How to Boost Your Creativity On Your Own

You’re desperate. You’ve been assigned to write a short story for your Creative writing class. The deadline is getting closer with every passing minute, however you haven’t managed to do anything but creating a new document or opening a new page in you notebook (depending on your being a digital or analog person). The only thing you hear is a numb silence in your head. Or a clock ticking. Or imaginary monkey playing cymbals (depending on your being less or more crazy). You can write, dammit! What you lack is the part where you need to be creative! Before looking for inspiration from illegal substances take a breath and read the rest of the post. Hopefully, it could save you from breaking the law! (Kidding. Probably.)

4 Ways to Make Your Brain Bigger

See? That was creative!

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not going to give you a recipe that will turn you into megabrain humanoid. What you’ll get instead is a some advice on increasing your creativity.

  1. Get some distance. The research has shown, that concentrating on your project is not necessarily the key element for success. In the end, you’ll get sick of it and your only dream will be to finally complete and forget about it. Try something else. Think of your work from a different angle. What tips would you give to a friend, who supposedly would be assigned with the same topic? What would you tell to someone, who would like to talk about the issue in their project? Stop considering it as your burden. Move away a little bit. This way you’ll definitely get a different perspective!
  2. Put yourself in a smaller box. We’ll talk about going outside a bit later, but now let’s impose some limitations. Have you ever read the stories, that contained only 6 words? If not – you should. If you have – then you know, how impressive and piercing they are. You might be stuck, because you have too many vague ideas and not a single sharp one. Restrict yourself to two characters, three concepts and one location. Establish connection between all the elements. You’ll see that quite the soon the storyline will be weaving itself.
  3. Run! Or just go for a walk. In addition to oxygen’s positive impact, you’ll relax and release the tension a bit. It is also proven that green and blue colors give us the feeling of freedom, openness and purity. They can do a real trick and in combination with the previous tips enable you to look at your issue from a different angle.
  4. Get drunk! Just a little bit though. It’s not necessary to resemble Bukowski’s characters, however, a couple of drinks will relieve the stress and set your mind into a playful mood. Don’t forget about your assignment!
  5. Do yoga. (Though not when you’re drunk, man.) A lot of people believe that having a short break with a bit of exercise does miracles to mental activities. Yoga is a great option for this, as far is flexes your muscles and clears your mind. Cobra, a child’s pose or a pigeon pose are especially great for the tired mind and body.

If I were you, I’d try doing all of that. Not only because it’s useful, but because it’s fun! Nevertheless, if the pace of your life doesn’t give you the space for these activities – contact Our writers will go outside, sit into a pigeon pose, grab a glass of wine and write your paper easily!

Annotated Bibliography Writing Service

“Annotated bibliography”. The phrase itself induces a flow of questions. Why do I need it? How can I use it in my research? What are the rules for it? What does it even mean? Well, don’t worry. You’re not the first and not the last person to ask these. And be happy, because with a bit of clarification these issues won’t bother you that much, because you’ll crack the code easily.

So What Is Annotated Bibliography Again?

There are lots of ways to define this term, however our annotated bibliography definition goes like this: it is a proof of credibility, significance and further applicability of your research. Other people might define annotated bibliography in a different way, but the sense is going to be practically the same. The main idea you need to convey, writing an annotated bibliography is that you have read the book, you’ve referred to, you have understood its message, and your use of this material is appropriate. What is more, you need to think of the readers of your project: they actually might get interested in your project and want to use it in their work! How cool is that? So be thorough enough to help people continue working in your field of space. That’s what is called making the world a better place, right? Jokes aside, if you want to master your academic writing just like us – you need to know how to write an annotative bibliography. Read, on. Master of Papers has some good stuff coming.

Well, I Know the Definition of Annotated Bibliography – Where Do I Put It Then?

You can find an example annotated bibliography in almost every scientific paper, which brings us to the answer to the “where” question. It is usually placed in the end of your research, in order to provide your readers with clues where to find the information, you’ve used in your project. Not too long answer right? Don’t get relaxed though: things are about to get really serious.

How Do I Choose an Annotated Bibliography Format?

