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So, you’ve been asked to give a persuasive speech. Hopefully, you don’t panic about that. The main thing you need to remember is that preparation is the key to success. Knowing how to write a persuasive speech and properly organize your ideas will save you from lots of troubles when it comes to delivering. So, make yourself a nice cup of tea and get ready to become the master of not just good speeches, but awesome ones. Our infographic will certainly help you with that.:)

Speech Writing

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How to Write a Critical Lens Essay

Critical lens essay is quite an interesting type of work. Although it might resemble other forms of analytical writing (which Papersmaster.com has already described in the Tips and Prompts section), it has particular features we’re about to discuss.

So, what is a critical lens? Basically, that is a particular point you’re asked to review the object of analysis from. To make it as objective as possible you will be asked to use at least two sources to support your point of view. However, let’s not rush into that and go through critical lenses essays peculiarities step by step.

4 Steps to Master a Critical Lens Essay Format

Critical lens quotes serve a starting point for your essay. That is a foundation, necessary to build a strong thesis statement, which is a nucleus for the further analysis. Basically, a critical lens essay example will be devoted to your approving or disapproving of the thought, expressed in the quote. So, to start with you provide the quote in the exact same wording as in the original and specify the title, author and the genre of the book the quote is taken from. Then goes the main idea of your essay, which is the result of your personal reflection on the issue. So, that’s the rough, though efficient model of your critical lens essay introduction.

The next element of a critical lens essay outline is the main body of your piece of writing. Here you’ll have 2 paragraphs, each devoted to a single source that support your insight on the initial thought. You’ll also need to provide a title, author and genre of the book and demonstrate at least two pieces of evidence that are a backing for your main viewpoint. The books may be assigned by your instructor or required from you to choose. In case you are to pick something, make sure that the central theme of the initial work intersect and present a new angle for you to look at.

The final point of a critical lens outline is conclusion. Nothing really innovative here. Just recap everything you’ve said above and demonstrate, why it is significant and how it is related to the big picture.

The most difficult thing in a critical lens essay is sometimes understanding what does your instructor actually want from you. The general answer is they want you to think. Most of the time you’ll be given a certain topic to analyze. Thus, working with other sources makes you search for the connections between them and work out a deeper insight on the work of art or literature. So, with a critical lens essay you enhance your writing skills and practice analytical thinking. Isn’t it cool? Get ready to the journey and move to work!

And if you still don’t feel like it – remember, we’re ready to help 24/7!

How to Write an Essay about Yourself

How many essays about yourself have you written? If the answer’s “a lot” – you probably still remember how difficult the first one was. If you’re about to write one, check out these tips, so that your essay about yourself flows as smooth as possible.

Choosing the Topic

Writing an essay about yourself starts with picking the central issue. The best thing here would be to address one of the subjects, that most of people could relate to. The time, when you felt you’re not a child any more, healing after the loss of the loved ones, first public speech – these are just few of possible topics for a college essay about yourself.

Another interesting thing about this type of writing is that you won’t be able to find a perfect sample essay about yourself. There is no other person like you, right? So your essay about yourself example will be as unique as you are. At least it should be.:) Nevertheless, there are some general tips you want to consider. For instance, you should always mind the occasion for writing an essay about yourself. If your aim is creating one of scholarship essay examples about yourself, it will be a good idea to study the program of the scholarship in order to clarify, which of your personal features should be highlighted in this particular piece of writing. You might concentrate on a situation, where you vividly showed your leadership skills or demonstrated the ability to perform efficiently in severe conditions. It also can be a story of your overcoming an obstacle or fear. Either way, make sure to appeal to human emotions and experiences. This way you’ll get maximum response from your audience.

Proper Improper Structure

So, the topic is chosen. It’s time to come up with the answer to the question “how to start an essay about yourself”. You could always turn to good old “My name is X and I am from Y”. It’s obviously old. But how good is it actually? Would you be intrigued and willing to read till the very end something that started with this phrase? I wouldn’t. If you’re one of horrible people spoilt by awesome stories, you probably want something juicier to start with. So, why not start from the middle? If your story is about overcoming a fear, open with the lines that describe the moment when you had to face it. And if you’re getting goose bumps writing it – that’s a perfect starting point.

The main body of your essay may contain a flashback to the beginning of your story that will flow into the middle part with more additional details on the matter. Afterwards you may devote a paragraph to the moment of your triumph or any other climax of the story.

To know how to write a college essay about yourself you obviously need to be able to conclude it in the best possible way. It would be really cool, if you could relate your experience to the bigger picture and predict possible long-term consequences of the situation. This way you’ll train and show your sense of perspective. That is good both for your essay writing skills and for personal development.

Still Don’t Know How to Write a Essay about Yourself?

Well, lucky for you, we do. If you feel desperate – keep calm and address Papersmaster’s writers. They will take all of your requirements into account and deliver high-quality essay about yourself. And if you’re hungry for knowledge and helpful information – don’t you miss our Tips and Prompts. They’re really cool.

Create, enjoy and live your life!

How to Write a Thesis Proposal

How to write a proposal for a dissertation or a research paper? This question may be waiting for you around the corner right now. It will leap onto you, when you don’t expect it. Scared? Well, don’t be. Writing a thesis proposal is quite easy, as long as you understand the general principles. Dissertation proposal or thesis proposal aims at presenting your work to the public. Despite you might demonstrate assumed, and not real results, you have to clarify the structure of your work and prove the significance of your project to the reader. How to do it? Read on to get helpful tips, that will help you succeed in writing your proposal.

