How to Write an Evaluation Essay

Evaluation essay might be assigned when you expect it the least. Here you might react in 3 possible ways: first, clap your hands cheerfully, grab your laptop and get to work; panic and cry over the assignment or pull yourself together and search for tips to complete the task successfully. If you’re here, reading this article you’ve obviously chosen the third option. Good for you! Get ready to work and read on!

Evaluation essay topics might differ. You may be required to evaluate a movie, book, business model or a company operational processes. Although the objects of evaluation are quite various, there are some basic principles, applicable to any of them.

No More Troubles Dealing with Your Evaluation Essays. Seriously.

Evaluation essay outline is, as we’ve mentioned above, is pretty standard. Like in any essay, you need an introduction, main body and a conclusion. Introduction and conclusion of an evaluation essay sample follow the rules of a basic essay. At the very beginning you move from the background information to your a thesis statement, which is the central point of your essay. Conclusion brings you back to the big picture, demonstrating how your thesis is related to it.

Interesting stuff starts when you start working on the main body of your evaluation essay example. Here you need to work on arguments, that support your initial claim. However, they have to be closely tied to criteria, that you are going to use, evaluating your object. Evaluating the book, for instance, you might analyze the style, main characters and accuracy of historical events description (if any). Generally, think of the object of your evaluation and try to define the qualities, necessary to get the most efficient and positive experience from interacting with it. That might not apply to a self evaluation essay, though.:) In this case you might think of general characteristics of a person, like world view, ability to interact with other people, ambitions and cultural identity. These are not dogmatic, though. Evaluative essay still leaves a field for creativity. So don’t hesitate to use it.

Now you know what is an evaluation essay. You even know how to write it. There’s no way to run. If you are still eager to delay this moment, read several evaluation essay examples to understand the issue perfectly. Once it’s done – move to working on an outline and your first draft. Afterwards reread, revise and edit. Maybe even ask for your peer’s opinion. That always presents a fresh insight onto your work. If these aren’t for you – address We’re always here to help you.

Getting a perfect evaluation essay is easier, than you think. So don’t worry and get down to business.

Have fun and good luck to you!

4 Steps for Personal Mission Statement Writing

Festive period is approaching. Alongside with picking presents and working on a Christmas menu you will probably sum up the 2015 and set the goals for 2016. “To do” lists and New Year resolutions are nice and familiar. However, we suggest you trying something, that might be new for you. What about writing a personal mission statement? It might come in handy not only for self-development but even for you applying for the position in the company or for participation in a scholarship. Personal mission statement template is aimed at defining the direction you want to follow and actions, you need to take to achieve the goal.

So, how to write a personal mission statement? There are many strategies and you are to choose the one that works for you perfectly. For instance, you might do some free-writing: just sit in front of your Christmas tree, take a notebook and write whatever comes in mind. This flow of ideas might help you crystallize something truly valuable. If you’re more inclined to strategic approach to creating a personal mission statement, we’ve got 4 steps, that will lead you to a perfect example of a personal mission statement.

Say, What Matters to You the Most

Personal mission statement examples are all based on personal core values. So, make a list of things that you want to spend your time and efforts on. Is it making money to buy new cool gadgets? Or, maybe, you’re more interested in realizing your creative potential? Perhaps you’re more inclined to identifying and perfecting your spiritual self? No one says, you have to limit the number of your values. Nevertheless, once the list is ready you’ll see, that some things may be crossed out, and others will go to the top. This little exercise will not only help you write sample personal mission statement, but also understand yourself a bit better.

Glory of the Past

It’s always nice to think of your success. Working on personal mission statement samples you may create a list of your biggest achievements during the last years. You could also rank them according to your personal satisfaction on completing them. This way you’ll see, where you’ve been the most efficient, and what makes you happy. The key to success is finding the point, where these two factors meet and concentrate your efforts on this area of activities.

Making the World a Better Place

What are the spheres of life, you dedicate your energy to? Most probably it will be your family, friends, studies or/and job and social life. What do you want to change for the better? How can you contribute to them? How much time are you ready to devote to these improvements? And, most importantly, what in particular do you need to do to achieve these goals? Having answered this questions, you’ll get a detailed plan that will highlight final results and the routes towards achieving them.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Once you’ve done everything, that has been mentioned before, move to actual personal mission statement writing. It has to be succinct, yet informative. Look for inspiration from the famous people mission statements, and, of course, in yourself.

Remember, is always here to help you with your academic papers. Working on your personal mission statement might be a lot of fun, though. Define your goals and follow them. Once you complete your personal mission statement, you’re likely to feel a boost of energy and motivation. Try it out!

Otherwise, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Get all the presents you want and cherish the moments you spend with those you love. Hurray!

