Secrets of Excellent Academic Writing

This post is very likely to be boring. Especially if you’ve been browsing for the episodes of “Jersey Shore” and the unexplainable reasons brought you here. We’re going to deal with something you probably don’t like but most surely need.

It’s academic writing! Tadaa!

Of course, you don’t use it every day. It obviously doesn’t constitute the main part of your life and you could totally survive without it. But when you actually need to write an essay or a term paper, it’s better to be able to do it well.

If we tried to decide what is academic writing definition, it is very likely that the one and the only answer wouldn’t be found. It’s far more simple to answer the question when is academic writing used. Most often, you write essays, research papers and proposals in order to inform people about your ideas, justify them and convince the audience that you are truly knowledgeable of your field and ready to provide new, interesting insights of the topic. So, most likely, you address the members of academic community. Would you be pleased to open a well-known journal and see the articles and researches, full of mistakes and incompatibilities with academic writing standards? You’d probably consider these materials as disrespect and total waste of time. I’m pretty sure, you’d prefer people to have different impression from your writing.

Aim at your audience.

When you write any type of academic paper, you need to think of the people, who are going to read it. Explain the concepts, that are used only in your narrow field of studies. Apply to their beliefs and ideas in order to help people relate to the subject of your studies. Let them know, you’ve written this essay or a research paper not only as an inevitable part of your studies, but as a voluntary contribution to your field.

Make It Classy

Think of an important scientific conference. You’re at the hall waiting for a top speaker: expert in physics, biology, chemistry or whatever. And here he comes to the stage: ripped jeans, dirty T-shirt, uncombed hair, mumbling something unclear. Are you going to take him seriously? I bet not. Your paper is likely to look the same, if academic writing format is not followed, citations are not provided and your work can be described as “shabby” – it is very likely to fail. When the body of your project is assembled, don’t skip the decorating part. Use standard font and margins (they should be either specified by your instructor or be Times New Roman 12 and 1 inch respectively) and make sure that you follow proper citation format. Let your paper wear a cool suite and a tie, not a ragged outfit.

Don’t Try to Look Smart: Be One!

It is relatively easy to make your work look smart and decorous. It is truly difficult to keep the academic paper clear and informative as long as concise. Don’t overload it with words, that seem to be just the longest ones you’ve managed to find in the thesaurus. Don’t distance yourself too far from your writing, overusing the passive voice. Don’t flatter your audience, mentioning that only smart people like them could understand your remarkable observations. If you’ve done a good job – it’ll speak for itself. And even if the format is important, don’t go too baroque on that. Better choose classical! is guarding the opportunities for your academic success 24/7. Read other entries, use the Tips and Prompts and contact our writers! We want you to get the highest grades. Don’t you?

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph for an Essay

What is a conclusion paragraph for your essay? That is a great question. Conclusion paragraph is a final dash of your picture. A cherry in your cocktail. Sesame seeds in your salad. Cranberry sauce for your turkey. Guacamole for your nachos. Got the idea? Without conclusion your essay might be good. But it won’t be complete. Writing a conclusion is obviously the last thing you do, but it still requires your attention. Have your picture perfect, your cocktail delicious, your turkey spicy… Just write a great concluding paragraph with our tips!

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph: Putting It in a Nutshell

Writing a conclusion is wrapping up the whole message you’ve conveyed in your essay. You probably already know how to write a good essay: you need a hook sentence, a solid thesis statement and strong arguments that support your stance. At the beginning you move from the general to specifics. Conclusion actually goes in the opposite direction. Here you move from your main idea to the big picture, and show why your viewpoints are significant.

Conclusion in any sample essay restates the thesis. However, simple paraphrasing is not enough. Your goal here is to demonstrate, how your ideas have changed in the light of claims you’ve provided. Writing an essay is a process of analyzing and argumentation. Show, that not only your thesis was valid, but that it also got truly solidified by the proofs, you’ve chosen.

Thinking about what does conclusion mean, you may come to conclusion that it’s mere summarizing of your main ideas. Basically, it’s true. However, a cool move you can make is to show your reader the direction of their future research and readings. Don’t give new details, concerning the topic of your writing. A good idea, though, is to pose a rhetorical question or provide an interesting detail, relating to a wider sphere of your research. This way your audience will not only get to know what is your stance on the issue, but will also get a chance to develop their own, profound point of view. Which is pretty cool!