Writing Proposal with Gain, not Pain

Although people might say getting a good result painlessly is impossible, we can offer some ideas, that will enable you to clarify the structure of your paper and come up with a proposal for your project easily. Writing research proposal or a proposal for masters dissertation has a set of essential elements, that are necessary to include in order to demonstrate your full understanding of your topic, and the actions, you need to take to achieve the goals stated in your research paper or master dissertation.

Writing a masters thesis, just as writing a dissertation proposal starts with a title page. Here you need to clearly state your topic (try not to exceed 10 words limit), provide your name and the contacts of authorities, who supervise your project (if any). Formatting requirements may differ, however, the information, necessary to include at the first page, remains the same.

The following element in writing dissertation proposal, or any kind of proposal for academic papers, is an abstract. It is the essence of your research. You need to make it clear, concise and informative, for the reason that it might be the only part, read by the admission committee. You might leave it for the final stage of writing your master thesis proposal, as far as basic elements of an abstract will be more obvious once you have the whole body of the proposal.

Afterwards, you need to state your thesis, highlight the objectives of research or dissertation and define the methodology of your work. It might be a good idea to explain the terms, that are specific for your field, because the authorities, involved in decision-making process, may not be experts in your particular field of studies. Make the reading of your proposal convenient for them, as far as your interests, not theirs, should worry you the most. You don’t want to be rejected because they did not understand what you’re talking about, right? So think about it in advance.

Writing a thesis proposal should be considered with looking at the past and the future at the same time: you need to provide the list of literature, that you’ve processed during your preliminary research, and the prospects of your future studies. The most frequent reasons of failure of proposals is insignificance of research, which means that the problem of your research is not new and topical. Make sure you’ve chosen the right literature, that is going to help you pose a problem, which will be a scoop in a science world.

Good luck! And remember: Papersmaster.com is ready to give you a helping hand with any type of challenging academic papers. Contact our writers: they know what to do!

Grant Proposal

Grant proposal is an essential part of communication between scientists and funding organizations. Writing a grant proposal has a sole purpose: convince the committee that your research is worth the money, they might supply you with. So here you have to be clear, specific and honest. You’d like a person, who you are about to give lots of money, to be honest, right? So try to be as objective as possible about your project. However, don’t put your ambitions aside: believe us, other applicants will not be too modest about their goals and plans. Another important aspect of writing grant proposals is a proper choice of addressee of your application. Spending some time searching for an appropriate institution will most probably result in a profitable deal for you. Thus, be vigilant, choosing a funding institution: this investment of time will result in investment of money.

How to Write Grant Proposal: Bullet-points to Hit the Target

A sample grant proposal will have all the basic elements: title, introduction of the topic of your research, its detailed description and the part, where you provide the evidence why the institution has to fund your particular research. We are going to give a bit more detailed outline for your grant proposal in order to ensure your success.

A good grant proposal example will concisely, but profoundly illustrate several points. They all will be reflected in a grant proposal outline:

Well, here are some grant proposal writing tips. However, one of the best grant proposal ideas is to follow the requirements of you specific grant. Use PapersMaster’s advice, and get yourself some money! And succeed in your research, of course.

Annotated Bibliography Writing Service

“Annotated bibliography”. The phrase itself induces a flow of questions. Why do I need it? How can I use it in my research? What are the rules for it? What does it even mean? Well, don’t worry. You’re not the first and not the last person to ask these. And be happy, because with a bit of clarification these issues won’t bother you that much, because you’ll crack the code easily.

So What Is Annotated Bibliography Again?

There are lots of ways to define this term, however our annotated bibliography definition goes like this: it is a proof of credibility, significance and further applicability of your research. Other people might define annotated bibliography in a different way, but the sense is going to be practically the same. The main idea you need to convey, writing an annotated bibliography is that you have read the book, you’ve referred to, you have understood its message, and your use of this material is appropriate. What is more, you need to think of the readers of your project: they actually might get interested in your project and want to use it in their work! How cool is that? So be thorough enough to help people continue working in your field of space. That’s what is called making the world a better place, right? Jokes aside, if you want to master your academic writing just like us – you need to know how to write an annotative bibliography. Read, on. Master of Papers has some good stuff coming.

Well, I Know the Definition of Annotated Bibliography – Where Do I Put It Then?

You can find an example annotated bibliography in almost every scientific paper, which brings us to the answer to the “where” question. It is usually placed in the end of your research, in order to provide your readers with clues where to find the information, you’ve used in your project. Not too long answer right? Don’t get relaxed though: things are about to get really serious.

How Do I Choose an Annotated Bibliography Format?

You probably know that there are 2 basic styles of your scientific paper formatting: MLA and APA. Examples of an annotated bibliography in APA style can be found in works in natural and social sciences, and most often they are succinct summaries which represent the essence of the book. If you need to know how to write an annotated bibliography MLA format, you need to consult various research in th sphere of humanities. Quite often this type of annotation involves your analysis of the source, critique and recommendations for future researchers. Feel free to consult online resources – an annotated bibliography website might be a great way to acquire practical skills about formatting.

Now you have an idea about formatting your research paper. However, if you are not really excited about this, you can always PapersMaster.com for help. We’ll have it done in a way, perfect for your particular project. Address us! Our writers will do their best to get you the perfect score.

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