Avoiding Plagiarism in Your Essay

What is the worst thing that could happen to your essay? Making tons of lexical and grammatical mistakes? Failing to convey the deep message of your writing? All of these are certainly bad. However, they won’t get you expelled from college. But plagiarizing might. That is why checking your essay for any signs of stealing someone else’s ideas is essential. We, at Papersmaster.com, provide our clients only with 100% original papers, that’s why we can give you some advice on what you should do to keep your paper free of plagiarism.

Start Early and Be Prepared

A proper essay outline will solve tons of problems. Eliminating plagiarism is certainly one of them. Each essay requires a good balance between your ideas and their foundation from other sources. Thus, when you’re preparing to write an essay make sure to create a certain scheme, that will show you where you’ve used references to other works, and what parts are totally yours. What is more, starting your preliminary reading, you should also note the ideas you’d like to include in your paper at the moment you encounter them. In the end, the outline will make writing and editing much easier.

Don’t Plagiarize, Steal or Appropriate

The idea is simple: paraphrase the information you want to use in your essay. It is clear, that you cannot build all your paper on quoted phrases. That is why you need to interpret the ideas, you want to include in your work. What you need to remember, though, is that paraphrasing author’s ideas you need to summarize and restate them, rather than simply rendering the same information. So be patient, attentive and use the right words.

Cite Them All

Citing your sources is crucial. All of your instructors have probably told you that thousand times already. However, tons of students tend to forget about it every day. That is why you need to check and double-check everything you write, detecting all of the not cited sources and correcting the situation immediately. Another important detail in this regard is clarifying citation style, required by your instructor:MLA, APA or Chicago style. This way you’ll prevent yourself from refashioning the whole paper when you think it’s completely finished.

Quotation Marks are Your Friends

Let’s say you need to write an essay, analyzing certain work of other author. The guideline here is clear: if you use author’s words, taken directly from the text, make sure to include them into quotation marks. What you need to keep in mind though is that this rule might not be followed, if you quote the words that don’t carry any crucial meaning. Nevertheless, to stay on the safe side, pay thorough attention to the phrase, you’re using in your text and if it’s not a preposition or a character’s name – quote it.

If you have questions about writing your essay – consult our Tips and Prompts section. Don’t plagiarize, work hard and enjoy the writing.

China Ghana Import and Export Background

Ghana has the highest GDP per capita of the African continent with a value of USD 6,850.00 (IMF, 2015). Ghana constitutes an interesting market for consumer goods, such as electronic devices, phones, computers, TV’s and game consoles. The most convenient market to import all the electronic devices from is China, where the most important manufacturers and wholesalers of electronic devices in the world are located. In the east coast of China, there are hundreds of worldwide distributors of electronic devices of different brands, qualities and prices. The most important ports of China are Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Ningbo-Zhoushan, and Qingdao. In case of airport cargo traffic, the most important airports are Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

Each distributor establishes its business conditions regarding the quantity, unit price, and delivery conditions. The quantity depends on different factors: handling costs, bulk size and shipping method. For example, the minimum standard quantity of a 7″ tablet delivery is 1,000 pieces. Other distributors may give better prices to the client if both agree on a monthly delivery of 1,000 pieces or more.

The payment methods on the Chinese market are diverse. From the traditional payment by cash, checks, wire transfers to Chinese banks, credit letters, the Western Union and Money Gram, to the use of digital method payments as PayPal, Escrow and Alipay.

There are several companies that offer sea freight, air freight and multimodal transport of goods from China to Ghana. The most important seaport of Ghana is the Tema Port, and the most important airport of Ghana is the Kotoka International Airport, which serves the City of Accra.

The average costs of the transport per one cubic meter from Ghana to China is 15 USD plus custom cost that is 10.2% over the CIF price.

How to Write a Thesis for a Persuasive Essay

Thesis is a vital element of your persuasive essay. This sentence bears the main idea of your work and points out your stance on a certain issue. Good thesis statements simplify the process of writing, as far as they predetermine the structure of the main body of the essay. Basically, a properly written thesis statement is 99% of your success. Although thesis writing might be time-consuming, you will certainly benefit from every minute you spend, working out you perfect thesis statement. Our advice might make this process much easier, so if you want to know how to write a thesis like a pro – read on!