You probably know that there are 2 basic styles of your scientific paper formatting: MLA and APA. Examples of an annotated bibliography in APA style can be found in works in natural and social sciences, and most often they are succinct summaries which represent the essence of the book. If you need to know how to write an annotated bibliography MLA format, you need to consult various research in th sphere of humanities. Quite often this type of annotation involves your analysis of the source, critique and recommendations for future researchers. Feel free to consult online resources – an annotated bibliography website might be a great way to acquire practical skills about formatting.

Now you have an idea about formatting your research paper. However, if you are not really excited about this, you can always for help. We’ll have it done in a way, perfect for your particular project. Address us! Our writers will do their best to get you the perfect score.

Astronomy Papers

Astronomy research paper topics vary from the study of the universe to the life of a star. There are no small-scale topics in the field, that deals with extraterrestrial objects. Being fascinated with the subject of the paper actually helps make it far more interesting for the reader. However, good scholar writing requires following certain rules. Those might seem a bit boring, however, they usually help structure your writing and create a clear and understandable piece of academic work rather than notes, taken in the process of research.

Astronomy paper topics presuppose a lot of observation and analysis of data, you’ve acquired, having spent long hours staring at the night sky. No matter who is a recipient of your paper: your professor or wider audience (e.g. readers of a journal), it’s important that you provide all the information, necessary to understand your topic to the full extent. Your goal is to bring your ideas to the public and translate them in a clear way. Otherwise, the readers might choose to interpret your conclusions in their own way, which is not always a good thing. Make sure, that the terms you use don’t lead to ambiguation, the numerical values have obvious origins and the error bar has solid grounding.

Next aspects can be associated not only with astronomy papers, but with academic writing in general. Your paper needs to have an introduction, main body and a conclusion. This will help you clarify the issue for the reader and create a solid outline that simplifies the writing. Other principles of research paper writing and academic writing as a whole deal with purely linguistic peculiarities. Writing a research paper, is preferable to use present tenses and the first person plural. Considering the voice, astronomy paper writers may not be restricted to either one.

Astronomy Papers Are Your Nightmare? We can Turn Them into Sweet Dreams!

Writing an astronomy paper may be real ordeal. In case you feel lost for thoughts and short for time, while the deadline approaches with every passing second, you may apply for professional writers’ help. can guarantee, that the author, assigned to complete the task, will be knowledgeable of the subject and strictly follow all the requirements, specified by you. With us you can be sure, that your work will be 100% original and free of lexical and grammar mistakes. Your high grades constitute our reputation. Thus, they are obviously important for us. Ordering the paper, you also get 24/7 support, that comes in handy in case there are issues to resolve.

Watch the stars, write about them and contact us for help, if it’s needed!

Statistics Papers

When you’re getting an assignment to write a statistics paper, you may be scared a little bit at first. But you need to calm down and realize this one thing: it’s not that difficult as you think. This type of writing differs from the creative one, because it’s more about quantitative research. If your reaction to this statement is ‘Oh no, it’s a disaster!’, you can proceed straight to ordering an excellent statistics research paper which our ‘papersmasters’ will gladly write for you in a short time. If you’re still breathing evenly, then these little tips will help you in your writing.

It’s not about the wordings, it’s about the format

When you start working, you should keep in mind the following: the main formula of a good statistics paper is its structure. The composition of your paper has to disclose the organization of your thinking. You will need some tools such as an outline, titles of the paragraphs, enumerations etc. They are called to help you because it’s always easier to build a house by small blocks than to create the whole building in one fell swoop.

What kind of a structure does statistical research paper demand? Firstly you’re stating the problem, which had raised the research. Then you clarify the statistical motivation for your paper. Answer the questions, why existing methods are not good enough and what are the advantages of the new methods.

We hope you remember, that before you start writing a research paper in statistics you should go to the library and/or go on-line to find information which will be used in your further job. You need to have such an amount of data which will give you an opportunity to explain how exactly your research can clarify the problem. So the next step in the structure is the analysis of information collected while preparing a research.

When you’ve evaluated the data, you proceed to the final step which is the closure, or concluding paragraph. Here you summarize given evidence and make a strong conclusion to everything that you’ve done in this work.

Also you should know how to write the particular paragraphs of the paper. You can find some prompts and tips in one of the specialized pages on our website.

At the end we want to say that if you’re just don’t feel like writing the whole research, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. The main point you need to know that we’re here for you in any time. Just contact the and our pros will make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear, in other words, you will get your A++.

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