Concluding sentence connects back to the introduction of your essay. This way you’ll create a solid composition, and your essay will resemble a beautiful sonata, with a perfect form and compelling contents. Conclusion sentence has to leave your reader with a feeling of closure and completeness. So make it logical, concise and tasty! can help you not only with conclusion, but with the whole essay! Contact our writers, when you’re ready to drop with fatigue, don’t feel like writing or have too much on your hands! We’re online and at your service 24/7!

How to Write a Thesis Paragraph

How to write a thesis statement? If you’re asking yourself this question, you obviously are at the very beginning of your research paper or any type of academic paper you’re working on. However, the fact that you’ve stopped and took time to pose this question describes you in quite a good way. Don’t flatter yourself though, as we’re not a compliment delivery service. The thing is that properly written thesis statement in a cleverly arranged thesis paragraph is a vital contribution to a quality of your project and, thus, to your grade. Interested in that? Then, you’ll definitely need our tips.

Spectacular Appearance and Good Introduction Paragraph: What’s In Common?

How is writing an introductory paragraph connected with any kind of social behavior? Well, try thinking of your paper as of a person, arriving to an event. How would you like it appear? Quietly crawling into the crowded room? Or having a cool entrance, followed by everyone’s attention? The latter? Yeah, we thought so too.

Good intro paragraph resembles entourage for a celebrity, which is your thesis statement. First of all, everybody has to know, that the star is coming. This is what you need the first couple of sentences for. They should grab attention from the first glance. Start with a provocative question, or a shocking fact, you’ve bumped into while searching information for your project.

Next element of good introduction paragraphs is some background information on the issue, you’re planning to investigate. We are always more likely to get interested in something when we can relate to the subject. Thus, even if your reader is a complete stranger to the field, a strong introductory paragraph will provide sufficient information to get them at least aware of the subject. But remember: engagement is your goal.

So, just when your audience is hooked, let the hero come in. Your thesis statement has to be somewhat controversial, logical and provable. However, a good introduction paragraph does not finish with that. Your thesis has to be followed by the subtopic, you’re going to cover in your future research. Just as the star, surrounded by a couple of interesting rumors, which have to be proven or refuted right? Good introductory paragraph has to perform 2 functions: intriguing the readers and providing them with the material, sufficient for perception of further information.

There’s no clear definition of introduction paragraph. Nevertheless, now you know that writing a good introduction paragraph is like a PR-campaign for a celebrity: the audience has to be eager to find out more, once they’ve seen the star. So, present your super-thesis, and surround it by clever suit. Then you are sure to have laid a great foundation for an overnight success. A maximum grade, I mean.

But what if you don’t have enough time for writing introductory paragraphs in such a glamorous way? Then you better call PapersMaster. We will take care of your papers’ being great. Contact us 24/7!

How to Write a History Research Paper

How to do a research paper in history? Well, first of all, try to get interested in it. It might be not an easy task. Nevertheless, there’s no harm in trying. Try thinking of your paper as a voyage to a different period in history. History of writing has already passed a number of eras, however, you may be the one to say a new word in writing of history papers. Get ready to find out the most useful tips not only to write a great history essay, but also enjoy the process. And don’t forget about laws of time travel, to come out of this ordeal safe and sound.

Don’t Know How to Write a Term Paper in History? Read On Then

Research essay in history, just as any research paper, has to be focused on a certain topic. There’s nothing new about this statement. However, if you want to know how to write a good research paper in history, you have to concentrate on an issue, which is not too broad, but not too narrow. If the topic for your paper is too broad, you are likely to get overwhelmed with the amount of information, and most probably, get very vague result. On the contrary, if the topic is too narrow, your history research paper will be finished without getting started. Being interested in what you write about makes the writing process much easier. Moreover, opportunity to relate your topic to the present opens the way to a broader field of research. Having laid the foundation, we are now ready to move to the basic rules of travelling to the past.