Fuel Your Persuasive Writing with a Perfect Thesis!

Thinking about how to write a persuasive essay, you quickly come to conclusion, that the main purpose here is to provide a clear point of view and prove your right to the audience. Persuasive essay outline is pretty clear: the evidence has to be concentrated in the main body of your essay, while stating your stance on an issue comes at the very beginning. Although the beginning of your essay performs other important functions, like grabbing readers’ attention and providing background information on the subject, your actual opinion is expressed in your thesis statement.

Analyzing examples of thesis statements, you will find that they all have common characteristics.

  1. Thesis is a voicing of your attitude to the problem. Thus, it has to be debatable. If your opponent cannot dispute your viewpoint, you most certainly merely summarize the issue and not express your beliefs. That turns persuasive essays into narrative ones, which totally changes the direction of your writing. If you aim at persuading people, it’s probably not a good thing to do.

  2. A strong thesis statement has to be specific. If it’s too vague, you seem to be just mumbling something, not telling the world what you actually think. Keep it clear, if you want to be taken seriously.

  3. Despite all of your supporting claims go to the main body of your essay, your thesis statement also should have backing evidence. Choose the most generic one (and preferably not “because I said so”:). The proof you provide in your thesis statement has to answer the question: “Why do you care about the topic so much to write the whole persuasive essay?”. If it does – congratulations, you’re awesome.

  4. To check whether your thesis statement is an efficient one, you need to run it through the “So what?” test. If having read your thesis you understand why the essay is worth reading and that your work is significant, then you’ve got it right.

Writing a persuasive essay is an interesting and challenging task. Performing it enhances not only your writing skills, but also you ability to formulate your thoughts concisely and efficiently. If you’re pressed for time or don’t feel like this task is your cup of tea – contact Papersmaster.com. Our masters of writing will take this burden off your shoulders, giving you the opportunity to relax or devote your time to other, more important stuff!

Powerpoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentation is nowadays an essential element of various occasions: talks, conferences, scientific assemblies. Actually, it seems a bit too trite already. However, it may either do miracles for your presenting or ruin it completely. PowerPoint presentation templates quite often include basic and necessary elements. However, what they lack is your personal touch, that will transform a template into a perfect illustration of your presentation.

The Best PowerPoint Presentations: What’s the Secret?

What is the biggest problem of PowerPoint presentations? They might be booooring. Even with more o’s. How many times did you feel like snoring when somebody was giving an endless speech with the dullest slides ever? I guess, the answer would sound like: “A lot”. And now you are at the point, where you need to give a speech with a presentation. Most probably you want to be memorable and leave your audience impressed. So you desperately need those PowerPoint presentation tips in order to get a perfect one.

To begin with, you need to prepare a good outline of your speech, which is going to be compliant with the structure of your presentation. Your speaking has to be perfectly synchronized with the change of slides.

Effective PowerPoint presentations have their slides dedicated to one issue at a time. Don’t include numerous paragraphs to one slide. People either won’t read them, or will stop paying attention to your speech. Don’t want that? Then, concentrate their attention on the most important bullet points, and give a detailed description by yourself.

Another feature of good PowerPoint presentations is the simplicity of perception. We have already covered organizing of textual information, so now we’re going to talk about design features. Don’t overtnink them. The more graphic garbage your presentation contains, the more difficult it is to follow. Avoid overloading your slides with pictures and clip art. This will divert attention from your message. Make the information terse: this way it will speak for itself. One more design tip: don’t hesitate to make your font a couple of points bigger. Weak-sighted people will certainly be grateful.

Last but not least, you should think of the question: “what is a PowerPoint presentation”? It is a complement to your talk. Don’t try to include huge masses of information into the slides. They should enhance your message, and not be a separate one. Make sure that they work together accurately, but remember that it is you, not your presentation, who is the center of attention.

