Win Your Dissertation Writing Battle

Finish It: Win Your Dissertation Writing Battle

Each and every student has once experienced troubles with academic writing, no matter what the scope of the assignment was: either it was an essay, research paper or a case study. Writing a dissertation, in its turn, is a time- and power-consuming process. However, you, being a PhD student obviously know it. We’re always ready to help you: our Tips and Prompts section consists of useful advice, that will facilitate the writing process. Nevertheless, rules are created to be broken. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of non-conventional tips to help you fight your way till the very hooding ceremony and be a winner.

Don’t Confront Distractions

If you’re lucky enough to block all the thoughts, that are not connected with the dissertation writing, once you’ve sat yourself in front of the laptop, skip this paragraph. In case you’re like us, people thinking of all the stuff of the world, except for actual writing, check out the idea. When your head starts buzzing with thoughts not about dissertation again, take a minute and a blank sheet of paper to write them down. You might have a “to do” list in the end, or just a couple of ideas. No matter, whether these ideas are relevant or absolutely useless, writing them down is sure to free some space in your head to think of your dissertation.

Throw the Grammar Away

…when you work on the first draft. You’ll spend a lot of time editing your dissertation afterwards. However, when the work is still at the initial stage, you may not spend too much time checking for every little inaccuracy in spelling or punctuation. It will be far more productive, if you concentrate on the contents, rather than on formatting flaws. Try free-writing – just write whatever comes to your mind, concerning your topic. You will not get yourself the whole dissertation like this, nonetheless, you might come up with interesting ideas that will open a new field for your research. Don’t get too blown away though!

Seize the Day

People love to make plans. People love to fail the plans. You may have assigned yourself to write 5 pages per day. You miss your 5 page standard once, and move it till tomorrow. Soon, you’re likely to end up with 50 pages to be done within 1 day. That’s why sometimes you just need to set goals for one day and do your best to overcome and outdo them. Short deadlines are far more digestible. Plus, you’ll free yourself from long days of being guilty for not hitting the distanced target. Push yourself a little further every day and you’ll get to great results.

Give Yourself Little Treats

If you don’t let yourself celebrate your success until the dissertation is completed, you’re very likely to feel empty and unhappy when the day comes. Instead, give yourself some praise, once you achieve some small-scale goals. Prepared an outline? Have yourself a cookie! Wrote 15 pages per day? Go to the movies! Finished the first draft of a chapter? Go out for a beer! Periods of work will and should definitely last longer the celebration. However, little prizes will give you positive reinforcement we all sometimes need.

Dissertation writing is surely demanding. To complete it you’ll need to pay loads of efforts and demonstrate your perseverance and determination. You’ll need to find these in yourself. Good luck to you! And if you have problems with writing, remember — is here to help, either with some advice or with professional writers, ready to team up with you.

4 Tips for Killer Hook Statements

That was an absolutely ordinary day at work, except for one detail, that made my head buzz.

Are you interested to know what the detail was? Yes? Good. In fact, I don’t know the outcome of the story, because it doesn’t really exist. But the fact that you got interested leads to conclusion that this hook sentence worked pretty well. You need to know how to write them on your own, because you need to be able to grab reader’s attention from the very first line in all cases, including academic writing. Even if you write a basic book report, don’t leave your reader bored. Your professor has to read hundreds of boring works every semester, and certainly won’t be grateful for another one. So let’s get started with 4 tips for hooks, stronger than Muhammad Ali’s ones.

Know Who You’re Talking To

When writing, you might quite often forget about people, who are going to read your work. That’s not actually a good idea: even when you write a research paper in mathematics, your professor will just sigh, if you start with a boring phrase. So, think about the guy. What could capture his interest? Interesting quote by fellow mathematician? An anecdote from the life of a scientist you’re going to refer to later in your work? Or if you write for the readers of a geek magazine, you’d better include a fascinating detail from the history of game developing/comic book creating process. You’ve got the idea, right?No spoilers, though!