The first rule: don’t change the past! Use credible resources so that your research paper would be reliable and applicable in your further work. It is quite easy to mess up your work by referring to the wrong sources. In the end you will get a tangle of doubtfully related facts that will leave you with nothing but a huge question mark. Searching for the sources, always ask yourself: “Will I write my research paper or a piece of science fiction using this?” If the latter is more likely, you’re doing something wrong.

The next one is: speak properly. Hopefully, it is clear that you have to use the right grammar and vocabulary. The best question to ask here is “how to structure a research paper?”. Your history paper obviously needs introduction, main body and a conclusion. Start with a strong and arguable thesis statement. Make sure it opens you a field to explore. After that you can move to your arguments. Organize your points in chapters or paragraphs, assuring logical transitions from one point to another. After that comes the time for conclusion: restate your thesis, show how profoundly you’ve analyzed it. But don’t jump too far to the future. That’s the violation of the rule.

The last rule, very important, highlighted by Papers Master: make sure that your future self still exists! Think of the experience you’ve gained, learning how to write a history essay, of the new projects you can complete, using the knowledge. This way you’ll be able to have more fun, travelling through time and space. Don’t panic and hold on to your towel!

Article Review

Peer reviewed articles demonstrate how this or that piece of scientific writing is perceived by the audience. The important detail is that the audience is not too wide: only people, who are quite knowledgeable about subject matter, get the right to review article, published by a fellow scientist. Thus, if you are required to write an article review, you may be proud: you are ranked to a professional, who has a competent opinion on a certain issue. Peer reviewed journal articles need to objectively reflect the contents of an article and provide expert assessment of credibility and significance of a publication. Asking a question: “what are peer reviewed articles” you need to realize, that intellectual conclusions, not emotions, are on the first place here. Deep analysis and opinion, supported by the facts are crucial elements of a good peer review articles.

Peer Reviewed Article: How It’s Done

Article review example contains both your summary and evaluation of the article. The task doesn’t seem to be too overwhelming. However, there are some points that need to be taken into account. Article reviews will always include the main points of the text, that is being analyzed. So, the key is to read the article carefully: first, for the big picture, second, for important details. Having written a summary, you need to make sure that you’ve included only author’s, not your points. Make sure that this part of a review is concise: it’s not the goal of the review to retell the article in your own words. You need to provide a critical opinion about what you have read, and explain, in what ways the article contributed to general development of the field. The aspects, included to this part of the review, may vary depending on the author. However, they represent the criteria of article’s critical evaluation. These aspects might include the assessment of adequacy of the evidence, theoretical background for the research, relevance of the literature, used in the article and conclusions, considered to be the outcome of the research.

How to Create an Article Review Template in Your Head

Writing an article review is, in fact, not that difficult. Knowing how to write an analytical essay, for instance, gives you an idea about how to pick the most important features of the article and investigating their significance. The main thing you need to remember about an essay as well as about an article review, is that your personal reflections and opinions have to be founded on a scientific ground and be deprived of bright emotional constituent. So, create a short summary and critique author’s ideas. Be profound and objective. If this sounds too tough – ask for PapersMaster’s help. We can easily assist you with writing an article review.

Keep calm and carry on!


When it comes to a new report assignment, you probably search for informative tutorials on how to write a report easily and correctly. The main thing here is to distinguish between report and essay, which are frequently confused. To put it simply, these two types of papers differ by the following purposes: any essay is concentrated on arguments while a report is based on facts. Besides, a paper report is more commonly used for business, technical or scientific subjects, and in the workplace. Now that you know this, it’s high time to move towards report writing!

Order any type of a report paper with!

Reports are required for different purposes, essentially to analyze various situations and problems. Originally it has to be rather short, precise, written in a particular format and very well-structured.

Depending on the type of research that you need to conduct and fix in a written form, each of them will have different structure and include diverse sections. Here are some basic types of a report paper sample you can be assigned:

But regardless of the type of report, you need to be skilled to conduct a research on some data, analyze, make some conclusions and write everything according to an appropriate format and style.

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Quality of your report paper is at the first place in our must-list. What we mean by quality? This criteria include 100% original and errors-free paper prepared specially for you from scratch. It is also well-researched and analyzed, has only current data, and outlined in the appropriate style and format.

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