Troubles with PowerPoint Presentations? We Know Who Can Help!

Well, we’re not going to make you wait till the end of commercials to find out the secret. It’s us! Papersmaster.com may easily help you with PowerPoint presentation ideas. Get our master writers in your team! You won’t regret, when you hear applause from the audience.

Accounting Papers

Accounting paper might be a real challenge for those, who hate dealing with numbers and prefer creative approach to analyzing statistical data and going through amendments and regulations, considered with financial and accounting side of business life. Accounting research paper topics may differ from auditing methods to future directions of business development and new trends in accounting. Although they might involve not much of artistic techniques, accounting papers require loads of attention and precision.

Accounting paper topics have to include not only thorough revision of a topic but also calculations, necessary to justify your competence on the subject. This probably is the most difficult part of writing an accounting paper. However, practicing here is really beneficial for your future career, as far as you are very likely to be required to provide accounting working papers, that review the quality of financial performance of the company.

Accounting research paper writing means applying the techniques of a basic research paper. The outline is pretty basic: you have an introduction, where you have to hook your reader and provide a thesis statement. Main body of a research has to consist of arguments you use to support your thesis and additional evidence, that are to strengthen your claims. A killer conclusion has to demonstrate the profoundness of your research and the significance of a way you’ve gone from the beginning till the end of your research. That is not that complicated, right? All you need to do is fill this form with the contents, appropriate for your topic.

Accounting papers keep you awake at night? There’s another choice!

Accounting topics for research paper can really put you into a dead-end. You might be really good with maths, nevertheless, the difficulty might lie in application of your knowledge to the topic, assigned to you by a professor. If you’ve spent the last couple of hours clutching your head in despair, we’ve got some great news for you. Papersmaster.com employs professional writers, who can complete the task for you. Although not all of them are professionals in the field of finance, you may be sure that your project will be given to the one. Addressing our essay writing service, you upload all of your requirements and specifications in order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. What is more, our support team is at your service 24/7, in case you need any clarification of writing issues.

Now you can sigh with relief. You may practice other subjects or search for additional information, that can help you enhance your knowledge and practical skills in accounting, while our writers will be working on your accounting paper. Feel free to apply for our help!

Finance Papers

Finance papers are challenging for two reasons. First, they have to be based on clear and accurate calculations. Second, they have to be properly written. The latter means not only absence of lexical and grammatical errors, but also appropriate formatting and structure of work.

Finance research paper topics may vary. They range from evaluation of impact of social responsibility on company’s financial performance to analysis of monetary policy’s affect on inflation. Finance paper topics are really numerous, and what matters here is your personal preferences or scientific adviser’s choice. When it comes to picking the topic for you, it’s necessary to remember about basic principles, that distinguish a good topic from the bad one, and frequently predetermine the success of your work. Here’s a short list of “have to’s” you need to consider.

  1. You have to be genuinely interested in your topic.

  2. You have to be able to support your research with relevant and adequate data.

  3. You have to know how to use statistical tools, necessary toconfirm you ideas.

  4. You have to try to bring something new to the literature in your field of studies.

  5. You have to justify and prove the practical value of your research.

Finance Research Papers: How to Make the Writing Easy

Not scared yet? Good for you! Finance paper writing surely requires lots of attention, time and efforts. However, picking a good topic is going to truly engage you into the research process, making it far more enjoyable. Furthermore, a finance research paper, just like any of those, can be divided into constituents. These are the introduction, main body (where you demonstrate the methodology, backing for calculations and the findings of your research), conclusions, literature review and bibliography. All of that seems to be just too much. Using this step-by-step approach, you can make the writing much more digestible. Which seems to be a good idea.

We have provided a number of tips and prompts on how to write different types of research papers. They are really cool, believe us! However, they can basically be compressed to some generic points.

That’s pretty much all the general information on finance paper writing. If you need some more or seek professional writer’s help – Papersmaster.com is here for you! We are online 24/7, so when you’re in need – we can write your paper, indeed!

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