6 Ways to Ruin Your Paper

PapersMaster has been trying to answer possible questions like “how to write an essay” or “how to write a research paper” for a while already. Now we’ve decided to turn to the other side and talk about stuff, that can lead to getting unsatisfactory result with the speed of light. Make yourself a cup of coffee or whatever you like, read on and try to stay as far away from these as possible.

Failing to Come Up with a Thesis Statement

We’ve been nagging about the importance of a thesis statement for a while. For those of you who haven’t been following us, we’ll happily do it again. Thesis statement is crucial for a successful writing. It has to be logical, substantial and comprehensive. It also has to briefly present the main points you’re going to make in your paper. No matter what you write: an essay, a research paper or the whole master thesis, if you fail to make a solid thesis statement, you basically fail to make a point. So make sure to analyze it truly thoroughly and don’t hesitate to talk to your instructor or a fellow student about it. This way you’ll protect yourself from rewriting the whole paper in the end.


We probably all have friends, who just talk and talk some more without making any sense or point. That might be annoying. Well, yeah, sometimes a person like that can be a real savior, when you’re shy and have to hang out in the company of people you don’t really know. If you’re the chatty one, you probably think you’re just a super cool person who always has something to say. No matter which one you are, the skill of rambling will certainly not help you, when it comes to writing paper on any subject. If you aren’t quite sure that each and every sentence performs certain function and makes sense according to the topic of your work, you should better think how to make them fit these requirements. Another tip here is to try to eliminate or at least reduce the number of words that make you sound pretentious and incompetent. Check your work for them scrupulously!

Not Following the Structure

Looking for an answer to the question “how to write a paper”, you will most definitely see, that the first stage is making an outline. Doing this will help you clarify the flow of ideas in your head and organize your writing in a far more efficient way. Nevertheless, sometimes you get too excited with the amount of information you want to include in your paper or with the awesomeness of your ideas. And that’s the moment when everything can go wrong. You always need to check for the accuracy, logical succession and smooth transitions to the next point. This way writing a paper will be much more efficient and reading it will be easier and more pleasant.


Stealing someone else’s ideas is the biggest sin of paper writing. It might bring you a lot of troubles: from getting a low grade to being expelled from college. So, the bottom line here is not to do that. Try to be as original as possible, rewrite deeply, if it’s possible and really necessary and move to the next point of the post.

Not Citing Properly

This one is closely connected with a previous idea. The best thing you can do to avoid plagiarism when you write a paper is to cite all the sources you refer to in your project. Stick to appropriate style and make your paper clear and safe.

Skipping the Revision Stage

Once the first draft of your paper is ready you might feel a flash of euphoria. That’s quite understandable: reaching a milestone in this marathon is pretty exciting. However, don’t get too happy too soon. You definitely should leave the first version of your paper simmer for a while, and then get back to work. Failing to do so is likely to result in your professor reading a rough version of your paper with a bunch of typos and grammatical mistakes. In case you don’t care about the fate of your project – go for it. If you’re interested in getting a high grade – reread, revise and rewrite parts of your paper, if needed. The shorter your paper is, the easier editing will be. Make sure you leave enough time for that.

As paper writing service, we know about everything that can go wrong with your paper. We also know how to avoid this stuff. So follow our advice, stay concentrated and write the best papers ever. Or say “write my paper, PapersMaster guys” and prepare to be pleased.:)

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