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So, you’ve got another essay writing assignment. Let’s say you’ve read all of our Tips and Prompts and got really close to mastering the art of writing. Congratulations! Don’t get relaxed, though. There’s still a great field for improvement. First of all, you are to always remember of the values of revision and editing. Secondly, there is a great deal of online tools to help you be a better essay writer. We’ve picked out three of these to help you get started. Use them wise.:)

Be a Thesis Statement Pro

If you’ve written one or two essays in your life, you probably know that thesis statement is its crucial part. A lot of students actually stumble on this point. Basically, you don’t know how to write an essay unless you can concoct a believable, logical and provable thesis statement. To practice and understand the theory of efficient thesis statement, try out this Thesis Builder. You’ll see, what elements you need to include into your thesis statement to make it proper center of your writing.

Make Sure to Think of All the Necessities Writing an Essay

You may have already answered the question “how to write a good essay” in your head: introduction, main body, conclusion. What’s so difficult about that, anyway? Well, you’re partially right. But to know how to write a college essay really well, you need to check for a number of important factors. Essay Writing Checklist might be of a great help here. It contains a list of questions, that will make you look through your essay really thoroughly and check for all the details, necessary to turn your essay into a really awesome one.

Avoid the Biggest Essay Writing Sin

No matter which of the writing paths you choose: to do it on your own or ask someone “write my essay for me”, the worst thing you could do to it is steal someone else’s ideas. To make sure you stay away from that, use one of the plagiarism checking tools, like PlagTracker. This way you’ll stay on the safe side and avoid getting penalties or even being expelled from the college.

You don’t get good in essay writing in a day. It takes time, efforts and practice. If you’re ready to face the challenge, you’ll surely benefit from it in the end. In case it’s just not your thing, make sure to pick real professionals to do it for you. Like us, We will stick to all of your requirements and face the highest standards of academic writing. Otherwise, work hard, have fun and don’t give up.

How to Write an Evaluation Essay

Evaluation essay might be assigned when you expect it the least. Here you might react in 3 possible ways: first, clap your hands cheerfully, grab your laptop and get to work; panic and cry over the assignment or pull yourself together and search for tips to complete the task successfully. If you’re here, reading this article you’ve obviously chosen the third option. Good for you! Get ready to work and read on!

Evaluation essay topics might differ. You may be required to evaluate a movie, book, business model or a company operational processes. Although the objects of evaluation are quite various, there are some basic principles, applicable to any of them.

No More Troubles Dealing with Your Evaluation Essays. Seriously.

Evaluation essay outline is, as we’ve mentioned above, is pretty standard. Like in any essay, you need an introduction, main body and a conclusion. Introduction and conclusion of an evaluation essay sample follow the rules of a basic essay. At the very beginning you move from the background information to your a thesis statement, which is the central point of your essay. Conclusion brings you back to the big picture, demonstrating how your thesis is related to it.

Interesting stuff starts when you start working on the main body of your evaluation essay example. Here you need to work on arguments, that support your initial claim. However, they have to be closely tied to criteria, that you are going to use, evaluating your object. Evaluating the book, for instance, you might analyze the style, main characters and accuracy of historical events description (if any). Generally, think of the object of your evaluation and try to define the qualities, necessary to get the most efficient and positive experience from interacting with it. That might not apply to a self evaluation essay, though.:) In this case you might think of general characteristics of a person, like world view, ability to interact with other people, ambitions and cultural identity. These are not dogmatic, though. Evaluative essay still leaves a field for creativity. So don’t hesitate to use it.

Now you know what is an evaluation essay. You even know how to write it. There’s no way to run. If you are still eager to delay this moment, read several evaluation essay examples to understand the issue perfectly. Once it’s done – move to working on an outline and your first draft. Afterwards reread, revise and edit. Maybe even ask for your peer’s opinion. That always presents a fresh insight onto your work. If these aren’t for you – address We’re always here to help you.

Getting a perfect evaluation essay is easier, than you think. So don’t worry and get down to business.

Have fun and good luck to you!

