research proposal topics descriptions have to make people want to follow you on your further way to conclusions.

The next part of research paper proposal is the overview of the literature, you’ve already processed and going to study in your project. This part also has to be concise: briefly state the sources you work with and tell how your ideas correlate with the ones, given there.

After that you provide the objectives of your research paper. One of the greatest research proposal ideas, is to provide a detail timing of your research: state the phases of your research, indicate the dates, which are going to be milestones of the project. This will not only give impression of your thorough planning of the process, but also help you distribute your time properly and cope with the deadlines.

The Key Ingredient of an Efficient Research Proposal

Guessing what it is? It’s love, of course! Not sure about that? Well, we think it’s a good idea to add some everywhere! Jokes aside, a research proposal has to reflect the significance and methodological clarity of your research and also total awareness of your actions. This way, any institution will be happy to help you. Otherwise, if you don’t have the time for this, you can contact us. is ready to help you achieve the same effect. Get our expert writers to help you 24/7.


Summary writing helps you explain a story, article, book, or a film briefly to deliver the main idea to your reader, who is not familiar with the content. To succeed in writing this type of paper you need to be precise in your sentences and words, namely be short and do not retell the whole plot, just the most important information. The paper should be neither too short nor too long. The basic questions to be answered with you summary are “What was it about and what did the author want to say with his work?” The challenge is to write your summary as it is required.

How to write a resume summary promptly? Ask for our help!

To help you cope with your summary, our writers would like to recommend that you make notes while reading. This simple life hack will help you afterwards to recollect what you have read or seen, depending on what you are summarizing. You have to be interested in what you are reading and focus on the following: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? In the process, you will understand why you need to keep these questions in mind. They will help you with writing a summary paper and delivering the main idea about what the author wanted to tell to the reader.

Things to follow while writing summary! Stick to the rules!

  1. Identify your work clearly.
  2. Summarize pieces as a whole.
  3. Make a conclusion with the final statement.

That’s it! Remember to avoid retelling the story, concentrate on the major and the most significant. Don’t forget to proofread again and again what was written, or better ask somebody to help you with it.

Get our professional help and enjoy your summary!

Searching the web you will find many tutorials on how to write a summary on any subject. But you will spend a lot of time reading them and then even more time writing your paper. If you trust us with all the work for you, you will be more than happy with it because of many reasons. We provide:

So, if you like the idea of getting an amazing piece of a professional summary on time, then you are welcome to come to us! Our master writers will be happy to deliver it to you as soon as possible! Order right away, we are online!

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