5 Fun Ways to Get Smarter

Hey! What have you been up to? Watching America’s Next Top Model? Checking out new youtube fails? A little bit of drooling, maybe? I’m not a snob, of course. We all love doing silly stuff: it helps us unwind and releases some endorphin into your system. But most of the times you need to be smart, no matter how joyful you are. Looking for the ways to increase you intelligence? We’ve got some. WARNING, though: America’s Next Top Model might never be the same after this.

Get Your Hands Dirty!

College classes and university seminars are cool, no doubts. You get a chance to talk to academically-minded people, tackle compelling philosophical subjects and practice sophisticated language. However, it’s just a single group of your brain “muscles”. Flex a different one. Go street-smarts. Build a rocket. Cook a dish from Mongol cuisine. Learn how to make a kite. Acquire a new skill, all in all! You’ll be surprised, how it might change the way you look at the ordinary things. And your overall brain fitness will increase far and away.

Talk About It.

Well, not Freud’s “it” specifically. However, if it’s new to you – then yes, find yourself a listener and talk your heart out. The general idea is to explain the things you’ve learnt to someone else. This way the information will separate itself into convenient clusters, analyzed by you from the point of view of a teacher, as well as a learner. It’s really amazing, how something that used to be unbelievably complicated, gets as easy as 123. And the journey is real fun: now you are to mentor somebody! How powerful you feel, huh?

Go Online!

“Wait a minute.. a second ago you mocked youtube fails and now you suggest going back to the Web? Consistency is obviously not your friend, sweety” – you might think. Well, get yourself a bonus point for being attentive, and keep reading, smarty pants. There are tons of valuable information on the Internet. Listen to TEDx talks, start an online course, check the-word-of-the-day, finally! Use your time well, and you’ll get smarter every day!

French It Up!

Or Spanish it up. Or Mandarin it up. Whatever. Learn a new language. Although English is now universally accepted, new languages still open dozens of great paths for self-development. A language is a key to a new mentality. You’ll be able to understand the world better and inevitably find new friends. Give it a try. Although it might be difficult at first, you will definitely enjoy the drive that comes afterwards.

Praise Yourself!

You need to be happy for number of reasons: thus you’ll be able to make the world a better place, to create something new and amazing, and get smarter! One tip to be happier is to create a “done” list. On the contrast with regular “to do” lists, that hang over your head, a “done” list will let you see how many useful things you do every day. Not a bad boost for self-esteem right? (Including the previous four will make a great start!)

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How to Write an Analytical Essay

Analytical essay seems to be as easy as ABC. You get a topic, analyze it, state your results, go enjoy your life. What’s unclear about that? Nonetheless, when it comes to thinking about how to write analytical essay, things get a little bit more complicated. In order to get your analytical essay right, you need to follow a solid structure and get killer arguments, that will carve your analytical thesis in the stone. Luckily, there are some tips that can help you clarify all As, Bs and Cs of writing an analytical essay.

Compartmentalize It: Recipes of Great Analytical Writing

What is an analytical essay? This question gets easier to answer when you’ve clarified, what analytical essay is not. You should clearly distinguish between writing analytical paper and writing a summary. While the latter retells general point of a certain work or research, the first aims at looking closely into particular features, relating it to the point the author is making.

Analytical paper or analytical essay starts with the same thing: a hook. You need it to get readers hungry for your work and willing to find out, how you are going to prove your ideas. You can hook your readers by a provocative question or by a phrase that is going to get them thinking about your topic. Next step is analytical thesis statement. Writing a thesis for analytical essay gets much easier once you have found an answer to the question “how to start a research paper”. Thesis serves a main topic for your work. Just as in thesis for a research paper, thesis for analytical essay narrows the subject of your research to the particular object of analytical research paper. Here you are to state your ideas, which should be logical, debatable and provable.

Next step in writing an analytical essay is outlining body paragraphs of your analytical research. WikiHow suggests following “CEE”-principle, which can be decrypted to “Claim – Evidence – Explanation”. This way you can better understand the essence of what is analytical writing in general: you provide a claim, give the evidence, that proves that the claim is relevant, afterwards you explain, how your evidence relates to the claim. This way you look at every facet of your topic, proving its significance and relevance.

Conclusion for an analytical essay has to underline relation between your thesis and the arguments, you have used to prove it. PapersMaster also suggests building connection between your topic and the bigger picture, which shows global value of your topic and its applicability not just to your particular topic but also to other situations.

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