You should also consider whether your audience is captive or not. For instance, your college professors are captive. They are paid to read your writing. And if you need to catch the blog readers into your net – you should work pretty hard. It’s a matter of their choice, whether to read your post or not. So do your best to swing their scales to your side.

Plan “Bullseye”

You need to set a goal for your writing and have your hook sentence aim at it directly. You need to realize, what emotion you intend to evoke in your audience. Writing an essay about HIV epidemic? So it might be a good idea to open with a shocking statistics on the topic. Working on a narrative essay about the first date? Then a lovely anecdote from your life, that leaves your reader with butterflies in the stomach and sweet nervousness would do the trick.

If your essay is purely scientific, you probably want the reader to get a little bit more educated. So an interesting fact or a fascinating historic detail will be a good tool to get your reader engaged. Make the hook reflect your purpose, and that will definitely be a good start for your essay.

Use Your Hook Wise

The types of hook sentences are numerous (humorous anecdote, inspiring quote, breathtaking statistics and loads of variations of the three), and there’s only one, perfect for your piece of writing. Which one? Up to you to decide. The rule of thumb works here: you probably don’t want the admission committee laugh too hard at the beginning of your essay, and the readers of your little funny essay should not be terrified at the very start.

Open It at the Close

Although the hook is the first sentence of your essay, it is a good idea to write it at the very last stage. This way you’ll fully understand the main idea of your writing and be able to identify your audience precisely.

I hope, when you write your next work, this advice will pop up in your head. For more interesting tips go to our Tips and Prompts section. And remember – can always help with your assignments. Contact us and let the magic begin!

How to Write Scholarship Essay About Yourself

Scholarship essay doesn’t seem such an overwhelming task at first sight. What can be easier than writing an essay about yourself? To some extent it’s true. You won’t need to do any special research or create a huge bibliography, listing all the respected resources you had to use. But if writing scholarships essays is so simple, why so many people have troubles with that? Believe it or not, students may even avoid applying for the scholarships, where essay writing is required. Don’t be one of those! Use our tips and be the best!

Don’t Let Essay Scholarships Drive You Crazy: Scholarship Writing in 4 Simple Steps!

Step 1. When you think how to start an essay about yourself, imagine being the person to read it. Would you be interested in reading the whole life story? Not really, right? Don’t bore your reader form the very first line. Get them hooked with a joke, interesting fact from your life or a meaningful story. This way you’ll make sure the admission officer will keep reading your essay till the very end.

Step 2. Analyze sample scholarship essays. They will be aimed at answering the most important questions, that the theme of a scholarship essay asks implicitly or explicitly. Why do you think you have to be accepted? How can the scholarship help you develop personally and professionally? In what ways the program will benefit from your participation? Basically, the main body of your essay is dedicated to answering these. You have to make three strong claims, and support them with details, that will serve the purpose of persuading the admission officer the best.

Step 3. Create an outline of your scholarship essay. First, you grab the attention of your reader, then you provide the arguments, that convince the authorities to accept you to the program and support them with interesting, compelling and, probably funny details. The conclusion has to be a final blow, that will get your reader knocked out with your awesomeness! Done that? Fill in this framework with your ideas and you’ll get yourself an essay!

Step 4. Put the essay aside at least for a couple of days. Then reread and edit it. Or better ask somebody to do that for you. You might simply miss a couple of mistakes, because you seem to know your essay by heart, while the other person will look at it with sharp eyes and fresh mind.

Now you know how to write a scholarship essay. Read the description of your scholarship thoroughly, and prepare the first draft. Make sure you clearly understand, what kind of person admission officers are looking for. Explain the reasons, why you have to be accepted in a way, that will leave no doubts to the admission committee. Edit your essay and be the winner! can help you write the best scholarship essay about yourself ever! If you feel lost for thoughts and for words – don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re online 24/7!

