5 Fun Ways to Get Smarter

Hey! What have you been up to? Watching America’s Next Top Model? Checking out new youtube fails? A little bit of drooling, maybe? I’m not a snob, of course. We all love doing silly stuff: it helps us unwind and releases some endorphin into your system. But most of the times you need to be smart, no matter how joyful you are. Looking for the ways to increase you intelligence? We’ve got some. WARNING, though: America’s Next Top Model might never be the same after this.

Get Your Hands Dirty!

College classes and university seminars are cool, no doubts. You get a chance to talk to academically-minded people, tackle compelling philosophical subjects and practice sophisticated language. However, it’s just a single group of your brain “muscles”. Flex a different one. Go street-smarts. Build a rocket. Cook a dish from Mongol cuisine. Learn how to make a kite. Acquire a new skill, all in all! You’ll be surprised, how it might change the way you look at the ordinary things. And your overall brain fitness will increase far and away.

Talk About It.

Well, not Freud’s “it” specifically. However, if it’s new to you – then yes, find yourself a listener and talk your heart out. The general idea is to explain the things you’ve learnt to someone else. This way the information will separate itself into convenient clusters, analyzed by you from the point of view of a teacher, as well as a learner. It’s really amazing, how something that used to be unbelievably complicated, gets as easy as 123. And the journey is real fun: now you are to mentor somebody! How powerful you feel, huh?

Go Online!

“Wait a minute.. a second ago you mocked youtube fails and now you suggest going back to the Web? Consistency is obviously not your friend, sweety” – you might think. Well, get yourself a bonus point for being attentive, and keep reading, smarty pants. There are tons of valuable information on the Internet. Listen to TEDx talks, start an online course, check the-word-of-the-day, finally! Use your time well, and you’ll get smarter every day!

French It Up!

Or Spanish it up. Or Mandarin it up. Whatever. Learn a new language. Although English is now universally accepted, new languages still open dozens of great paths for self-development. A language is a key to a new mentality. You’ll be able to understand the world better and inevitably find new friends. Give it a try. Although it might be difficult at first, you will definitely enjoy the drive that comes afterwards.

Praise Yourself!

You need to be happy for number of reasons: thus you’ll be able to make the world a better place, to create something new and amazing, and get smarter! One tip to be happier is to create a “done” list. On the contrast with regular “to do” lists, that hang over your head, a “done” list will let you see how many useful things you do every day. Not a bad boost for self-esteem right? (Including the previous four will make a great start!)

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Terrible is the New Awesome

“First impressions last”. “You never get a second chance to create a first impression”. “Trust is built on first impressions”. There are loads of first impressions quotes. You think they’re too trite? Actually, I’m tired of that too! The world is full of smiling, polite people. We live in a society, where you need to care about your identity – so why be one of thousands of people with a perfectly looking suit and nice hair? Are you with me? Let’s talk about wonderful ways to create a bad first impression then!

Come with a Fresh Mind!

Boring people insist on doing a brief research, before going to the event. That’s not fun. Who cares about ubiquitous modern technology? So what, if everyone now posts personal and professional achievements on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles? Be casual! Show your total unawareness of what happens in people’s lives! They’ll totally remember you for that.

Get Creative with Your Style

Neat suites, washed shirts, shiny shoes – urgh, that is just sooo banal! It’s quite easy to come up with a nice outfit. What about wearing a dirty hoody and a pair of ragged sneakers everywhere – at a job interview, conference or dinner party? That’s what I call style! Are you accepting this challenge? Go for it and let the world admire you the way you are! Nothing can beat the power of first impressions!

Mind Your Body Language

Good posture and firm handshakes are overused, don’t you agree? Slouch, shift from foot to foot as frequently as you can, cover your mouth with a hand, fiddle with you hair and, if possible, blow your nose loudly from time to time. Done? Then sit back, relax and wait for the science of first impressions to work.

Maintain Conversation Balance

You being the center of it. Don’t ever pay attention to what the person you’re speaking to says. Overcome the temptation of asking questions about him or her. Keep talking about yourself. Always have a supporting detail from your fascinating life. Psychology of first impressions is tricky. Make sure, your conversation partner remembers, how amazing you really are.

Let this precious advice guide you in the tough and stormy world of human interactions. Feel free to personalize it in a way, that highlights the best of you.

Doubting credibility of the advice? Good for you, smarty. Do exactly opposite and create the best first impression ever. You’ll have lots of fun spoiling it afterwards.

