How to Write a Thesis for a Persuasive Essay

Thesis is a vital element of your persuasive essay. This sentence bears the main idea of your work and points out your stance on a certain issue. Good thesis statements simplify the process of writing, as far as they predetermine the structure of the main body of the essay. Basically, a properly written thesis statement is 99% of your success. Although thesis writing might be time-consuming, you will certainly benefit from every minute you spend, working out you perfect thesis statement. Our advice might make this process much easier, so if you want to know how to write a thesis like a pro – read on!

Fuel Your Persuasive Writing with a Perfect Thesis!

Thinking about how to write a persuasive essay, you quickly come to conclusion, that the main purpose here is to provide a clear point of view and prove your right to the audience. Persuasive essay outline is pretty clear: the evidence has to be concentrated in the main body of your essay, while stating your stance on an issue comes at the very beginning. Although the beginning of your essay performs other important functions, like grabbing readers’ attention and providing background information on the subject, your actual opinion is expressed in your thesis statement.

Analyzing examples of thesis statements, you will find that they all have common characteristics.

  1. Thesis is a voicing of your attitude to the problem. Thus, it has to be debatable. If your opponent cannot dispute your viewpoint, you most certainly merely summarize the issue and not express your beliefs. That turns persuasive essays into narrative ones, which totally changes the direction of your writing. If you aim at persuading people, it’s probably not a good thing to do.

  2. A strong thesis statement has to be specific. If it’s too vague, you seem to be just mumbling something, not telling the world what you actually think. Keep it clear, if you want to be taken seriously.

  3. Despite all of your supporting claims go to the main body of your essay, your thesis statement also should have backing evidence. Choose the most generic one (and preferably not “because I said so”:). The proof you provide in your thesis statement has to answer the question: “Why do you care about the topic so much to write the whole persuasive essay?”. If it does – congratulations, you’re awesome.

  4. To check whether your thesis statement is an efficient one, you need to run it through the “So what?” test. If having read your thesis you understand why the essay is worth reading and that your work is significant, then you’ve got it right.

Writing a persuasive essay is an interesting and challenging task. Performing it enhances not only your writing skills, but also you ability to formulate your thoughts concisely and efficiently. If you’re pressed for time or don’t feel like this task is your cup of tea – contact Our masters of writing will take this burden off your shoulders, giving you the opportunity to relax or devote your time to other, more important stuff!

How to Write a Good Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay is a frequently assigned type of writing. Although you might get a bit confused at first, eventually a persuasive essay outline will become as clear as day, and you’ll be able to apply this scheme to any given topic. What is great about persuasive writing is that it has an absolutely clear purpose: you need to prove your right and make people stop hesitating about your stance. We will help you achieve this goal and prepare your own cocktail of arguments, hooks and killer conclusions!

Persuasive Essays are Not Your Cup of Tea? We’ll Help You Out!

Persuasive essay topics are quite various. As far as the topic is the crucial element of your essay, it’s a good idea to pick it carefully (unless it’s assigned by your instructor). You have to be passionate about your topic along with being reasonable. Persuasive writing has to involve studying the subject from different points of view, so you need to keep the ability to stay unbiased.

Once you’ve chosen the one and the only from the myriad of persuasive topics, you need to move to the writing itself. The best of the persuasive essay examples start with a hook: the element, that grabs readers’ attention and makes them want to read the essay till the very end. After that you can include some background information on the topic to introduce the reader to the big picture, you’ve decided to dive into.

The next vital element of persuasive articles is your thesis statement. This is the part where you have to voice your position on the subject. Make sure that your thesis is logical, debatable and provable. Basically, thesis is the essence of the whole essay, that is why the time spend on crafting the right thesis statement truly matters a lot.

The main body of persuasive essays and persuasive speech examples is devoted to proving your point of view. Each claim you choose to support your initial thesis has to be defended by details, that demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of each proof you’ve decided to provide the reader with. A great idea is to dedicate a paragraph to the opposing point of view. This one has to be not proven, but refuted. This way you’ll pay respects to your real or imaginary opponents and show that you understand the issue perfectly.

The conclusion for a persuasive essay is basically restating your thesis. However, don’t fall into the trap of simple rewording. Your thesis has to be demonstrated in the light of all the evidence you’ve provided. Here you once again justify your viewpoint and highlight the significance of your work.