Book Report

Book report is a great way to share your impressions from a book with a larger audience. Book report format includes giving your ideas about the work of a writer as well as summarizing and analyzing their ideas.

Writing a book report begins, of course, with reading a book. If it is assigned by your teacher, the situation is more or less clear. Otherwise, you are about to go a little longer, but, probably, more pleasant path, as far as you’ve got the chance to choose the book, that you’ve wanted to read for a long time, or listen to your friends’ advice, which can be surprisingly great. Book reports are a wonderful occasion to dive into the world of literature, where you can find ideas not only for your studies but also for personal development. Reading the right book can easily accelerate the flow of your book report ideas.

How to Do a Book Report? Just Speak Your Mind!

General structure of a report may be easily deduced from numerous book report examples, that can be found online. However, we’ll provide you with a pretty detailed instruction that is going to make your life easier.

When you ask yourself a question “how to start a book report”, don’t wander too far yet. Introduction has to contain information about the author and the title of the book. Depending on your teacher’s requirements, you might also need to include the year of issue and the name of the publishing.

Then comes the interesting part. The main body of a book report will contain information about the plot, characters and the most exciting twists of the story. Although these are the basic elements, they will look much better on a certain background. What we mean by that, is you might dig a bit deeper and provide your reflection on a topic or sub-topics, the writer could have had in mind, social trends, described in this work and the way they influenced the development of the story and the characters. This will show, that not only you have read the book, but also processed information, and done certain amount of intellectual work. Thus you’ll get not only higher grades but also deeper experience from your reading.

The conclusion has to restate your ideas and also be intriguing. Make the reader of your report want to share your experience and read the book!

Influence the people through your book reports!

A book report is a great way to convey your ideas. Your readers can be either intrigued or repelled from the book you’ve written about. So be careful with what you do! Nevertheless, if you’re too busy to read and then write about it – ask the Masters for help! is ready to get you out of trouble 24/7!

Mathematics Papers

Mathematics research papers are tough for two reasons. First, they involve a lot of analysis and calculations. Second, you need good writing skills to be able to describe the process of your research and provide solid theoretical background for your findings.

Mathematics research paper topics are numerous. So make sure, you’ve chosen the one, that will truly engage you – otherwise the whole process will be just suffering. You need to be able to choose a narrow topic from the great deal of subjects, available in the field. If you have troubles specifying the perfect topic – try asking your instructor for assistance. This way you’ll be sure that your mathematics paper topics are possible to research and back theoretically.

Mathematics research paper will usually be divided into several parts: introduction, background, definitions, statements of main results, indication of methodology, details of your proof and concluding remarks. And there you have an outline for your mathematics paper! All you have left to do is fill in these little containers with your ideas and provide calculations, that prove your hypotheses.

If you go that far to analyze mathematics research paper example, you will probably see, that it is written without fluffy words and unnecessary details. Use information, that is absolutely necessary to prove your point. Define all the terms you use to avoid ambiguity. Mathematics topics for research paper are aimed at demonstrating purity of your arguments and accuracy of your thinking process. Make sure, your explanations are clear and understandable for your reader. Follow your outline and the principles, mentioned above, and your high grades won’t have you waiting for too long.

You’re Good with Numbers, Not with Words? We Can Help You Handle Your Mathematics Papers! has a team of professional writers, ready to help you in the hour of need. They aren’t all Jacks-of-all-trades, however, you may be sure that your precious paper will be assigned to the person with necessary background. When placing an order, you specify all the requirements for our writers to follow. These are the laws, so be sure that you will get the paper, that will perfectly fit the pattern you establish. Your satisfaction is of the highest value for us, so we make sure your mathematics paper will be free of errors and plagiarism.

You’re the one to decide, whether to write the paper on your own or apply for professional help. If you choose the first option – check out our Tips and Prompts section. You may find the information truly useful. If you prefer the latter – contact us and experience all the benefits of getting your work done by professionals.

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