Terrible is the New Awesome

“First impressions last”. “You never get a second chance to create a first impression”. “Trust is built on first impressions”. There are loads of first impressions quotes. You think they’re too trite? Actually, I’m tired of that too! The world is full of smiling, polite people. We live in a society, where you need to care about your identity – so why be one of thousands of people with a perfectly looking suit and nice hair? Are you with me? Let’s talk about wonderful ways to create a bad first impression then!

Come with a Fresh Mind!

Boring people insist on doing a brief research, before going to the event. That’s not fun. Who cares about ubiquitous modern technology? So what, if everyone now posts personal and professional achievements on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles? Be casual! Show your total unawareness of what happens in people’s lives! They’ll totally remember you for that.

Get Creative with Your Style

Neat suites, washed shirts, shiny shoes – urgh, that is just sooo banal! It’s quite easy to come up with a nice outfit. What about wearing a dirty hoody and a pair of ragged sneakers everywhere – at a job interview, conference or dinner party? That’s what I call style! Are you accepting this challenge? Go for it and let the world admire you the way you are! Nothing can beat the power of first impressions!

Mind Your Body Language

Good posture and firm handshakes are overused, don’t you agree? Slouch, shift from foot to foot as frequently as you can, cover your mouth with a hand, fiddle with you hair and, if possible, blow your nose loudly from time to time. Done? Then sit back, relax and wait for the science of first impressions to work.

Maintain Conversation Balance

You being the center of it. Don’t ever pay attention to what the person you’re speaking to says. Overcome the temptation of asking questions about him or her. Keep talking about yourself. Always have a supporting detail from your fascinating life. Psychology of first impressions is tricky. Make sure, your conversation partner remembers, how amazing you really are.

Let this precious advice guide you in the tough and stormy world of human interactions. Feel free to personalize it in a way, that highlights the best of you.

Doubting credibility of the advice? Good for you, smarty. Do exactly opposite and create the best first impression ever. You’ll have lots of fun spoiling it afterwards.

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Thesis Writing

Writing a thesis paper seems so simple and insignificant, but in practice it is an integral part of any essay, review, coursework, dissertation and the like works. This is what will give your reader or the audience a brief idea about a topic you are analyzing and arguing. So, this short text included between the introduction and a conclusion carries a deep sense of the work overall. Sounds tricky? It really is! Are you ready to write it to all the rules required on your own? We will, in case you aren’t!

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Preparing to go through the process of writing this simple piece of text called thesis will reveal lots of tricks on your way to the final strong version. The tips found on the web will picture a good example for you and quite much of wise things to follow to prepare good stuff. Though writing a good thesis statement will require not only the time spent, but also a deep analyzing, pointing the view and adding critical thinking to the point. Argumentative assertion to make about the topic along with the conclusions to reach about it is the purpose.

So many issues in combination give a simple piece of paper in the end. Are you ready to go through all of this taking into account the fact that each kind of paper — analytical, expository, and argumentative — requires an individual form to write a thesis statement. Though it is obviously a part of every paper, specify if it is necessary. On some occasions, it is not included indeed.

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