How to Write a Thesis Paragraph

How to write a thesis statement? If you’re asking yourself this question, you obviously are at the very beginning of your research paper or any type of academic paper you’re working on. However, the fact that you’ve stopped and took time to pose this question describes you in quite a good way. Don’t flatter yourself though, as we’re not a compliment delivery service. The thing is that properly written thesis statement in a cleverly arranged thesis paragraph is a vital contribution to a quality of your project and, thus, to your grade. Interested in that? Then, you’ll definitely need our tips.

Spectacular Appearance and Good Introduction Paragraph: What’s In Common?

How is writing an introductory paragraph connected with any kind of social behavior? Well, try thinking of your paper as of a person, arriving to an event. How would you like it appear? Quietly crawling into the crowded room? Or having a cool entrance, followed by everyone’s attention? The latter? Yeah, we thought so too.

Good intro paragraph resembles entourage for a celebrity, which is your thesis statement. First of all, everybody has to know, that the star is coming. This is what you need the first couple of sentences for. They should grab attention from the first glance. Start with a provocative question, or a shocking fact, you’ve bumped into while searching information for your project.

Next element of good introduction paragraphs is some background information on the issue, you’re planning to investigate. We are always more likely to get interested in something when we can relate to the subject. Thus, even if your reader is a complete stranger to the field, a strong introductory paragraph will provide sufficient information to get them at least aware of the subject. But remember: engagement is your goal.

So, just when your audience is hooked, let the hero come in. Your thesis statement has to be somewhat controversial, logical and provable. However, a good introduction paragraph does not finish with that. Your thesis has to be followed by the subtopic, you’re going to cover in your future research. Just as the star, surrounded by a couple of interesting rumors, which have to be proven or refuted right? Good introductory paragraph has to perform 2 functions: intriguing the readers and providing them with the material, sufficient for perception of further information.

There’s no clear definition of introduction paragraph. Nevertheless, now you know that writing a good introduction paragraph is like a PR-campaign for a celebrity: the audience has to be eager to find out more, once they’ve seen the star. So, present your super-thesis, and surround it by clever suit. Then you are sure to have laid a great foundation for an overnight success. A maximum grade, I mean.

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