How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative essay is rather frequently assigned by college and university professors. Not only it exercises your writing skills but also involves a lot of research and logical reasoning. This way you learn how to structure your speech and prove your stance in a way, that leaves your audience no chance to hesitate in your point of view. However, creating a powerful argumentative essay outline requires following certain criteria, that have to be carved into your memory once and for all. Want to know how to do that? Keep reading!

Things Not to Forget About Writing an Argumentative Essay

Essay outline is a really helpful tool when you need to clarify the structure of this piece of academic writing. It resembles laying a foundation of a building, that will be decorated with your ideas and arguments. Persuasive essay and argumentative essay have a lot in common. Although argumentative writing does not have such a strong appeal to the public, it has the objective of proving certain point with the help of providing solid evidence.

First thing you obviously need to know is how to start an argumentative essay. Here you lay the foundation for your writing and ensure readers’ interest. Argumentative essays should begin with a hook. It needs to grab attention and make people want to read on. Next crucial element in an argument essay outline is your thesis statement. It defines the final outcome of your research. That is why it is necessary to make it logical, concise and provable. Following the principles of thesis writing clarifies the writing process to a great extent.

After that you build the walls for your argumentative research paper or an essay. These are the claims, that support your thesis. Basically, you’ll be required at least 3 arguments, that prove your initial point. Don’t hesitate to support your ideas with the viewpoints provided by scholars, that have previously researched your topic. An efficient element, that can be taken from a persuasive essay outline is considering the opposing point of view. However, this one obviously needs to be not proven, but refuted. This way you show not only your competence in essay writing but also awareness of the big picture.

Having enumerated your claims, you come to the conclusion, which is the roof of your mind palace. There you come to the end of full circle, restating your thesis. However, you provide a new, transformed variant, that demonstrates how the initial variant changed in the process of your investigation. is happy to provide you not only with helpful information for the writing, but also with the writing itself. Our writers are real pros, ready to help you in the hour of need. Contact us 24/7 and get your paper written in a proper manner, quickly and totally confidentially!

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