How to Write a Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis statement might be a quite challenging task as far as beginning is often the most difficult part of any project. When it comes to writing a thesis statement for a research paper, it is important to avoid traps and not to follow the wrong path. Depending on the topic it might be easy to get lost and let yourself ramble in the woods of your ideas or make your statement too weak and unclear. Thus, writing a good thesis statement requires a certain level of analysis of your ideas and feeling of perspective in terms of a desirable result of your work.

Tips for Efficient Thesis Statement for Research Paper

In the process of writing a thesis statement for a research paper or for an analytical essay, you need to remember, that it is a part of your project, where you are to let people know where you stand on a certain debatable issue or problem. There are some tips that enable you to express your ideas in the most efficient way. It might be surprising, however even when you write a thesis statement, it is good idea to remember about “Location, Location, Location” principle. You probably know, that it is mostly used in real estate and may ask “How is it supposed to help me write my thesis statement?”, but we are laying a foundation for something here, aren’t we? The Center for Writing Studies suggests providing a thesis statement of an essay no later than in the first or second paragraph of your paper. Otherwise readers get bored with overextended outset and as a result you fail the main mission of your writing, which is to convey your ideas.

Having placed your thesis correctly, you need to get to the main point: a clear formulating of your principal argument. As it was mentioned above, providing research paper thesis statement means expressing your thoughts and beliefs. You should also be able to engage your readers in analysis of your topic. Writing a strong thesis statement means making it logical, controversial and provable. In this way, you will allow your audience to see the proof of validity of your work, let them follow your steps on the way to conclusion and allow them to come up with their own opinion on the issue.

It is necessary to understand that knowing how to write a great thesis statement is a crucial part of creating your essay or research paper, because not only it states your main idea but also helps clarify the structure of your work, implying arguments, needed to prove your point. Thus, writing a strong thesis statement gives you an opportunity to organize your thoughts and make an outlay of your essay clear and robust.

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