How to Write an Essay about Yourself

How many essays about yourself have you written? If the answer’s “a lot” – you probably still remember how difficult the first one was. If you’re about to write one, check out these tips, so that your essay about yourself flows as smooth as possible.

Choosing the Topic

Writing an essay about yourself starts with picking the central issue. The best thing here would be to address one of the subjects, that most of people could relate to. The time, when you felt you’re not a child any more, healing after the loss of the loved ones, first public speech – these are just few of possible topics for a college essay about yourself.

Another interesting thing about this type of writing is that you won’t be able to find a perfect sample essay about yourself. There is no other person like you, right? So your essay about yourself example will be as unique as you are. At least it should be.:) Nevertheless, there are some general tips you want to consider. For instance, you should always mind the occasion for writing an essay about yourself. If your aim is creating one of scholarship essay examples about yourself, it will be a good idea to study the program of the scholarship in order to clarify, which of your personal features should be highlighted in this particular piece of writing. You might concentrate on a situation, where you vividly showed your leadership skills or demonstrated the ability to perform efficiently in severe conditions. It also can be a story of your overcoming an obstacle or fear. Either way, make sure to appeal to human emotions and experiences. This way you’ll get maximum response from your audience.

Proper Improper Structure

So, the topic is chosen. It’s time to come up with the answer to the question “how to start an essay about yourself”. You could always turn to good old “My name is X and I am from Y”. It’s obviously old. But how good is it actually? Would you be intrigued and willing to read till the very end something that started with this phrase? I wouldn’t. If you’re one of horrible people spoilt by awesome stories, you probably want something juicier to start with. So, why not start from the middle? If your story is about overcoming a fear, open with the lines that describe the moment when you had to face it. And if you’re getting goose bumps writing it – that’s a perfect starting point.

The main body of your essay may contain a flashback to the beginning of your story that will flow into the middle part with more additional details on the matter. Afterwards you may devote a paragraph to the moment of your triumph or any other climax of the story.

To know how to write a college essay about yourself you obviously need to be able to conclude it in the best possible way. It would be really cool, if you could relate your experience to the bigger picture and predict possible long-term consequences of the situation. This way you’ll train and show your sense of perspective. That is good both for your essay writing skills and for personal development.

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