Well, now you know how to write a persuasive essay. All you have left to do is to sit and write! However, if you don’t have enough time to complete this task or just don’t feel like doing it – is at your arm’s length. Feel free to apply for our help when you need it the most! We’re here for you 24/7!

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative essay is rather frequently assigned by college and university professors. Not only it exercises your writing skills but also involves a lot of research and logical reasoning. This way you learn how to structure your speech and prove your stance in a way, that leaves your audience no chance to hesitate in your point of view. However, creating a powerful argumentative essay outline requires following certain criteria, that have to be carved into your memory once and for all. Want to know how to do that? Keep reading!

Things Not to Forget About Writing an Argumentative Essay

Essay outline is a really helpful tool when you need to clarify the structure of this piece of academic writing. It resembles laying a foundation of a building, that will be decorated with your ideas and arguments. Persuasive essay and argumentative essay have a lot in common. Although argumentative writing does not have such a strong appeal to the public, it has the objective of proving certain point with the help of providing solid evidence.

First thing you obviously need to know is how to start an argumentative essay. Here you lay the foundation for your writing and ensure readers’ interest. Argumentative essays should begin with a hook. It needs to grab attention and make people want to read on. Next crucial element in an argument essay outline is your thesis statement. It defines the final outcome of your research. That is why it is necessary to make it logical, concise and provable. Following the principles of thesis writing clarifies the writing process to a great extent.

After that you build the walls for your argumentative research paper or an essay. These are the claims, that support your thesis. Basically, you’ll be required at least 3 arguments, that prove your initial point. Don’t hesitate to support your ideas with the viewpoints provided by scholars, that have previously researched your topic. An efficient element, that can be taken from a persuasive essay outline is considering the opposing point of view. However, this one obviously needs to be not proven, but refuted. This way you show not only your competence in essay writing but also awareness of the big picture.

Having enumerated your claims, you come to the conclusion, which is the roof of your mind palace. There you come to the end of full circle, restating your thesis. However, you provide a new, transformed variant, that demonstrates how the initial variant changed in the process of your investigation. is happy to provide you not only with helpful information for the writing, but also with the writing itself. Our writers are real pros, ready to help you in the hour of need. Contact us 24/7 and get your paper written in a proper manner, quickly and totally confidentially!

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay is a valuable skill that you can use in your studies, various social and political activities. It resembles giving a speech in a court or during debates, when you have to not just inform people about your viewpoint, but convince your audience and, possibly, make them take your side. Writing persuasive essays is also a great way to develop critical thinking, thus you will only benefit from writing these type of projects. is going to inform you about traps you might get into and help avoid them.

Persuasive Essay Writing: What Can Go Wrong

Things to write persuasive essay about are varied and abundant. The first thing where you can miss is choosing a topic that you don’t care about at all. Writing persuasive essays has a major emotional element, thus if you are indifferent to the topic, this will definitely reflect on general impression from your writing. This point goes off the table when your topic is given by your teacher. However, if you are hesitating about what to write a persuasive essay on and you have freedom of choice, follow your heart and find the issue that is important to you and make it important for your readers.

The next mistake that you might make in writing persuasive essay is formulating your topic too vaguely. Your reader has to clearly understand what point you are trying to make. It is impossible to persuade somebody, if you do not seem to have a clue about what you are talking about. Hence, think of your topic, get rid of all superfluous details and come up with the essence of the controversy, that you are going to resolve in your essay: tell you are going to write about, where you stand on this topic and justify your stance with a small, but relevant detail. This is a recipe of a great start to writing a good persuasive essay.

Another possible pitfall in writing the persuasive essay efficiently is complicating of a structure of your project. WikiHow suggests an outline, which can serve a perfect form that only needs to be filled with your ideas and arguments in order to become a great persuasive essay: first you need to demonstrate your position; then, you provide 2-3 paragraphs, that prove your idea (including supporting details); afterwards you describe an opposing opnion, in order to analyze the issue from a different angle. Having done all of that, you can move to conclusion, where you once again state your point of view, which one is already solidified by the arguments given above.

Finally, don’t be afraid to skim persuasive essay writing prompts. You might a lot of helpful ideas there, not only about topics to write about, but also about the best structure and outline for your project. Good luck and have fun!

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