Tips for Editing Your Own Paper

The written project, assigned by your professor, is completed. You’ve done your research. The structure of your project seems perfect. The thesis is logical and compelling, the arguments are solid and profound, the conclusion highlights the efficiency of your research and makes people want to read more of your projects. You get the best grade ever and a firm handshake from the professor. And then…


You get back to reality, where you get a “C”, because you’ve made some stupid typing mistakes, professor says that your structure could have been better, and the tone of your paper is inappropriate. If I were you, I’d prefer the first option. You agree with me? Then, keep reading for some of the wise owl’s tips on editing your own paper.

The good news is that once you’ve finished your paper, you can relax for a while, and leave it aside. The first secret of effective editing is looking at your work with fresh eyes. So take a break, catch up with the other projects or simply take a rest.

Done it? Then, take a deep breath and go back to work.

At this stage you are to totally transform from a writer into a reader. You could make a hard copy of your work, if it works for you better than editing electronic variant. Read all of your paper, as if you see it for the first time. Pretend to be your audience. Would you understand all of the material, included into your work? Can you see logical transitions between paragraphs and chapters? Yes – great job then. No – well, I guess, you know what to do. Grab your printed version and a pen, or cozy up in from of the screen of your computer, and note your remarks, paying attention to the parts that need to be clarified, reduced or better connected.

Once you’ve got the general impression your work is supposed to have on the public, you can go to small details, that sometimes remain unnoticed. Silly typos, spelling or grammatical mistakes, that everybody unconsciously makes even knowing, that it’s wrong: “there”, “their”, “they’re” and the like: all of this can spoil the final outcome of your project. Here you need to change reader’s mode to your worst enemy’s mode: look for your mistakes eagerly, as if you wanted yourself to have made them. This will add meticulousness to your proofreading. Don’t be too paranoid, however. (Which is always good advice).

After that you can proceed to checking the correctness of your material: factual mistakes also can easily ruin all the project. Check each paragraph in order to make sure that there’s a point in it. Make sure that your paper has a skeleton, muscles and a clear skin (structure, argumentation and formatting, I mean). Don’t pass a piece of jell-o to the professor. It is very likely that they will not appreciate it.

All the points given, the best tip is: use common sense and try walking in your grader’s shoes. Thus, you will get the best of your proofreading. So take your time, and you’ll get the best version of your project ever. and the witty owl are always happy to help.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay writing looks a lot like having a controversy with yourself or your audience. Despite there is no need in total “destroying” of your opponent, you should be quite logical and persuasive in the process of writing argumentative essays. If you want to know how to write an argumentative essay, think about how to win in a debate with an intelligent though a bit stubborn rival. This might lead you to realizing how to outline your strategy not only to win in an argument, but also to make opponent uphold your position. is ready to offer some steps to writing an argumentative essay.

Have a Look at These Tips to Write an Argumentative Essay Easily

The starting point is, of course, choosing a topic for your writing. There are thousands of topics to write an argumentative essay on, however great topics are nowhere else to be found but in your head. What bothers you? What are you interested in? Have you ever taken a part in any opposition? These are the good topics to write an argumentative essay on. Yoga vs Bodybuilding, Hip-Hop vs Hardcore, Canon vs Nikon – these all could be great issues to analyze in case you can take your stance and investigate all the facets of the opposition.

So, first of all you need to tell people what you believe in. It is important not to get to emotional, for the reason that goal of writing argumentative essay is not to yell your interlocutor into taking your point of view, but to provide sufficient, logical evidence, that will clearly justify your beliefs. Therefore, you need to determine your point of view providing sufficient level of accuracy, while avoiding mounting unnecessary details.

The next stage in writing a good argumentative essay is actually attesting your stance in a chosen opposition. You might rely on your personal experience, however, references to a critical literature and referential sources will certainly add weight to your point of view.

Writing an argument essay also includes analysis of your opponent’s point of view. Here your task is to list them, adding details that show your correct interpreting of these points. And then you start refuting them, step by step, demonstrating how extremely right you are.

One of the last stages in writing argument essay is giving conclusion. Here you restate your viewpoint, taking all of the given arguments into consideration. Consequently, you affirm your idea, in order to totally convince your audience to take your side.

