Secrets of Excellent Academic Writing

This post is very likely to be boring. Especially if you’ve been browsing for the episodes of “Jersey Shore” and the unexplainable reasons brought you here. We’re going to deal with something you probably don’t like but most surely need.

It’s academic writing! Tadaa!

Of course, you don’t use it every day. It obviously doesn’t constitute the main part of your life and you could totally survive without it. But when you actually need to write an essay or a term paper, it’s better to be able to do it well.

If we tried to decide what is academic writing definition, it is very likely that the one and the only answer wouldn’t be found. It’s far more simple to answer the question when is academic writing used. Most often, you write essays, research papers and proposals in order to inform people about your ideas, justify them and convince the audience that you are truly knowledgeable of your field and ready to provide new, interesting insights of the topic. So, most likely, you address the members of academic community. Would you be pleased to open a well-known journal and see the articles and researches, full of mistakes and incompatibilities with academic writing standards? You’d probably consider these materials as disrespect and total waste of time. I’m pretty sure, you’d prefer people to have different impression from your writing.

Aim at your audience.

When you write any type of academic paper, you need to think of the people, who are going to read it. Explain the concepts, that are used only in your narrow field of studies. Apply to their beliefs and ideas in order to help people relate to the subject of your studies. Let them know, you’ve written this essay or a research paper not only as an inevitable part of your studies, but as a voluntary contribution to your field.

Make It Classy

Think of an important scientific conference. You’re at the hall waiting for a top speaker: expert in physics, biology, chemistry or whatever. And here he comes to the stage: ripped jeans, dirty T-shirt, uncombed hair, mumbling something unclear. Are you going to take him seriously? I bet not. Your paper is likely to look the same, if academic writing format is not followed, citations are not provided and your work can be described as “shabby” – it is very likely to fail. When the body of your project is assembled, don’t skip the decorating part. Use standard font and margins (they should be either specified by your instructor or be Times New Roman 12 and 1 inch respectively) and make sure that you follow proper citation format. Let your paper wear a cool suite and a tie, not a ragged outfit.

Don’t Try to Look Smart: Be One!

It is relatively easy to make your work look smart and decorous. It is truly difficult to keep the academic paper clear and informative as long as concise. Don’t overload it with words, that seem to be just the longest ones you’ve managed to find in the thesaurus. Don’t distance yourself too far from your writing, overusing the passive voice. Don’t flatter your audience, mentioning that only smart people like them could understand your remarkable observations. If you’ve done a good job – it’ll speak for itself. And even if the format is important, don’t go too baroque on that. Better choose classical! is guarding the opportunities for your academic success 24/7. Read other entries, use the Tips and Prompts and contact our writers! We want you to get the highest grades. Don’t you?

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

How to write a conclusion? This question seems to be quite desperate. You have finished your paper, haven’t you? How can concluding it be difficult? Nonetheless, inefficient conclusion might deteriorate general impression from your paper. Writing a good conclusion is an essential ingredient for success of your research paper. Writing a conclusion involves summarizing your ideas and assuring that your reader will remember all the most valuable points having read all the information you provided in research.

How to Conclude an Essay: Last but Not Least

How to conclude an essay or a research paper? Secret of success lies in bringing things the full circle. A great idea for research paper conclusion is restating your thesis. However, avoid simple paraphrasing. If your readers have reached the final stage in your research, they probably understand what idea you have been trying to convey. On the other side, you can’t just drop your idea and move to useless generalizing. In the process of writing conclusions you need to show how you developed your thesis, how profound your research was. So, a good conclusion not only reminds your audience about the beginning of your paper but also brings out your major idea in the new light, leaving your readers with the feeling of satisfaction and depth of your work.

Another important question to ask is how to start a conclusion for your research paper or an essay? Well, here you should try to avoid general pitfalls and choose the right strategy. Common mistake is using phrases like “in conclusion”, “in summary” or “in closing”. It is quite obvious, that your paper is coming to an end. That is why concluding statements don’t have to be labelled with those phrases. Words to start a conclusion may be deduced from introduction for your paper. For instance, if you started your research with a question, conclusion is a perfect place to provide an answer for them. Likewise, if you stated a problem in the introduction, you can sum up ways to solve it in your conclusion statements. Another trap you could fall into is temptation to hold your thesis statement till the end of your paper. No matter how dramatic it might seem, PapersMaster strongly advises you to refrain from this idea. Essay conclusion or conclusion for a research paper has to reformulate your ideas, make them deeper or stronger. Otherwise, if you provide brand new information in a conclusion of an essay, you risk to leave readers confused. So, what is the point of your paper if you hold back such an important information? Didn’t you have to give your arguments in the main body?

Thus, questions “how to conclude a research paper” and “how to write a conclusion for an essay” have similar answer. Restate your ideas, provide an answer to your general question, show methods of solving the principal problem of a research. Let your readers see, how precisely you have fulfilled the goal of your research. This way they will be satisfied, and you will get a perfect score.

Sociology Papers

So, you’ve got an assignment to write your sociology research paper. What should you start with? Our suggestion is to begin your work with defining what the main topic is. I bet that most of people don’t even understand what sociology’s about. Some may know the ‘sociology-is-a-science-about-people’ default statement. That is true. But to be clear let’s determine the definition of the studies we are going to make research in.

Sociology is an extensive science which examines the behavior of society, its genesis, development and institutions. It uses many varied methods of investigation to trace the social change. We’ll probably help you to get involved in the field by pointing out what sociology researches. It can be such issues, as marriages, divorces, child abuse, school bullying, the behavior of governments and businesses, the relationships between them. Also sociology examines inequality inside the society such as racism, sexism and class disparities. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The field is extremely wide and sociology topics for research papers are definitely engaging.

Now, when you understand the main direction, you can choose the issue you will be researching. Try to pick from all sociology paper topics one that is somehow close to you, but remember that you’ll have to be cool-headed while writing.

The main pre-writing steps: reading and outlining

When the topic is confirmed, you take two steps (choosing the order is up to you): you go to the library and you surf the Internet for the literature in your topic. You read a lot and absorb all the information because you’ll need to utilize it later on. Don’t be lazy! Remember that knowledge is power, and the more information you get, the stronger arguments you’ll be able to present. If it’s necessary you can even search for some sociology research paper example in the Web and just use it as a guide for writing yours.

Keeping a big amount of data in your head you can think of how to structure it accurately. Create an outline with the main paragraphs and few sub-paragraphs, but do not skip that step, buddy. You’ll realize how useful it is, when you see the skeleton of your future paper with your own eyes. It really helps with the further writing process because you have the reference points. You’ll be happy and proud of yourself when you get the first sub-paragraph finished. And filling each of them with the needed content one by one, you won’t notice when you get the whole paper done.

At the end, we have to mention that you should make a good conclusion. Don’t invent a bicycle in the last paragraph, you’ve done a great job and all you have to do is to write a good closure. If you need more help or someone to make your sociology research papers for you, be our guest! The PapersMaster writing fairies will make your dreams come true.

Sociology Papers

Sociology papers, like any other type of academic research, require a very prompt fulfillment by the deadline, usually within very limited time frame, though it takes a lot of time and energy. How is it possible to cope with this difficult task, when having assignments of the like on other disciplines? To sum up, you only have after classes for your homework, and it won’t be enough for you to complete them perfectly well within the deadline. Although you can quit eating, sleeping and spending time with your friends. Are you ready for this experience? Possibly yes, but in a week you may come down with tiredness. We can help you avoid all the risks.

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