How to Write a Compare and Contrast Thesis

Compare and contrast essay is a frequently assigned type of paper. Knowing how to write a compare and contrast essay means being able to easily define the similar features of two topics and demonstrate the differences between them. Compare and contrast essay topics may vary, the subjects of comparison may even seem impossible to relate. Nevertheless, your task will remain unchanged. All the preparation period will result in creating a solid thesis statement, that, in its turn, will be the foundation for the main body of your research. Do you want to get it done properly? We’ve got something for you then!

How to Write a Thesis? Easily!

Obviously, the first question that strikes you is: “how to start a compare and contrast essay?”. You will need a hook sentence and some background information to engage your audience into reading. These, of course, are important elements of a compare and contrast essay outline. However, the crucial one is your thesis statement. Just as in any type of essay, it conveys your message, demonstrates your stance on an issue, shows your beliefs, if you will. That is why spending time, crafting a perfect thesis statement is really worthwhile.

When you are about to start writing, think about the definition of compare and contrast essay. Basically, it is highlighting the differences and pointing out of the similarities between two characters, objects or concepts. Thesis statement is a condensed version of your analysis of two issues. To come up with a perfect one, you might use Venn diagram. It comes in handy, when you need to visualize and organize your thoughts. For instance, you need to compare and contrast business strategies of two major mobile devices manufacturers. The section, where two circles overlap will be devoted to similarities: wide range of products, global presence and huge popularity. When it comes to filling the empty sections of the circles, you might think of other aspects. Do both companies pay equal attention to their marketing policy? Do they follow the same principles, when it comes to the use of other technology and paying royalties to its inventors? Are their products popular within the similar age category of customers? Here you go! Choose something you want to concentrate on, and move to thesis writing! Basing on what we have here, we can say something like this: “The X-Company and the Y-Company are the leaders of the market, occupying the impressive percentage of market share in the field of mobile electronic devices. At the same time, the X constantly invests in publicity, engaging customers not in their philosophy, while the Y prefers their products speak for themselves”. What do you think about that? How will you support you ideas? Which approach is more effective? You’ve got the whole essay for that! Pull yourself together and write!

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Economics Papers

Economic research paper topics vary. They open the opportunity to research not only patterns and peculiarities of flow of financial and labor resources, but also changes, they cause in the society. Although economics paper writing requires a lot of time and efforts, it is certainly a useful thing to do in terms of broadening your overview and increasing the level of understanding of what happens around you every day.

Economics papers might be of two types: empirical and theoretical. Empirical papers are based on analysis and application of a certain model. Theoretical papers describe the model and research the background, that serves as a foundation for them. Despite having different perspectives, they basically follow the same principles.

Turning Economic Paper Topics into Economic Research Projects

Economic research papers consist of 5 main elements. These are: the abstract, introduction, main body, conclusion and bibliography. Decomposition of a big economics research paper clarifies the writing and makes it much easier.

The abstract is the gist of economics papers. Ideally, it should not extend the limit of 150 words. Although all the details of your paper might be difficult to push in such a limited space, your main task is to briefly describe the main idea, enumerate the methods of your research and concisely cover the findings of your work. Abstract is the first thing your instructor sees, so picking the right words matters a lot here.

The introduction defines your thesis statement, showing why it is significant. By giving background information, you point out how your particular economic research paper stands out from the others, and what are the goals, you’re trying to achieve.

The main body deals with describing your data and their source, analyzing the model, providing the depiction of your estimation methods and techniques and overview of the findings of your work. Each of these elements goes to a separate section, that is a part of the structure of main body of the paper.

Conclusions for economic papers restate your thesis and demonstrate how it changed in the process of your research. You can also talk about possible directions of development of your topic.

Bibliography is the evidence, that proves the absence of plagiarism in your work. Make sure you include all of the resources, you’ve used in your paper. You need to clearly distinguish your ideas from the others, as far as being accused of plagiarizing someone else’s findings may cost you a lot.

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Case Analysis

As a graduate student you will be asked to prepare case analysis. This paper may be individual or done by a whole group. In both cases you will need to conduct a research of a given problem, search for alternative solutions and introduce the most effective one. Generally, the case may refer to various subjects, let’s say economic or financial. In this case they require even more complex studies. This is where our best custom writing service proposes quick and high-quality help to save you from a lot of routine work!

What is a case? How to write a case study analysis effectively? Choose our help!

Case normally means a true story which illustrates theories or concepts in management or business you are studying in college. This story introduces a problem or a series of problems to be solved, and also includes some questions to be answered. So, an in-depth research is waiting for your sustained attention.

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Personal Statement Writing

First impression is a powerful indicator of your success. They say, you cannot make the first impression twice, and it really works. It is not limited just to face-to-face interaction. When it comes to personal statement, this paper determines how you may be seen at first glance. How can you manage not to screw it up? In theory it’s as easy as breathing indeed – just try to describe your personality to the best of your abilities, including both your background and experience. Also take care of avoiding grammar or lexical mistakes and exclude any possible misprints. But what is in practice?

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No one knows you better than yourself — that is a fact! Will you manage to use this stuff in your essay in the corresponding way? That’s a question! Any personal statement writing is aimed to describe you as a competitive person that stands out from other candidates and has the necessary skills to be enrolled without doubts. Think of your best characteristics, but be realistic and sincere. Pretending to be someone else will show up in the future to be disclosed. On the other hand, do not be too self-critical. Honesty is a way to your promotion, especially when you have strong arguments. Include your future plans and life goals as well. Reason them out and describe as well as possible in the written form.

As you see, writing effective personal statements requires both realizing yourself as a competitive applicant and a skilled writer. Also it requires time. Any piece of paper is to be edited and improved. Better compose it in advance to have more time for its proofreading. What if you do not have any?

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