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So, you’ve been assigned with a narrative essay. And there’s no set topic. What are you going to write about? Your favorite book? Event, that changed your life? The conversation that turned you into what you are today? Great! Guess what: it’s going to make your instructor sigh, if not snore. Most probably, that’s not the effect you’re seeking. The good news is we can help you out. Though we live in the era, when information is so abundant, that a topic might turn into a piece of old news from a scoop within a couple of days, we’ve prepared some patterns, that can bring you to something a bit more original the next time you’ll be working on your essay.

You Won’t Like Me when I’m Angry

Everyone has something that outrages them. Talk about the biggest of your grievances. If you’ve chosen the right subject – believe us, you won’t have troubles choosing the adjectives. (Use common sense, though). Once the description is created, move to telling people what you do to change the situation. In case you do nothing, at least make a plan about what you can do. And let the universe help you with your troubles!

Read Me, I’m Famous

Imagine, you’ve become a celebrity. What for? Have you made a video that got 1000000 views on YouTube? Maybe, you’ve written a bestseller? Or recorded a platinum album? Tell your reader, why people love you so much. Explain, what contribution you’ve made to a modern culture. Let your imagination go and stick to a narrative essay structure. Not only you’ll produce an interesting piece of writing but also, maybe, will create a strategy of becoming a star!

Bird is The Word. Or Something Else Is?

Language has been a source of inspiration for a great number of people. Why not try becoming one of them? What is your favorite word? Why do you like it? This topic opens a huge field of creative opportunities. You might simply like the combination of sounds. Or you might get a flash of associations every time someone says it. Either way, combine these factors into a story and write a marvelous essay on a novel topic.

Who Run the World? (Well, You Know Who)

We don’t mean to be overly feminist. However, when it comes to writing about famous people, man are usually more frequently chosen to be the main characters. We suggest you to choose a woman (either living or passed away) and write about conversation with her. What would you ask about? What would she answer? This topic will have you do some research but it might be truly worth it in the end.

Envision It

Imagine your brain is a house. And you’re there. Houses without windows are dark. So your brain-house needs them. And when you look out, what do you see? It is probably going to be something important for you. It may be reflection of your overview and your beliefs. It will show a correlation between your inner world and the world, that surrounds you. Writing about this might be fun, however, it rather seems to be something deep and philosophical. Dive and find your pearls.

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Annotated Bibliography Writing Service

“Annotated bibliography”. The phrase itself induces a flow of questions. Why do I need it? How can I use it in my research? What are the rules for it? What does it even mean? Well, don’t worry. You’re not the first and not the last person to ask these. And be happy, because with a bit of clarification these issues won’t bother you that much, because you’ll crack the code easily.

So What Is Annotated Bibliography Again?

There are lots of ways to define this term, however our annotated bibliography definition goes like this: it is a proof of credibility, significance and further applicability of your research. Other people might define annotated bibliography in a different way, but the sense is going to be practically the same. The main idea you need to convey, writing an annotated bibliography is that you have read the book, you’ve referred to, you have understood its message, and your use of this material is appropriate. What is more, you need to think of the readers of your project: they actually might get interested in your project and want to use it in their work! How cool is that? So be thorough enough to help people continue working in your field of space. That’s what is called making the world a better place, right? Jokes aside, if you want to master your academic writing just like us – you need to know how to write an annotative bibliography. Read, on. Master of Papers has some good stuff coming.

Well, I Know the Definition of Annotated Bibliography – Where Do I Put It Then?

You can find an example annotated bibliography in almost every scientific paper, which brings us to the answer to the “where” question. It is usually placed in the end of your research, in order to provide your readers with clues where to find the information, you’ve used in your project. Not too long answer right? Don’t get relaxed though: things are about to get really serious.

How Do I Choose an Annotated Bibliography Format?

You probably know that there are 2 basic styles of your scientific paper formatting: MLA and APA. Examples of an annotated bibliography in APA style can be found in works in natural and social sciences, and most often they are succinct summaries which represent the essence of the book. If you need to know how to write an annotated bibliography MLA format, you need to consult various research in th sphere of humanities. Quite often this type of annotation involves your analysis of the source, critique and recommendations for future researchers. Feel free to consult online resources – an annotated bibliography website might be a great way to acquire practical skills about formatting.

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When it comes to a new report assignment, you probably search for informative tutorials on how to write a report easily and correctly. The main thing here is to distinguish between report and essay, which are frequently confused. To put it simply, these two types of papers differ by the following purposes: any essay is concentrated on arguments while a report is based on facts. Besides, a paper report is more commonly used for business, technical or scientific subjects, and in the workplace. Now that you know this, it’s high time to move towards report writing!

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Reports are required for different purposes, essentially to analyze various situations and problems. Originally it has to be rather short, precise, written in a particular format and very well-structured.

Depending on the type of research that you need to conduct and fix in a written form, each of them will have different structure and include diverse sections. Here are some basic types of a report paper sample you can be assigned:

But regardless of the type of report, you need to be skilled to conduct a research on some data, analyze, make some conclusions and write everything according to an appropriate format and style.

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Academic Term Papers

It’s just a typical situation — you spend almost the whole day at college and finally come home on autopilot with the only one intention to pull your bag far away and have well-deserved rest. But the clock is ticking and the process of writing an academic paper awaits to be done. All you want is to forget about all this nightmare and scream for somebody’s help. No panic! The Earth is still rotating around the Sun as well as our custom writing service is waiting to lend the shoulder to you around the clock!

What academic paper search are you looking for?

Academic paper writing includes various types of texts, namely essays, research or term papers, thesis or article writing, dissertations. They are so different, but pursue the same goal — to make an analysis, a research on the given topic, arguing and outlining it all on the paper in the correct form. It requires spending a lot of time and doing a lot of work in the process. Nevertheless, if you do not have time, desire or necessary skills to complete any type of paper by the deadline, you can always count on our academic paper writer — professional and qualified person with the background in your field. So, proceed with us and succeed in writing without an effort at all! We’ll do everything to leave you satisfied and happy!

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