Win Your Dissertation Writing Battle

Finish It: Win Your Dissertation Writing Battle

Each and every student has once experienced troubles with academic writing, no matter what the scope of the assignment was: either it was an essay, research paper or a case study. Writing a dissertation, in its turn, is a time- and power-consuming process. However, you, being a PhD student obviously know it. We’re always ready to help you: our Tips and Prompts section consists of useful advice, that will facilitate the writing process. Nevertheless, rules are created to be broken. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of non-conventional tips to help you fight your way till the very hooding ceremony and be a winner.

Don’t Confront Distractions

If you’re lucky enough to block all the thoughts, that are not connected with the dissertation writing, once you’ve sat yourself in front of the laptop, skip this paragraph. In case you’re like us, people thinking of all the stuff of the world, except for actual writing, check out the idea. When your head starts buzzing with thoughts not about dissertation again, take a minute and a blank sheet of paper to write them down. You might have a “to do” list in the end, or just a couple of ideas. No matter, whether these ideas are relevant or absolutely useless, writing them down is sure to free some space in your head to think of your dissertation.

Throw the Grammar Away

…when you work on the first draft. You’ll spend a lot of time editing your dissertation afterwards. However, when the work is still at the initial stage, you may not spend too much time checking for every little inaccuracy in spelling or punctuation. It will be far more productive, if you concentrate on the contents, rather than on formatting flaws. Try free-writing – just write whatever comes to your mind, concerning your topic. You will not get yourself the whole dissertation like this, nonetheless, you might come up with interesting ideas that will open a new field for your research. Don’t get too blown away though!

Seize the Day

People love to make plans. People love to fail the plans. You may have assigned yourself to write 5 pages per day. You miss your 5 page standard once, and move it till tomorrow. Soon, you’re likely to end up with 50 pages to be done within 1 day. That’s why sometimes you just need to set goals for one day and do your best to overcome and outdo them. Short deadlines are far more digestible. Plus, you’ll free yourself from long days of being guilty for not hitting the distanced target. Push yourself a little further every day and you’ll get to great results.

Give Yourself Little Treats

If you don’t let yourself celebrate your success until the dissertation is completed, you’re very likely to feel empty and unhappy when the day comes. Instead, give yourself some praise, once you achieve some small-scale goals. Prepared an outline? Have yourself a cookie! Wrote 15 pages per day? Go to the movies! Finished the first draft of a chapter? Go out for a beer! Periods of work will and should definitely last longer the celebration. However, little prizes will give you positive reinforcement we all sometimes need.

Dissertation writing is surely demanding. To complete it you’ll need to pay loads of efforts and demonstrate your perseverance and determination. You’ll need to find these in yourself. Good luck to you! And if you have problems with writing, remember — is here to help, either with some advice or with professional writers, ready to team up with you.

Write an Essay Like Never Before

So, you’ve been assigned with a narrative essay. And there’s no set topic. What are you going to write about? Your favorite book? Event, that changed your life? The conversation that turned you into what you are today? Great! Guess what: it’s going to make your instructor sigh, if not snore. Most probably, that’s not the effect you’re seeking. The good news is we can help you out. Though we live in the era, when information is so abundant, that a topic might turn into a piece of old news from a scoop within a couple of days, we’ve prepared some patterns, that can bring you to something a bit more original the next time you’ll be working on your essay.

You Won’t Like Me when I’m Angry

Everyone has something that outrages them. Talk about the biggest of your grievances. If you’ve chosen the right subject – believe us, you won’t have troubles choosing the adjectives. (Use common sense, though). Once the description is created, move to telling people what you do to change the situation. In case you do nothing, at least make a plan about what you can do. And let the universe help you with your troubles!

Read Me, I’m Famous

Imagine, you’ve become a celebrity. What for? Have you made a video that got 1000000 views on YouTube? Maybe, you’ve written a bestseller? Or recorded a platinum album? Tell your reader, why people love you so much. Explain, what contribution you’ve made to a modern culture. Let your imagination go and stick to a narrative essay structure. Not only you’ll produce an interesting piece of writing but also, maybe, will create a strategy of becoming a star!

Bird is The Word. Or Something Else Is?

Language has been a source of inspiration for a great number of people. Why not try becoming one of them? What is your favorite word? Why do you like it? This topic opens a huge field of creative opportunities. You might simply like the combination of sounds. Or you might get a flash of associations every time someone says it. Either way, combine these factors into a story and write a marvelous essay on a novel topic.

Who Run the World? (Well, You Know Who)

We don’t mean to be overly feminist. However, when it comes to writing about famous people, man are usually more frequently chosen to be the main characters. We suggest you to choose a woman (either living or passed away) and write about conversation with her. What would you ask about? What would she answer? This topic will have you do some research but it might be truly worth it in the end.

