9 Ways to Celebrate Your Next Birthday

When were you born? Is you birthday approaching? What was the most fun way of celebrating? If your previous birthday left you with a desire to change something the next year and do something really awesome, we’ve created a list of 9 pretty cool ways to celebrate.

The Adventure

Plan yourself a trip to the place you’ve never been. Choose a city or a country, you’ve always wanted to visit. It may be either something really fancy, or just a neighboring town. Just choose a new destination point, invite your close friends, and explore the area, try local specialties and have fun!

The Spontaneous Decision

Don’t plan anything in advance. Just wait for the day to come and do whatever comes in your mind. Order yourself 10 burgers, 20 Margaritas, don’t share and don’t explain anything. Or spend the day, making a giant cake and share it with all of your neighbors! Whatever pops up in your head is your plan. Follow it strictly! Or don’t!

The Laid-Back Approach

Tell your friends and family that you’re not going to spend effort planning your b-day and let them do it instead! Just make sure they like you enough to do something amazing for you!:)

The Sober Sally

First of all, if you don’t drink at all – we’re very happy for you! Enjoy your life and skip this and the following tip!

Well, this one is actually about breaking a social tradition and spend the whole birthday sober. Not a single jello shot. Not even one long island iced tea. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it!

The Drunken Sally

Yep, that’s the complete opposite of the previous one. Start drinking at midnight and don’t stop until the next day comes! Take a nap, if needed, but always have some alcohol in your blood! But please-please, eat something and stay alive!

The Flashback Party

Repeat the party you really enjoyed, when you were a kid. What was it? Did you go to the zoo? Did your parents invite a freaky clown for you? Did you have a special cake? Or maybe you went to the playground and had an awesome sand-box party? No matter what it was, invite your friends and family and come back to your childhood for a day!

The Hollywood-Style Party

Have your guests dress up like movie stars. Don’t let people without costumes come in. Get some champagne. Get a lot of champagne, in fact. Make a mix of the most famous and your favorite movie soundtracks. Go classy and stay wild!

The Birthday Fairy

How old are you? 22? Then buy 22 bottles of beer and hand them out to complete strangers! They’re going to appreciate the gesture and you’re very likely to make new friends! This scenario is applied not only to the age of 22, of course. The older you are – the more bottles you need! If you don’t like the beer theme, present people with candies, cupcakes – whatever you like! Making presents is just as nice as receiving them, if not nicer!

The Time Lapse Photo Experiment

Start taking photos of you and your friends at midnight. Use the disposable cameras and take pictures every hour. In the end, you’ll get 24 photos that will help you track the progress of your rocking birthday!

All in all, there are no limits, when it comes to your birthday party. Just do whatever you want to do. And if PapersMaster’s advice inspires you — we’ll be very happy!

How to Write a Scholarship Essay

Writing a scholarship essay often drives people crazy. First of all it simply seems to be a lot of work. Secondly, it might be surprisingly challenging to find the right words to impress people you don’t know. For these reasons some people may even avoid applying for scholarships, where essay is required. However, writing an essay for a scholarship gets a little bit more simple when you understand key principles you should apply in your work in order to grab attention and convince your reader in your being suitable for the program. Here, at PapersMaster.com we can help you with that.

Writing Scholarship Essays Efficiently

Writing essays for scholarships has the objective of persuading people to accept you to a college, university or other kind of educational or professional program. There you will possibly get a chance to acquire knowledge, experience and develop your personality. This way, when you write essays for scholarships you need to truly realize, why you need this particular scholarship. Tell about strengths, you’ve obtained during your life. Enumerate the opportunities for your personal and professional improvement, that the program can provide. Explain your readers about how you and the scholarship could mutually benefit from your participation.

Successful scholarship essay writing means taking the interests of your audience into account. Imagine yourself, reading thousands and thousands of essays from students, who all think they are so brilliant and unique, which, in fact, is not true. What would you like to see? Do you want applicants to write scholarship essay that is just like anybody else’s or make it really stand out from the crowd? Try walking in your essay recipient’s shoes, when you are considering what to write in a scholarship essay. US News suggests focusing on main points, remembering about personal details, that can help your essay get notable among the rest of them. Writing essay for scholarship should be a combination of a clear structure, perfect grammar and your personality, that will be felt through your paragraphs. When you write scholarship essay, think of ways to make it sincere. Thus, the committee, that makes a decision about your acceptance will feel that you have paid genuine attention to your essay. This will definitely raise your chances for success.

Essay writing scholarships for high school students usually seek candidates that can clearly define their strengths. However, it might be a good idea to talk about your weaknesses and show your ways of overcoming them.

Finally, when you have finished writing a scholarship essay examples, find a person that can proofread it. A fresh eye will help you spot all the drawbacks before you actually send your work to authorities. This way, you will come up with a better version of your essay every time.


Over the term you will face with different kinds of writing assignments to be completed in the short time. Writing a speech can be considered a must for different purposes. In fact, this type of task is quite exceptional because one should present it orally, namely perform and better without reading. Speech is a kind of conversation, a monologue, which, in fact, is a dialogue. Why so? The answer is simple! While telling your audience about something, you need to predict and cover the questions people can have in advance. To do this you must know your audience!

What type of a speech writing do you need? We will prepare any of them!

First, let’s see why do you need a speech? What kind of event is it for? Probably, there’s a need for writing a speech about yourself to perform in front of your group, or for presentation, interview, graduate or even for wedding (yeah, though the latter is not an academic one, that’s not a problem for us).

When the purpose is distinguished, you need to choose a type of your speech to fulfill. Here are some basic types of writing speeches that influences the style and the format to represent the thoughts. They are:

  1. Writing an informative speech.
  2. Persuasive speech fulfillment.
  3. Instructional category of speech writing.
  4. Entertaining speeches.

Yet for many it is sometimes hard to refer their speech to any of these types because they simply get confused by them and can’t find a distinction. If so, we can help you do this in seconds and actually complete an effective speech for you from head to tail.

The only thing we need to learn from you is a kind of event you need a speech for, its context, your audience and a topic to highlight. In case the latter is not chosen yet or you cannot find the topics to write a speech about, we’ll offer a competitive one for you and think of the necessary words and tricks to make it amazing.

Is writing a best man speech possible with our masters?

Absolutely! Sure, you can look through the web to find a good speech writing template to follow and create your own speech. We have no doubts that you can do it yourself without an effort. If there’s no time to fulfill it, get a quick delivery from Papersmaster.com!

Still in doubts whether writing a speech online is worthwhile? It really is! And there are lots of reasons and arguments to prove it. Here are just some of them:

The list can be continued with many more strong sides, though even this is enough to be sure that your speech will impress and touch everyone. The only thing left is to rehearse again and again to enhance your orator skills. We believe in you!

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