How to Boost Your Creativity On Your Own

You’re desperate. You’ve been assigned to write a short story for your Creative writing class. The deadline is getting closer with every passing minute, however you haven’t managed to do anything but creating a new document or opening a new page in you notebook (depending on your being a digital or analog person). The only thing you hear is a numb silence in your head. Or a clock ticking. Or imaginary monkey playing cymbals (depending on your being less or more crazy). You can write, dammit! What you lack is the part where you need to be creative! Before looking for inspiration from illegal substances take a breath and read the rest of the post. Hopefully, it could save you from breaking the law! (Kidding. Probably.)

4 Ways to Make Your Brain Bigger

See? That was creative!

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not going to give you a recipe that will turn you into megabrain humanoid. What you’ll get instead is a some advice on increasing your creativity.

  1. Get some distance. The research has shown, that concentrating on your project is not necessarily the key element for success. In the end, you’ll get sick of it and your only dream will be to finally complete and forget about it. Try something else. Think of your work from a different angle. What tips would you give to a friend, who supposedly would be assigned with the same topic? What would you tell to someone, who would like to talk about the issue in their project? Stop considering it as your burden. Move away a little bit. This way you’ll definitely get a different perspective!
  2. Put yourself in a smaller box. We’ll talk about going outside a bit later, but now let’s impose some limitations. Have you ever read the stories, that contained only 6 words? If not – you should. If you have – then you know, how impressive and piercing they are. You might be stuck, because you have too many vague ideas and not a single sharp one. Restrict yourself to two characters, three concepts and one location. Establish connection between all the elements. You’ll see that quite the soon the storyline will be weaving itself.
  3. Run! Or just go for a walk. In addition to oxygen’s positive impact, you’ll relax and release the tension a bit. It is also proven that green and blue colors give us the feeling of freedom, openness and purity. They can do a real trick and in combination with the previous tips enable you to look at your issue from a different angle.
  4. Get drunk! Just a little bit though. It’s not necessary to resemble Bukowski’s characters, however, a couple of drinks will relieve the stress and set your mind into a playful mood. Don’t forget about your assignment!
  5. Do yoga. (Though not when you’re drunk, man.) A lot of people believe that having a short break with a bit of exercise does miracles to mental activities. Yoga is a great option for this, as far is flexes your muscles and clears your mind. Cobra, a child’s pose or a pigeon pose are especially great for the tired mind and body.

If I were you, I’d try doing all of that. Not only because it’s useful, but because it’s fun! Nevertheless, if the pace of your life doesn’t give you the space for these activities – contact Our writers will go outside, sit into a pigeon pose, grab a glass of wine and write your paper easily!

Accounting Papers

Accounting paper might be a real challenge for those, who hate dealing with numbers and prefer creative approach to analyzing statistical data and going through amendments and regulations, considered with financial and accounting side of business life. Accounting research paper topics may differ from auditing methods to future directions of business development and new trends in accounting. Although they might involve not much of artistic techniques, accounting papers require loads of attention and precision.

Accounting paper topics have to include not only thorough revision of a topic but also calculations, necessary to justify your competence on the subject. This probably is the most difficult part of writing an accounting paper. However, practicing here is really beneficial for your future career, as far as you are very likely to be required to provide accounting working papers, that review the quality of financial performance of the company.

Accounting research paper writing means applying the techniques of a basic research paper. The outline is pretty basic: you have an introduction, where you have to hook your reader and provide a thesis statement. Main body of a research has to consist of arguments you use to support your thesis and additional evidence, that are to strengthen your claims. A killer conclusion has to demonstrate the profoundness of your research and the significance of a way you’ve gone from the beginning till the end of your research. That is not that complicated, right? All you need to do is fill this form with the contents, appropriate for your topic.

Accounting papers keep you awake at night? There’s another choice!

Accounting topics for research paper can really put you into a dead-end. You might be really good with maths, nevertheless, the difficulty might lie in application of your knowledge to the topic, assigned to you by a professor. If you’ve spent the last couple of hours clutching your head in despair, we’ve got some great news for you. employs professional writers, who can complete the task for you. Although not all of them are professionals in the field of finance, you may be sure that your project will be given to the one. Addressing our essay writing service, you upload all of your requirements and specifications in order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. What is more, our support team is at your service 24/7, in case you need any clarification of writing issues.

Now you can sigh with relief. You may practice other subjects or search for additional information, that can help you enhance your knowledge and practical skills in accounting, while our writers will be working on your accounting paper. Feel free to apply for our help!

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay writing looks a lot like having a controversy with yourself or your audience. Despite there is no need in total “destroying” of your opponent, you should be quite logical and persuasive in the process of writing argumentative essays. If you want to know how to write an argumentative essay, think about how to win in a debate with an intelligent though a bit stubborn rival. This might lead you to realizing how to outline your strategy not only to win in an argument, but also to make opponent uphold your position. is ready to offer some steps to writing an argumentative essay.

Have a Look at These Tips to Write an Argumentative Essay Easily

The starting point is, of course, choosing a topic for your writing. There are thousands of topics to write an argumentative essay on, however great topics are nowhere else to be found but in your head. What bothers you? What are you interested in? Have you ever taken a part in any opposition? These are the good topics to write an argumentative essay on. Yoga vs Bodybuilding, Hip-Hop vs Hardcore, Canon vs Nikon – these all could be great issues to analyze in case you can take your stance and investigate all the facets of the opposition.

So, first of all you need to tell people what you believe in. It is important not to get to emotional, for the reason that goal of writing argumentative essay is not to yell your interlocutor into taking your point of view, but to provide sufficient, logical evidence, that will clearly justify your beliefs. Therefore, you need to determine your point of view providing sufficient level of accuracy, while avoiding mounting unnecessary details.

The next stage in writing a good argumentative essay is actually attesting your stance in a chosen opposition. You might rely on your personal experience, however, references to a critical literature and referential sources will certainly add weight to your point of view.

Writing an argument essay also includes analysis of your opponent’s point of view. Here your task is to list them, adding details that show your correct interpreting of these points. And then you start refuting them, step by step, demonstrating how extremely right you are.

One of the last stages in writing argument essay is giving conclusion. Here you restate your viewpoint, taking all of the given arguments into consideration. Consequently, you affirm your idea, in order to totally convince your audience to take your side.

Finally, it is always a good idea to reread your writing. You could discuss it with your peers, edit it, make it catchier and, possibly, more refined. The main thing is to be loyal to your idea, respectful to opponent’s point of view and accurate about the structure of the essay. So, this is how it’s done!

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