The Secret Weapon in the Studying Struggle

You may have used it before. If so, you know how powerful it is. If it wasn’t – you probably did something wrong. In case you haven’t had a chance to hold this gun yet – you’ll be surprised how helpful it really is. Until now you, hopefully, are on the edge of your seat, dying to find out what I’m talking about.

Are you disappointed? You’ve done it for ages already? Well, if you have, and you’re 100% sure that you’re an expert in the field of note-taking – I’ll be happy to shake your hand and accept your advice. However, if you are not note-lover, keep reading to see, how beneficial and even fun notes might be.

Pro’s and Con’s of Note-Taking

First, let’s talk about Con’s. There aren’t any. No, seriously. The only way to make notes a bad thing is to take them badly. So, you’re the master here.

Pro’s are actually quite numerous. The process of taking notes makes you learn actively, as far as you combine a lot of activities at the same time: you listen to the speaker (auditory perception), write something down (engaging your motility), and inevitably read what you write (visual perception). That is just AMAZING! Don’t you agree?

Notes help you organize information more effectively. Not only on the paper or on the screen of your device, but in your brain! The research has shown, that students, who were taking notes, were much more likely to remember information in a week, after the lecture or talk was heard. So here’s your chance not to be a drain for information, but be able to analyze it and use it with benefit. What is more, you can keep track of the sources much easier, thus, reduce the chance of accidental plagiarizing of your work.

Listen to Your… Brain and Choose Perfect Note-Organizing Pattern

There is an infinite number of ways of taking notes. I mean, that each person individualizes the way of taking notes in a unique way. However, there are some basic models, that can easily be customized. and the wise owl is always ready to share the glimpses of wisdom. What is more, our helpful writers are willing to help you with any kind of writing assignment. However, taking notes is so useful and fun, that you actually should try doing it yourself! Don’t worry, be happy, take notes and follow our lead!

How to Write a Thesis Statement High School

Writing a good thesis is important no matter where you are: in a college, university or high school. A great thesis statement helps students succeed in their work while a bad thesis can easily fail entire project. However, thesis statement writing should not only be learnt, but also taught. The sooner students get to know how to write a good thesis, the better they will understand all the factors, needed to create a great written project. Thus, teaching thesis statements in high school strongly influences future results of education.

How to Teach Writing a Strong Thesis Statement: Basics to Remember About

If you want your students to write a good thesis from the first time, don’t put too much hope in it. It usually takes time to become a skillful thesis statement writer. Nevertheless, if you mix some patience with a bit of creativity, thesis statement writing will become much easier for your students. They might have difficulties with this at first, but usually a little practice and discussion helps clarify the subject once and for all. There are some great suggestions about plans for thesis statement lesson: you might ask your students write their statements on slices of paper anonymously, and then discuss each one. You also could divide your class into groups of three, where students can discuss features of each thesis together in order to get profound understanding of how to write a great thesis statement. All in on, discussion, analysis and practice make a perfect thesis statement lesson plan.

Writing a strong thesis requires knowledge about different types of thesis statements. One of the most frequently used types of thesis statements is analytical thesis. Here the idea, which is going to be researched in your paper, is demonstrated. Another type of thesis statements is a statement for persuasive essays, where you should include the hook which is supposed to get the audience take your side. However, all the items from the list of thesis statements have something in common: they are clear, debatable, logical and concise. Following this criteria is one of the shortest ways to getting your thesis statement right.

Getting clear understanding of how to write a great thesis statement in a high school is a great foundation for future educational success. has already mentioned, that defining your thesis develops critical thinking and helps outline and follow rigid structure of your project. This way, beginning of the project greatly influences its final outcome. So, teach writing thesis statements, learn and practise doing it, and may the Force be with you!

Poetry Writing

Poem writing is like a gift, talent, divine touch. One can have it, or lack it. Enjoy it, or hate it. There’s a Great Wall between these two types of people. Which side is your place? Those who write poems easily and with pleasure put their love and inspiration into each word, fill the lines with a deep sense and decorate with beautiful rhyme and rhythm. We are lucky to have these people in our master custom service. They are not only aware of how to write poem on absolutely sundry motives, but will also do it for you promptly and with passion. Are you ready to enjoy the masterpieces of Byron’s followers? Then go!

How to write a poem with our service? That’s as easy as one, two, three!

No doubts, poems writing is art, authors are the masters of those masterpieces. Writing good poems can be a result of hard work, intensive training and, of course, reading a lot of poems authored by other amazing poets. Absorbing one by one will have influence on your personal style, reveal the tricks, elements and format you prefer. What if you need to write one, but you can’t? The words seem to have quarreled, rhyme is simple as “you – do”, and creativity doesn’t work for you at all.

Stop torturing yourself! Just apply for professional help and get your creative poetry written by our masters. You only have to tell us the purpose and the person, or an object to address to and the quantity of lines and columns. That’s it! Breath out and get ready to read it in the near future. You’ll like it for sure and say “That’s exactly what I wanted when asked to help me write poem”.

What can we do for you apart from writing poems?

Writing a good poem from scratch is not a limit for us! Funny poems for postcards, impressive texts for anniversaries or marriage proposals, wedding toasts and other events – it’s just a part of our proficiency. We can easily analyze any poem written by a famous poet as well and complete a poetry essay. Or you may need to know how to write a poem about yourself? Tell us what should be included in it and enjoy the final poetry. It’s gonna be something interesting!

We guarantee that you will love the result, because we provide convenient and high-quality service to meet all of your requests. It includes:

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