Finally, it is always a good idea to reread your writing. You could discuss it with your peers, edit it, make it catchier and, possibly, more refined. The main thing is to be loyal to your idea, respectful to opponent’s point of view and accurate about the structure of the essay. So, this is how it’s done!

Internet Technologies Papers

We live in an absolutely fascinating age. Technology is ubiquitous. Can you imagine your life without the software you use in your studies, social networks and applications, that make your daily routine more comfortable? The answer most probably is “not really”. Understanding how this stuff works will help you get much closer to the edge of new, cool things that happen in the world. Take this into account, when writing an Internet technology paper.

Technology paper topics are so numerous, that you may be limited only by two factors: your instructor’s choice and your own enthusiasm. What are the main principles of functioning of this or that application? How does technology use influence our brain? What are the new and exciting ways of implementing technology into the sphere of medicine? What is the impact of omnipresent technology onto the psychology of children and teenagers? As you can see, not only the questions you may tackle are various, but also they appear to intertwine with other fields of studies. So they are to deepen your knowledge and also expand your overview.

No matter, which topic you actually choose, purely technical or a bit wider one, the perspective of writing the whole technology research paper may be a bit scary. However, there’s a couple of tricks, that can make the writing a bit easier and much less overwhelming. First tip is to start early. Yeap, we’re kinda boring here. The drive of writing of a research paper or a term paper on information technology, when the clock resembles the timebomb, is unquestionable. But if you prefer your adrenaline rushes come from more pleasant sources – don’t leave your paper waiting until last three hours. Prepare the outline and go step by step – that’s a sure way to success.

Research Paper Information Technology – These Words Just Don’t Mix for You? We Can Fix That!

A research paper or a term paper seems to be a lot of work. And it is. And here comes the second trick, we’ve mentioned: separate the process into different stages. Start with the introduction: pay attention to your hook sentence and thesis statement. After that, move to the main body of your research: organize your arguments into paragraphs, supporting each one with a couple of illustrative details. When it comes to conclusion – restate the thesis, and try to impress the reader to continue the research of your topic. Don’t give any new information, important for the topics, though. Then move to abstract and bibliography. Once everything is finished – edit and revise, until you’re sure that everything is fine. Tadaaa! You’ve got yourself a paper!

You’re feeling confused? Go to our Tips and Prompts section, to get some useful information on academic writing. If you’ve got too much on your hands, don’t have enough time or desire to write an Internet technology paper by yourself – contact us! is ready to help you out! We’re online 24/7, so place your order and wait for your high-quality paper delivered on time!

Coursework Writing

Coursework writing service is the place where you can send a request for writing awesome and highly qualitative papers on any topic and complexity even in the shortest terms. We will save you from boring processes of gathering information, analyzing it and creating your own opinion on the subject of your research. And this is only the part of the challenge that will meet you half way to the final version of the paper, which is to be laid on the table of your professor. So how much time do you have?

Best coursework writing service is always online for you!

You can ask for our master help round the clock! We will take care about all of your problems on your way to your comprehensive coursework and fulfill any additional requirements. If you order coursework online with us, we will take a full responsibility for writing your paper on time and deliver it even earlier than specified.

Coursework writing is a long trip for each and every student, which is filled with lots of obstacles and rules to follow. The least mistake and error can spoil the whole work and consequently the grade you will get for it. A bibliography is what to be taken into account not less, or even more than the context and the conducted research themselves. Also the bibliography is one of those things which is usually checked by the professors very scrupulously, estimated very critically, and where the students make the greatest number of mistakes. Sounds disappointing, but that’s the truth.

On the whole, taking all of these little things together will take a lot of your time, which is needed for other home assignments. Thus, leave this difficult and overwhelming assignment to us, order coursework online and go live your life easily!

Need to complete your own coursework? No problem!

Coursework services we provide are not limited to writing only the papers from the head to tail. Our proficient and master coursework writers will be very glad to help you with finishing and completing the paper of your own. Maybe you got stuck with writing and do not know what else to add; can’t find the additional materials; or just running out of time and are not ready to meet the deadline.

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