Envision It

Imagine your brain is a house. And you’re there. Houses without windows are dark. So your brain-house needs them. And when you look out, what do you see? It is probably going to be something important for you. It may be reflection of your overview and your beliefs. It will show a correlation between your inner world and the world, that surrounds you. Writing about this might be fun, however, it rather seems to be something deep and philosophical. Dive and find your pearls. can help you make each and every essay a real masterpiece. Consult our Tips and Prompts section, if needed, and go get’em! And remember, we’re always here for you!

Application Letter

US Department of Agriculture,
Subject: Application for the post of ICT Personnel

Dear Sir,
With ICT leaving a significant impact on the way the department of agriculture works, I would like to apply for the vacancy for the position of ICT Manager published in _______ on date (_______). I hold honours degree in computer science and can handle information and technology related issues with dexterity. I am passionate about the application of technology in the field of agriculture as far as the scientific innovations have not only saved time and manpower but have also increased productivity.

I am a self motivated and hard working individual with adequate practical experience in the applied designation. Programming and website development have always fascinated me. Being the first source of interaction, the importance of developing a consumer friendly website is unquestionable to me. I have the required academic qualification to substantiate my eligibility for selection; my educational and professional background has made me adept at handling all software and hardware related procedures. I am an avid reader and keep myself updated with the latest trends in software and technology; I have learnt tremendously from technology related seminars by experienced professionals. My entrepreneurial and interpersonal communication skills have been appreciated by my educators and peers; developing novel projects and applying technology for implementing in agriculture has always interested me.

The USDA offers a plethora of opportunities for professionals and helps them in excelling in their selected field. I am enthusiastic about exploring and applying technological proficiency at USDA. I am impressed by the endeavours of USDA that promote new discoveries; the latest Innovation Challenge by USDA is a dream project for budding software professionals. Being a part of USDA will be an enabling work opportunity; as it will make me a part of the technological drive to implement resource conservation and experience the positive impact of science.

I hope that my application and credentials find favour with the eminent selection panel and will justify my eligibility for appointment. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Phone Number
Email Id

Tips to Create a Successful Resume

“What’s the point of all the writing I do at college? Why academic writing is so important anyway? I’m not going to be a scientist or a professional writer. I won’t give persuasive speeches all the time. So why on Earth do I have to spend hours, rambling on pages and pages of text, and hours after that, editing?”

Do you recognize yourself in this questions? Well, the bad news is that you still need to write all of that academic stuff. The good news is that you’ll actually need it in the future, unless you’re aimed at low-level position in a low-level company. How are academic and business writing similar? Well, they both pursue clear objectives, have to be clear logical and concise. That leads you to the first step towards your dream career: applying for a job in a company that you’re interested in. And here your goal is to get them interested in you. How to do that? With a perfect resume, of course!

Your Great Resume Is at Arm’s Length. Reach out!

Creating a resume is not that difficult at first sight. What is difficult though is creating the one that is going to get you the position you want. Although it seems pretty challenging, the attempt is truly worth making.

  1. There’s no point in downloading a standard resume, filling in the blanks with your personal data and waiting for recruiters to come running to you, clutching piles of money in their hands. They receive tons of those trite CVs every day. Analyze as much of information about the company as possible. Highlight their most important values and key qualifications, expected from the perfect candidate. If you think about which resume format do employers prefer, you are very likely not to find one answer. Instead, you should ask yourself: “which resume is right for me, personally, and for the company I want to enter?”. The best option here probably is to create a basic, scheme-like resume, that will be easy to adjust to each position.
  2. When applying for the job of your dreams, you certainly want to look professional and qualified. Imagine yourself being a recruiter. You open the document and skim it. Typo, typo, grammatical mistake, typo. Are you reaching for the phone to call the candidate? Not really? Take this feeling into account when you write your next CV. Reread and revise. Neglect and carelessness are quite often the reason why resumes are rejected. Make sure yours is not one of those.
  3. Thinking about what resume should include, you probably want to tell about billions of revenue and crowds of grateful and satisfied clients you’ve brought to the company. Even if you weren’t that successful at your previous job, concentrate on what you’ve actually done. Action verbs are what you need for that. Don’t write about what you were “responsible for”. Tell about what you solved, used, who you helped and what you achieved. Thus you’ll sound far less vague and much more confident about your own performance.
  4. The contents of a resume haven’t really changed since the beginning of times. The format, however, has evolved greatly. You might stick to the standard document structure, but when you think what resume to use in 2015, you will inevitably come to conclusion that the alternatives are quite numerous. Infographic, folder poster, origami – all of that is applicable to creating a great and unforgettable resume. Being a bit risky, creative approach can bring you to outstanding results. Nevertheless, ask someone to take a look at your unique resume before sending it. Avoid overloading it: visual garbage, unnecessary details and overall impression of puffery. Being able to keep it short and sweet, as long as impressive, does the trick.

Here, at we really care for your success. That is why we’ve created our Tips and Prompts section and even this post. Feel free to use our ideas to get better grades and move up the career ladder.

If you want something more that just the useful information, feel free to contact us 24/7!

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