How to Write a Good Scholarship Essay

Scholarship essay has a simple and clear goal: it has to convince people to accept you to a certain educational or professional program. Basically it’s an interesting story about yourself. However, scholarship essays aren’t just biography writing. They have to highlight the strengths, that make you eligible for the program and the reasons, why you have to be admitted. To put it simply, they have to promote your personality. Is writing for scholarship difficult? To some extent, yes. Is it impossible to make it really work? Not at all!

Scholarship Essay Tips that Will Help You Succeed

So, how to write a scholarship essay? We’ve already provided the generic answer to that question above. Analyzing successful scholarship essay examples, you will easily come to conclusion that uniqueness is key. Writing a scholarship essay, you need to clearly understand, why you’re applying for this particular program and why the admission committee has to take your candidacy into consideration.

Thinking about how to start a scholarship essay, imagine how many people want to be the part of it. Now consider the number of papers, admission committee has to analyze in order to choose the right applicants. Dozens, hundreds, thousands, maybe? Your task is to make your essay stand out from this crowd. The beginning has the purpose of grabbing the reader’s attention. How will you do that? With a surprising fact about yourself? A joke? A quote? The latter is pretty controversial, though. This technique is quite frequently used, so avoid quotations, unless you are 101% sure, they are appropriate for the topic, absolutely necessary and definitely essential for your message, and not are just an attempt to demonstrate your ability to search for what famous people once said.

Good examples of scholarship essays establish strong relationships between the theme of a scholarship and the main message of your essay. Be sure to analyze the keywords, included to the description of a scholarship and use them in your writing. This way you’ll not only write a proper scholarship essay examples about yourself, but also prove that you fully understand the purpose of the program and are able to intertwine your goals with it. People who deal with writing scholarships descriptions want you to prove, that you are capable of becoming an integral part of their program, so do your best to persuade them.

Luckily or not, there isn’t a universally established scholarship essay format. You need to be honest, and tell people about the strengths, you can use in the scholarship, the skills you’ve enhanced and ready to apply, and the weaknesses you’ve overcome. All in all, honesty is a great contributor to your essay’s uniqueness. What else con you add? Humor, inventiveness, creativity? Of course! All of them!

Another tip: once you’ve finished writing your essay, don’t send it at that very moment. Reread, revise, and maybe, ask your friend, instructor or a member of a family to proofread it. Your goal is being unique, and making mistakes is not really a good way of achieving it. The other way to do that is to ask us,, for help. We can write your scholarship essay, making it personal, convincing and accurate! Want to check? Try us out!

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essay is a type of writing that you can encounter as a term project or other kind of examination. That is why it is important to realize what is a synthesis essay, how to write a synthesis essay and how to make it a creative piece of work, not just a summary of different sources. Writing a synthesis paper not only enriches your mental outlook, but also helps develop critical thinking and skills of gathering and analysis of information. Despite all the benefits, lots of people find writing synthesis essays frustrating. But now there’s no need to worry. We’re here for you.

How to Write a Good Synthesis Essay: Master’s Secrets

So, what is a synthesis paper? How is it different from other kind of written projects you have to perform throughout the time of your studies? Synthesis writing involves analysis and combination of material, that you have processed during the preparation phase to writing your essay. Nonetheless, as any piece of academic writing synthesis paper has to be free of plagiarism. The important thing about the concept of synthesis writing is that it is you who has to provide a new piece of academic writing, thus your task is to create connections between materials you’ve analyzed and the thesis, you have put forward.

Unless you have it assigned, the first issue you have to tackle is a choice of topic for your essay. A popular idea is to make your topic narrow, instead of making it too broad and general. Argumentative synthesis essay has to be considered with a subject that can be supported by clear evidence. In case your topic is too vast, you most probably will get overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to prove your claim. In order to stay on a safe side, make your thesis narrow and understandable.

Synthesis essay thesis is a product of your thought process. Your thesis has to be proven by the factual information, that you are supposed to find laying the groundwork for your synthesis essay. Writing a synthesis essay should be well structured. suggests dividing your essay into paragraphs, according to number of arguments you use to prove your point of view. This way not only you will make it clearer for readers but also you will be able to edit your work easier: solid structure helps you see drawbacks in the contents much more efficiently.