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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Comparison and contrast essay bears its main idea in its name. To quote a great philosopher Captain Obvious: “If you don’t know how to write a compare and contrast essay, try comparing and contrasting something”. Deep thought, huh? Having taken a moment for appreciating it, let’s get a little bit more serious. Compare and contrast essays might definitely be challenging, especially when you have no idea what to start with. However you can make the process of writing them much easier with wise advice from PapersMaster.com.

Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay in 5 Steps

Step 1: analyze the objects for your compare and contrast paper. Comparison essay deals with enumerating of all the similar features of two objects. Contrast essay involves defining discrepancies between two objects. As you understand, with your type of essay, you’ll need to find both their resemblances and distinctions. Venn’s diagram might be a helpful instrument, being a great visual aid that will help you cover all the things you wanted to mention in your project.

Step 2: formulating a proper compare and contrast thesis. Assuming that you have already singled out each similarity and difference between the two issues, objects or characters, you need to justify your writing. You need to say, why the controversy between the two matters. How did it/does it influence the world we live in? Why does humanity need your compare contrast essay? Are you trying to show the influence of two object on a certain process? Do you want to single out, which matters more? These questions are up to you to answer. Though it might be tough, answering them can really understand the topic better and have more profound result in the end.

Step 3: decide on the model for your comparison contrast essay. Santa Barbara City College suggests two choices for compare and contrast essay format: point-by-point and block methods. In the first one you analyze both objects on certain aspects. For instance, in a sample compare and contrast essay about cats and dogs you will see three main body paragraphs, where both pets will be organized according to their price, needs for accommodation and influence on owner’s life. In the second one, you will see two main body paragraphs one about cats, another one about dogs, each paragraph containing detailed description of qualities of a cat and a dog.

Step 4: use the tips above to create a first draft of your essay.

Step 5: edit it, until you get a crystallized, solid essay, that will show how the objects are different and how they are similar. That is probably the hardest part, but in the end you will satisfied with the result.

How to Write an Essay

Writing essays, as any kind of creative work, is an engaging, yet demanding task. A great deal of people consider writing an essay to be extremely challenging and even exhausting, as far as it requires not only giving your opinion, but also proving and sometimes contradicting it. Knowing how to write a good essay means being able to mix creativity with strong analytical backing. The good thing is that it is possible to break the process of creating an essay down into several layers, which will make writing essays much easier and clearer.

Writing a College Essay: Prepare, Organize an Analyze

There are two ways of completing a written project. You may address custom essay writing service, where your writing essay process gets as simple as letting people know about your topic and getting your work done. However, you can choose another way and become the best essay writing service for yourself.

No matter what you need: know how to write an essay about yourself, be aware of how to write a critical essay or realize how to write a process essay, the first step is preparation. It is a great idea to analyze well-written essays and elicit factors that influence their quality. If your goal is writing a persuasive essay, it might be useful to research critical literature, as far as you can get valuable information, that you can later use in your essay.

Structural organization of an essay can be linked with a «hamburger» principle: you start and finish your essay with merely the same thing. This way you begin with introducing your idea and conclude with stating it again. However, having finished writing an essay, your hypothesis has to be proved and supported by several arguments. Thus, it is obvious that the «meat» of your essay consists of arguments that will persuade readers in your being right. So when you ask yourself a question: «How on Earth am I supposed to write my essay for me?», get yourself a burger, and ideas might start coming to your head on their own.

Last but definitely not least, it is essential to analyze the contents of your essay. If you want to know how to write a critical essay, it might be helpful to use Harvard College Writing Center tip, that suggests asking yourself three questions, while writing your essay: «What?» «How?» and «Why?». The «What?» question deals with demonstrating your idea to the readers. The «How?» has to make you accept a challenge of proving your point, and letting people see how your arguments take a stand against contrarguments. The «Why?» refers to uniqueness and significance of your work.

Taking this tips into consideration should be of a great help in the process of writing your essay.

Academic Term Papers

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Academic Writing

How do you feel when it comes to things in the realm of writing academic papers – essays, articles, reviews, term papers and the like? Are you jumping for joy or clutching your head in despair? One may assume the latter to be more possible due to a number of writing assignments you get in a row each month or even week. Experience is what can save your time and energy in the flow of different tasks you have apart from academic paper writing. A full understanding of academic requirements along with amazing writing skills, excellent English and overwhelming desire is what adds to a successful fulfillment. What if writing is not your element or English is not your native language? There has to be someone reliable to assist you!

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