How to Write an Argumentative Essay Sample

Argumentative essay is usually written according to a certain pattern. The reason for this unification is that academic writing teaches you to organize information into blocks that you’ll use to form your ideas and arguments into a solid structure, that performs its functions perfectly. Argumentative writing, though, involves not only a lot of thinking and analysis but also creativity, as far as you have to attract reader’s attention, provide logical background and demonstrate why your opponent’s point of view has to be refuted.

Writing an Argumentative Essay: Put Up a Fight!

“How to write an argumentative essay?” – this question has been asked by thousands of students millions of times. The answer has always been the same: it’s not that difficult. All you need is a bit of preparation and a strong outline, which, by the way, resembles a persuasive essay outline. Two birds with one stone, right?

What really matters in writing good essays is picking good argumentative essay topics. The best ones are usually in your head. Next to the best are those you might find online. Topics that are assigned by your instructors leave no space for imagination, however, they usually serve a certain purpose and make your ideas flow in a defined direction. Your task is to turn any topic into a perfect one.

Once the topic is chosen, you need to get your hands dirty and move to writing itself. Thus, the next question is “how to start an argumentative essay?”. First, you need to attract attention of the audience by a strong hook sentence, that will make them want to read your essay till the very end. A fascinating fact, shocking statistics, a provocative questions – these are good ideas for the beginning of your work.

The next element of argumentative essays is your thesis statement. This is what gives your work a real purpose and directs your efforts into one course. Thesis is to be concise, logical, arguable and provable. Here you need to let the readers know, what your essay is about and how you’re going to prove your point.

The main body of argumentative articles consists of the claims, you’ve chosen to support your thesis statement. Each claim might have a couple of supporting details, that prove your comprehensive understanding of the subject. A good idea is to devote a paragraph to the opposing point of view and refute it. This way you’ll demonstrate that you’ve analyzed the issue from different angles.

Conclusion of the essay restates the thesis in the light of all the arguments, listed in the main body. Here you demonstrate the way you’ve gone from formulating the thesis till the conclusions, that are to carve your point of view into the stone.

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In order to write email effectively one should learn to outline the information briefly, correctly and to the point. No matter what person is your recipient, avoid writing a memoir and focus on the major issues. It can be really complicated to write an email professionally from the first attempt.

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