Last but not least thing you need to remember is citation of your original material. Despite you are the author of a synthesis essay, you use a lot of other sources in your work. Providing references is simply a matter of a good form. What is more, quoting all of the used sources you will prevent yourself from being punished for violating of intellectual rights. Listen to our advice and you will be safe, sound and successful.

Research Proposal

Research proposal, if written properly, can be your lucky ticket to admission to a scholarship program or getting financing for your project. In order to get this ticket, you have to profoundly and deeply describe preliminary research you’ve conducted and make predictions about the outcome of your research. Although research proposal format is not universally stated, there are some basic principles you should follow so that your proposal is perceived as professional and credible. So, how to write research proposal? We’ll try to clarify the answer for you.

Writing a research proposal starts with a title page. You should provide sufficient contact information about yourself and the authorities that supervise your project, if any. The main element here is the title of your research. Try to make it concise: 10 words should be enough to give the reader a precise idea, what your research is going to be concentrated on.

The next part in a research proposal outline is an abstract of your project. Regularly, this part of a proposal does not occupy more than 1 page. The main challenge is to fit the detailed description of your topic into this frame. What we mean, is not that you need to state your topic once again, but you need to highlight and support the significance and topicality of your research. You need to indicate, in what ways your particular project is going to contribute to the field of studies. Research proposal topics descriptions have to make people want to follow you on your further way to conclusions.

The next part of research paper proposal is the overview of the literature, you’ve already processed and going to study in your project. This part also has to be concise: briefly state the sources you work with and tell how your ideas correlate with the ones, given there.

After that you provide the objectives of your research paper. One of the greatest research proposal ideas, is to provide a detail timing of your research: state the phases of your research, indicate the dates, which are going to be milestones of the project. This will not only give impression of your thorough planning of the process, but also help you distribute your time properly and cope with the deadlines.

The Key Ingredient of an Efficient Research Proposal

Guessing what it is? It’s love, of course! Not sure about that? Well, we think it’s a good idea to add some everywhere! Jokes aside, a research proposal has to reflect the significance and methodological clarity of your research and also total awareness of your actions. This way, any institution will be happy to help you. Otherwise, if you don’t have the time for this, you can contact us. is ready to help you achieve the same effect. Get our expert writers to help you 24/7.

Book Review

Book reviews are not that difficult to write, are they? All in all, you only have to read the book and express your opinion about it, which a lot of people really enjoy. So, when you are assigned to write a book review, you are authorized to impose your judgement on somebody. How cool is that? Well, in fact it’s not that easy. Writing a book review involves not only giving your opinion but also summarizing the plot and analyzing author’s ideas. So you have to do a bit more work in order to create not a comment on a social network, but a profound book review. What are the key ingredients of this recipe? We’ll tell you. But you’ll have to keep reading!

Want to Be Treated Like an Expert? Write Your Book Reviews Like One!

Searching for inspiration, you might look through number of book review sites. They all have different features and special patterns of assessment, however, the structure of a book review template is similar. So, what are the important landmarks you have to pass writing a book review? First of all, you need to provide the title of the book and the author’s name. Although this point is quite obvious, sometimes we forget really essential things. Remember about it. After that you need to state the main thesis of the book, indicate the arguments, author uses to prove his point, describe the structure of the book. Pay respects to the author, and then express you opinion.

You can go two ways: either divide your review into two parts, or create a synthesis of author’s ideas and your viewpoints. It’s a matter of choice, so try going through couple of examples of book reviews, in order to decide, which looks better. If you decide to go the first path, you will dedicate the first paragraph to the brief summary of the plot and description of the main characters. Note, that you don’t need to reveal the outcome of the book: get your reader intrigued! The second part of this type of review will contain your analysis and critical evaluation of the book. Try analyzing major social trends of the period when the book was written. It can help you not only understand the ideas of the book deeper, but also leave an impression of not just a reader, but a qualified reviewer.

The second way involves combining of summary and analysis. You can start with your observations, supporting them with details from the book. Make sure, that you evenly distribute your opinion and objective assessment of the book’s contents. Analyze a sample book review and make conclusions about what kind of organizing of a text makes you actually want to read the book and thank the author for a great coverage of a piece of literature.

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